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"Not The Best Game In The World, But . . . There's Hope!"

Updated Version, 6/28/03
Well, I finally finished the game and got the time to rewrite this thing . . .

Gameplay : 10/10
An easy learning curve for the controls, this game should take you almost less than five minutes to learn it! Well, that might be a bit exaggerated, BUT it shouldn't take you more than five minutes though. Lots of people say that the controls are sorta like (or exactly like) the Zelda games on the N64. Well, they are pretty much correct! Actually, it's probably easier than the Zelda games!

Story : 8/10
The story? Same old same old . . . .
Eight years have past since Andross was finally overthrown by the daring Star Fox team. Following the celebrations, Fox McCloud and friends returned to the [Lylat] system, guarding against ongoing threats to their territory.

Boredom soon struck, causing Fox's close friend Falco Lombardi to simply disappear, leaving only rumor to pursue a more free and profitable life.

Then Slippy Toad traded his pilot's wings for a place in Weapons R&D, demonstrating a natural flair for invention, while Fox's old friend and mentor Peppy Hare retired from active flight duty to concentrate on a role as navigator and general advisor.

The Great Fox itself has also seen better days. Keeping a ship of that sie in prime condition cost serious money, and well-paid jobs for fighter pilots and mercenaries were increasingly difficult to come by.

So it was that Fox and co. found themselves drifting through the galaxy, waiting and hoping for General Pepper's hologram to pop up with just the kind of high-stakes, high-reward mission that they needed...

Value : 7/10
Not the longest game, but not the shortest game either. There are lots of hidden stuff throughout the game, but I didn't have the patience to look for them all. After you finish the game, there is pretty much nothing else left. Sure, it's good to replay it again and see the little details here and there, but most people wouldn't.

Audio/Video : 10/10
Great sound effects, great videos, and even greater visual effects. BUT, this can be even better IF you have the Component Video Cable for the Gamecube AND a TV that supports progressive scan mode.
Since I don't have one of these Component Video Cables, I can't really give it a score.... I can only say that it is probably better with it than without it.

Replayability : 5/10
NO REPLAYABILITY WHATSOEVER. When you're done with the game, you're done with the game. The only reason why you would want to replay the game again is to see if you've missed any CG movie scenes or if you're looking for the last Cheat Tokens, which I might add, are really neat!

To buy or to rent? : 7/10
A GREAT rental, but a poor buy. I've somewhat regretted my purchase, but since I'm such a HUGE Starfox fan (hence the s/n) it's okay. If you're just the causal gamer looking for something to do over a weekend with absolutely NOTHING to do, rent this game! It's grrreat! As for the buying... the key word is ''sale''.

Final Rating : 8/10
Eh, for a 'good-bye' Nintendo going away present, it sure isn't that great. But, Rare DID put a lot of little details into the game, even if they didn't put much effort into the replay value or the longevity of them game.

Great graphics, great videos, foxy fox (err... vixen), and great game play makes this game KICK-ASS! (Literally!)
Heh... I hope you DO buy this game 'cause it ROCKS! (And if you're rich)
BTW - This game DOES have some flying and shooting everything-in-your-path levels, so DON'T freak out! But, most of the levels are on foot....
= (

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/28/02, Updated 06/28/03

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