Review by John E G

"A mixed bag of pros and cons"

Let me start off by saying that I love Zelda and I also love star fox, but this meeting between the two genres didn't seem to work at all for me personally. The game seems to have much of Dinosaur Planet's original theme to it and some slight starfox storyline tacked on! It just seems cheap and forced onto us in the end.

Star fox fans I believe will be so embarrassed by the flying levels that they will ban this game because of it.

Graphics: 9.5/10

Nobody can deny the amazing visuals in this game! The fur rendering and lighting effects blow the mind, the water affects rival Super Mario sunshine and Waverace blue storm, And the planet's appeal seems very ancient and prehistoric. This all comes together to bring a visual feast to your eyes, but there are some setbacks involved in this games graphics. The enemies seem to all be cloned from eachother, I know this was acceptable back in the N64 days, but now I like some variety. Look at Resident evil for Gamecube, each zombie is different from any other in the game, yet starfox only seems to have 4 or 5 enemies running around. The framerate seems to drop here and there, but it's not terrible really.


The musical score is great, there is some retro feeling themes from star fox 64, and suitable music for each enviroments you go to. The voice acting is good and a treat actually, not many games actually have voice acting to this extent, In many ways it would be embarrassing not to have voice acting as Star fox 64 had full game voice acting, and that was in 1997!

Gameplay: 6/10

This is where the game fails in my opinion, the puzzles are tedious hunts for the next item to locate and place somewhere else, it's not very fun at all! I was excited when this game was reported to have zelda-ish puzzles and gameplay, but this game is not zelda at all! Here is how most of the game goes, find this and put it here, get this upgrade and you get to go there, do this boring puzzle and you get this! There is far too many one time use item collection in this game, you go through near death and anguish for little items that seem irrelevant and only serve to lengthen the game for no reason. Fighting is another tedious battle, you either get to smoke your opponent right of the bat in a quite appealing whooping which I have to admit still makes me smile, or wait until he hits you across the face thus letting his guard down. The world seems overly cramped and doesn't leave anything to be explored, narrow passages and cramped rooms are all you will find here. Flight levels are what really brings the game down, the levels are so horrendous and boring I wish they weren't there, fly through gold rings to bring down a forcefield? What forcefield, I really don't remember that being in the storyline at all. The ship doesn't relocate back to center like the previous games once you let go of the control and shooting is terrible. I'll explain, in star fox 64 rapidly pressing the fire button would not result in higher fire rate, it was the timing. Holding down the button released a short wave of blasts, if timed right you get a stream of laser blasts so perfect, trying to shoot fast in adventures in really a pain without a purpose, so I gave up on that. No lock on either, unless I didn't figure it out which is a possibility. The gameplay in star fox is what really kills this game and is the ultimate proof that great graphics don't make a great game.

Length Replay value: 4/10

There is really no sidequests or huge secrets and the game simply isn't so enjoyable that you'll want to play it again and again. Oh wait you can try and top your high scores on flying levels, that's something. The length of the game itself is okay, about 15 hrs for a good gamer.

Story: 5/10

Well it's Dinosaur Planet's storyline with Fox coming to save the day for little to no reason. It's okay I guess, no big twists in the plot, no character development, generic evil villains. It's forgivable and it's not expected that people will buy this game for the story, most people will be sucked in by the graphics actually, which is understandable.

Final Score: 33.5/50
Out of ten: 6.7/10

I would recommend a rent if you are interested, some people like this game, perhaps it just wasn't my cup of tea.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 09/27/02, Updated 02/09/03

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