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"Fox is pure gold!"

Plot: 9/10
As the story goes the game is just as good as many of the other games currently out for the GCN. Dinosaur Planet has broken up and Fox goes to the rescue. Fox gets help from several different creatures during his journey. He gets help from his old friends, members of the Star Fox.

Sound: 10/10
The sound quality is top notch especially when you are using the surround sound mode. The background music changes with the situation. In other words, there is different music for fights and normal traveling situations. Character speech is great all characters have different voices and the game even features the Dinosaur language. Which over time you can actually learn if you so desired.

Graphics: 9/10
What can I say beside WOW! The graphics are great amazing detail. If you wanted you could actually count all of the hairs of Fox's tail. The amount of detail include in this game is amazing the dinosaurs look awesome. Talk about pleasing to look at the surrounding environment looks so real it could be in you back yard. The puffs of smoke that rise from fires look great. One effect that is often overlooked in many games is the water effects, but not this one the water looks great it looks so real that you would want to go take a dip in the water with Fox.

Control: 10/10
The control is right on. It is easy to learn the control scheme as well and use it even during heated battles. For example, the ''A'' button is used to use the staff for just about any situation except when using magic.

Replay Value: 6/10
This game is fun but it lacks a real challenge. The puzzles are simple and all you have to do to win most fights is repeatedly push the ''A'' button. The game lacks a multiplayer mode, which would have added to the replay value. But all in all, it is worth playing a second time just for fun.

Overall: 9/10
This is a great game all around. The graphics, sound, and control all work together in perfect harmony to set the mood and draw the player in. If you start playing this game, it will be hard to put the controller down until you have beaten the game. All of the different areas are huge. Thank heavens for Warp Stones to help speed up the travel process. This is a must own for the GCN. It is worth the money. Another plus is that it only uses 3 blocks on the memory card. It is amazing how well the switch from flying games, to on the ground an on the ground RPG was for Fox. Some may think that this game is a Zelda rip-off but it is not they depth of the story and game play set this game apart from all Zelda games.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/28/02, Updated 09/28/02

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