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I used to believe Rare was such a lifesaver for Nintendo. Now that I hear they left, I was a tad disappointed....until...
I picked up ''Star Fox Adventures'' in hopes of playing a classic Rare quality product, oh boy, nothing could've prepared me for what was to come..... now I'm glad Rare left. Seriously.

Control: 8/10
Straight out of Zelda, as I'm sure others have already stated. Yes, although this game is heavily plagued by a seriously lacking and stale battle system, the controls are rather simple and quick to get used to. I have nothing else to add.

Graphics: 10/10
EXCELLENT! The only quality in the game worth mentioning! Fox's tail is especially detailed. The lighting is good, very viewable. Characters are animated well, another thing worth mentioning. Overall, top notch graphics for the GC.

Music/Sound: 6/10
If you played any of the previous SF games you might recognize the arwing mission music, other than that, a completely new and really uninspired musical score. As for the sound, very nice. The footsteps, water, etc. sounds very crisp and clear, no fuzz. Very nice. Voice acting, eh, kinda bad. Nothing compared to REmake.

Originality: 4/10
Typical ''You're the world's last hope'' storyline. Only this isn't your world. So why go through the trouble? Unfortunately, Fox is tempted by a wad of cash General Pepper waves in front of his face. In other words, you're a mercenary, fighting just for the money, oh, and a (thankfully) weak love story with the heroine, Krystal, is thrown in. Good move there Rare! The script is simply ludicrous, especially in the final showdown with the enemy. ''I DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING!'' is what I said when I found out. (Yes, I said that in a sarcastic manner, bear with me folks) A blind person could've seen that one coming a mile away. (Blinkon, Men In Tights)

Gameplay: 5/10
This game is only slightly entertaining due to the fact that you finally get to control Fox out of his arwing,(not including Smash Bros. series) but even then, not entertaining for much. Like I stated before, the battle system is completely lame and boring. You just pressed A and you eventually won. Oh, ''But what about the boss battles?'' you say? Please, I could've beaten the bosses using my hair instead of my fingers, they were so terribly easy. This game was overall TOO EASY! Hardly a challenge for even my younger brother, who isn't all too good at video games in the first place.

Replayability: 0/10
None. I'm serious. You won't ever get the urge to pick this game up ever once you're done with it. Just rent it. If you spent money on this game, hopefully not $50, return it. If you can't, sorry for you. This game is so ridiculous, you'll cry. I did. No, not really. I returned this game, well deserved I say. I couldn't get a full refund, :( , but I did get a gift card for the same amount. I'm going to use it for Resident Evil Zero. This game is more worthless than that piece of plastic on the end of your shoelaces. That is all. This message will self destruct in 5 seconds.....

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 10/13/02, Updated 10/13/02

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