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"Rare's last serving is a hit!"

Kyle Newman

Story - 8
Young girl in distress. Hero needed. Fox will step to the plate and hit a Home Run with this one. A very good story line. For starters I love dinosaurs, so an adventure that includes dinosaurs is going to get at least a seven from me. Then, saving the planet from an ugly looking dino does not hurt also. A basic Hero/Adventure story line, but like I said earlier it includes a planet full of dinosaurs.

GamePlay - 8
Every game will win or loose with gameplay. If a game has solid graphics/sound and bad gameplay then chances are that the disc won't be spun very frequently. StarFox borrows the basic gameplay from Ocarina of Time. Not revolutionary, but not a bad thing since Zelda OoT is one of my top five games all time. It is very solid as far as keeping you busy. No it isn't just a fetch this and fetch that game. Along the way there are some pretty fun things to do that Rare threw in to make the gameplay solid.

Graphics - 9
The graphics are very good. Even though this game was originally developed for the N64, Rare did a good job at utilizing the power of the Cube. A lot of people are into top notch graphics. Well this game has them. Very good detail with water, hair, and the dino's. While I don't focus too much on graphics, I will say that this game has a ton of Eye Candy.

Sound - 9
The sound is very important for a game. How well the audio for the characters are must be solid. Rare put the right character voices with the characters. When I heard the characters speak for the first time, it is what I envisioned them to sound. The sounds from fighting are very crisp and clean. The dinosaurs sound sharp also. Lastly the background music fits perfectly because it goes hand in hand with what Fox is currently doing.

Replay - 7
This is the second most important detail to focus on when developing a game. Am I going to want to play this game again after beating it again. Oh yes I am. However I felt Rare could have made it possible to unlock/play the game with different character. Nothing new or exciting to look forward to, but the fact that this game is so much fun is reason to play through again.

Final Thoughts
Over all I give this game an 8. A solid title yet not the best the Gamecube has to offer. A very strong and fun adventure game. A little on the easy side but other than that I recommend this game for any fan of StarFox or Ocarina of Time gamers. For those that are into game length, you might want to rent this first.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/27/02, Updated 09/27/02

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