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"Best StarFox game to date, who needs his arwing?"

First off, I'd like to say thanks to all the people who told me this game was going to suck because Rare was leaving Nintendo. It showed me never to really listen to anyone but myself when it comes to things like this. By no means is StarFox a horrid game as a lot of people say, but one of the best Action/Adventure games that has graced a system since Majora's Mask. All I really want you to do is think for yourself on wether this game is bad, or good, and not listen to those fanboys complaining about how they left with a ''whimper.''

I've been waiting for this game ever since I saw it on the back of my GCN box. When I heard that it wasn't about arwing missions and was more like a Zelda game, I thought that this wasn't StarFox, but it sure has to be really good to be compared to a Zelda game. So, I scrounged up my money for a while until the release date and now I have it.
Here is what I think.

Graphics: 9.7

Best graphics ever to grace the GCN. People who thought Resident Evil Remake's graphics were outstanding should really give this a go. The water effects are simply great, and the time that they put into the 12+ unique worlds is endless. What really caught my attention though was the textures that were creating fox. If you look at his fur you will see that it is out of this world. Rare, being known for it's expertice in graphics, has done it again in this one.

Play Control: 8.6

The controls are fairly simple at times, and a little quirky in other points. It plays just like Zelda, where you can't command the jump unless you run off a ledge or a specific low ground block. You move with the control stick, a to use your staff and attack, b to put it away, the l button to center the camera, and z for a view from fox's eyes. Simple, right? Well... when the c stick comes into play is where you might have troubles at the beginning. This is where all your sub weapons and items are located. Finding them can take time when you are in a hurry. What helps a little is the y button function, which you can assign something to it so you don't have to go looking for it with the c stick. After an hour of play, you will get used to it.

Game Design: 9.2

Hey it isn't your traditional StarFox, but who cares? It is the best Action/Adventure title for GCN as of now. The battles with the staff are awsome. Fox can really kick some butt with his combos. The upgrades are pretty cool as well. The upgrades are all hidden, mostly underground. There is a shop where you can buy items such as mushrooms, artifacts, and maps.

What didn't really need to be in the game were those arwing levels. They seem pointless. Yet, I've played the first level many times to try to get the high score. When you are on land, it is a great adventure game. The puzzles are hard and probably the most fun you will have if you don't use an FAQ. You will be stuck many times, but once you figure it out on your own, it is very simple.

One last thing: Why is Slippy in this game? He can ruin it for you. He is just like asking your friend who has beaten it 5 times. He gives out way too much information to have fun. So, please if you want to spend 20+ hours on the game and have a lot of fun, don't talk to him.

Satisfaction: 8.0

It isn't your typical StarFox, get it through your head. After you get through that stage, you will noticed how great the game really is, traditional StarFox or not. There are many worlds to explore, things to buy, and cheats to find. I don't really know if you can play it over and over again, but your second time through is still really fun. If you were looking for a huge amount of replay value, then you got the wrong game. (Might I suggest Super Monkey Ball 1 or 2, and Animal Crossing?) This game will keep you going for a while however and you won't regret your purchase.

Sound: 9.3

One of my main problems about video games is that I don't really pay attention to the music. However, in this game, it really caught my attention. They took a lot of time and effort for the sound and it shows. Each world has it's own 2 unique songs, one when it is day and one when it turns to night. It is a cross between Zelda and Get Force Gemini.


Graphics: 9.7
Play Control: 8.6
Game Design: 9.2
Satisfaction: 8.0
Sound: 9.3

Final Score: 8.9 (9/10 Gamefaqs Score)

Final Thoughts

I would just like to say that people who are looking for a real StarFox game, wait until Namco is done with theirs. If you aren't however, and are looking for a great game to play, then please get this as fast as you can.

To people who don't have this game and are a little hesitant to buy it: Don't listen to what people have to say about Rare and how Fox should be in his plane, listen to yourself.

It's the best StarFox game to date, maybe this is will make the series change for the better.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/29/02, Updated 09/29/02

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