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"What a awful way to kill StarFox!!"

StarFox was hyped to the max, though it seems that this game hasn't lived up to that hype. A 4 is a very harsh score, but if I gave StarFox Adventures any more than a 4 it would be far too high of a score for this disappointment.
Adventures totally kills the popular StarFox series.

Graphics 8-10
As with the other StarFox games(StarFox 1/2 and 64 had excellent graphics for thier time), StarFox Adventures sports very good visuals, so why didn't I give it a 10-10 if the graphics are so good? Simple, I've seen better, there are Gamecube games with graphics that I like a lot more than StarFox Adventures. There aren't many flaws, the graphics are really nice if that's what you're into, sadly, graphics don't make a game, therefore graphics can't help StarFox Adventures from taking a nose dive into hell.

Sounds 6-10
The musical score is totally average and in some ways reminds me of StarFox 64, it's average and is suitable for your environment. There's also the voice acting which I thought was terrible, as with most voice acting, it's not always perfect, but I hate this!
The sounds are overall, good enough to pass the test. The music and voice acting aren't enough to make you turn the sound down, and aren't nearly as bad as they are in some games.

Gameplay 2-10
Now we get to what matters, the gameplay, something that I would expect much better from when you're dealing with Nintendo. The puzzles lack what the puzzles should have had..the ability to keep a person thinking and the ability to allow that person to have fun while trying to solve the puzzle, that alone in my opinion kills what could have been another great entry in the StarFox series. You could say that the gameplay is somewhat Zelda: Ocarina of Time-like, and the flight levels are typical StarFox. I loved Zelda: OoT to death, and there's nothing wrong with another game having gameplay nearly identical to OoT, but if they are going to imitate OoT it should at least be done the right way!
There is many more things I could say about StarFox Adventure's gameplay, but I'll stop, since I've already proved that they suck badly.

Replay Value 1-10
I don't know why anyone would want to replay StarFox Adventures, unless it was to top their high scores in some of the levels, it doesn't really get you anything, but I guess that would be something to pass the time. No major secrets in the game..

Length 5-10
A long game can sometimes be a burden, but in StarFox Adventure's case it's not. The game isn't long at all, in fact it's short. StarFox Adventures is however a lot longer than all of the previous StarFox games.

I've noticed that there are a lot of good review for StarFox Adventures, so you may not agree with me. I've been gaming for awhile now, so I think I know my stuff. After playing StarFox Adventures I have mixed feelings about the future of Nintendo's StarFox. I wouldn't recommend you spend 50$ on StarFox Adventures unless you're really into StarFox, to everyone else, rent it first.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 10/03/02, Updated 10/03/02

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