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"Rare goes out with a wimper, not a bang."

Ok, to start out this review, this game was way to over hyped, and your about to find out why. But don't get me wrong, I was looking forward to this game for a very long time, but unfortunately, it came up short... very short.
Here we go!

Graphics: 8/10
Probably the best feature of the game were it's graphics. The water was constantly making me thirsty, and the environments were very nicely done. The area outside of the Light Foot village is one of the best looking places in the game, you really get the feeling of a misty little grove. Graphics where the best aspect of this game, and unfortunately, the only good aspect of the game.

Sound: 3/10
Al right, at some points the sound is great... while it lasts, literally. The sound dies during combat, to the point where you cant hear the smacking sound of the staff hitting the enemy. The rest of the sound is very cliched, and you can hear allot of it from other games, not much of it is unique.

Music: 2/10
Music? What music? The only time there is music is during battle, cinemas, and the Arwing missions. The rest of the time you have repeated music that is very quiet and very very boring. The music is the same in every Arwing mission, and most of the ''dungeons'' music are either non-existent or used in every dungeon.

Gameplay: 3/10
Played Zelda? Well, this is Zelda with Fox. The gameplay is identical to Zelda in every way. You jump off the side of a cliff by running to the edge most of the time, other times you just grab the ledge. The battle system is also the same as Zelda, only a lot more boring. You get close to an enemy, and you can attack in a very boring manner. It's basically get close, and smash the A button until he dies. Or if you feel creative, hold the control stick down and press A. That's it, you can't strategically maneuver to attack, as the enemy always faces you, you cant attack with out going into the target locked battle. And worst of all, you can only fight one enemy at a time, the others sit back idly and watch as you pummel the first one, than another enemy takes it's place. And as far as different types of enemies go, theres four: Flying Creatures, Sharpclaws, Redeyes, and Egg Snatchers. That's it. Of course you have different variations of the Sharpclaws and Egg Snatchers, but the only change is there size, and for the Sharpclaws, there weapons. The game it's self is very linear, with only one side quest, finding all the Cheat Tokens. The rest is all mandatory. In fact, you need to buy all the items (with the exception of Tricky's Ball, the maps, and the normal items) to progress the story! The Dungeons are also easy, very easy. There straight forward, and there are very little alternate paths to take in them, with almost no backtracking to previous rooms. And the puzzles revolve around ''Hit Target A, open Door B'', ''Step on switch A, run to Door B before time runs out'', and the ever annoying ''Get Fuel Barrel A past fire jets B to Door C and destroy it before Fuel Barrel explodes''. And there are three bosses in the game, all that have a very easy way to destroy them.

Story: 6/10
The story is funny, but as far as telling the story goes, it's very boring. Krystal, who you would think actually has a big part, has about a 15 minute role all together. The story is basically put Dinosaur Planet back together. Theres not plot twists (except at the end) and the ''villain'' General Scales has about 20 minutes of screen time put together if even that.

Basic Zelda controls, literally. Tap A to attack with weapon, press Y to fire whatever special item or attack you have assigned to it. And move to the edge of the cliff to automatically, however, sometimes Fox wont jump at all, but instead fall to the edge of the cliff and hang of it, and you cannot jump diagonally, if you do, Fox just falls right off the edge. That's why I gave control 7/10.

Replay: 1/10
After you beat the game, that's it. Theres not much you can do because of lack of side quests. Theres not extra health to go after, and if you really feel like it, the only thing I can think of that you can do after you beat the game is collect all the Cheat Tokens. Other than that, theres nothing to do after you beat the game.

Yup, this game was a letdown. Beat able in under 15 hours, the game gets boring very fast, and you can pretty much tell it was rushed with the number of glitches found though out the game. So many months of waiting for so little game.

Rent or Buy: Rent, you only need one five day rental period to beat it. Only buy it if you really like the game, or are a Star Fox buff and want to add it to you collection.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 09/28/02, Updated 09/28/02

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