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"Sometimes tedious, but very addictive"

I've always been a fan of the Starfox series. My favorite game of all time was Starfox on Super Nintendo. That game was so good it was the only one I would play for over a year. I even had to use screwdrivers to open a window of my house after my parents locked the door of the room containing all my super NES games. When Starfox on N64 came out, I was dying to get it. However, it turned out to be a lesser game than its famed predecessor.
Soon, Starfox Adventures came out, and I wanted it badly. I wanted to see my forgotten favorite game character once more, especially since this was the last Starfox that would be made by an independent Rare. Call it a goodbye.

I was somewhat disappointed it was an RPG, but, maybe I could still feel some of the nostalgic days when I had to play Starfox Original at all costs. When one thinks of the Starfox Series, the first image that comes to mind is a type of fighter jet known as an Arwing (in the original one, you could only fly in an Arwing, in the one on N64, you can also commandeer a tank or submarine). However, even without that all-familiar image, this game was fairly impressive in some aspects, and ends Rare's legacy on a positive note.

The gameplay of this game suffers somewhat because of a lack of the number of moves, and the battles become monotonous fairly quickly. The common enemies quickly become a nuisance since the battles are too similar. However, the bosses were extremely fun to fight because you had to do some thinking and it was where you would most likely die. Each boss also had various strong and weak points that you had to learn to exploit. If there were more bosses, the score would most certainly be much higher but, unfortunately, they were only a handful of those really fun moments.

The graphics are superb. Rare seems to go on the cutting edge of graphics creation. Up to the point when I turned on the game, I have never experienced such good graphics. If the screen were larger, it would be hard for a person to distinguish between the graphics of this and some of the newest, most realistic animated films. For example the environment is so lush it makes the player feel as if he were in an alien environment. Small details were also present that further boosted the exceptional graphics.

Music/sound effects:9/10
The music was good, but not spectacular. The music got annoying very fast. It started out good but becomes irritating. However, sound effects were tantalizing and crisp. I'm always reminded of the environments in the game when I hear the sound effects.

The storyline was decent and is at par with some other great games in the genre, if only a bit overused. A dinosaur called General Scales has decided to demolish an entire planet. The destruction of the planet would destroy all life and rain debris to the entire Lylat System. Your job is to destroy General Scale's insidious plans.

I like the game but it is kind of tedious. Playing the bosses was the only adrenaline inducing aspect of the game.

Replay Value, Buying Value:8/10
This game is the last game that Rare is making so de-facto, it's a must for all avid rare fans. However, for regular people renting it is a better option since the game will take around only 30 hours to extract out all the fun. Enjoy!

Overall: 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/05/02, Updated 04/09/07

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