"The Fox Still Rules!!!"


Star Fox takes advantage of all the graphics of the Gamecube has to offer. It is like you have never seen before. The transitions are smooth like ice. It is one of the most beautiful graphics I have seen for any Gamecube game, and there is no better Game for it then Star Fox. It has great lighting effects and terrific detail on the characters. The graphics alone will make you want to play this game for hours.


I thought the controls where terrific. They used the control stick to move around, which made for easy adventuring and maneuver. They used B button to cancel and/or put away items. They put the A button as the main attack button. You used this for everything from hitting people with your staff to throwing things around. You also used the A button to talk to people. To use different hitting moves press the control stick in different directions and press the A button. You use R button to defend against monsters. It produces a light type of bubble that surrounds you. You may also use the X button to roll out of the way of enemy attacks. This is very useful to avoid damage. Once you obtain your first person viewer, you press Z and then use your control stick to look around. If you become off center you can hit the L button and your view is quickly centered behind you. Now its time to discuss inventory, which is accessed by using you C controller stick. This is extremely easy to use and to get adjusted to. There are several columns to chose from. Such as items, dinosaur items, and ect.

GAME PLAY: 10/10

Your main goals in this game is to explore and to collect items. This game is very different to the N64 version. In this game you are mostly on land fighting with a staff, where on the N64 version you were in the sky shooting at spaceships. There are how ever flying in this game, like when you go to other asteroids. They how ever were very disappointing, They are extremely easy, and you need no skill to get through them. You simply fly straight and shoot what ever gets in your way. You also have to collect different number of gold rings to gain access to different asteroids and have a certain amount of fuel cells, which you collect on the planet.

When you are on the land there is a great deal of enjoyment in exploring large areas, looking for items to be collected. There sadly is not very much fighting action, but there are a great deal of mysterious and mazes. Which they provide hours upon hours of enjoyment. You can collect many things throughout your journey such as lighting bugs, fuel cells, scarabs(money), Nuts(health), and ect...

You also gain a companion in your journeys, a young dinosaur named Tricky. He is a necessity in this game. He digs tunnels, melts ice, find hidden items. The only draw back to him is that he requires mushrooms to do these things. You also can give him commands like stay, and come. You can also Play with tricky by throwing a ball. This does not require mushrooms.

On the rare occasions that you do fight, you use a great fighting system. It automatically zooms in on who ever your fighting. This makes for easy maneuvering, and makes it easy to perform moves to destroy your enemy.

There are many mini games in Star Fox, like mazes, riddles, and puzzles. I have found that several of these are very complicated and will take you awhile to figure out. There is however a communicator that will allow you to communicate with that lovable frog on your ship. He will help you out in some sticky spots. There is also Pepe a friendly Rabbit that will show you maps of where you need to go.

There are not any end of the level bosses like on the N64 version, but there are how ever bosses. There are bosses when you retrieve a main item like a spell stone. There really is not levels to this game, but tasks that must be completed to beat the game.

The total game play is excellent. It will give you hours of fun and excitement.


The music in this game is pretty mush overwhelming, it is truly a masterpiece. They did an incredible job with the variety of music. It kept me entertained throughout the game. Lets not forget the sound effects. They where also great, they truly made the fighting scenes and interactive points in the game terrific.

To give the credit the music and sound deserves it should get a 20 on a 10 scale, but since it only goes to ten i will give it just that.


The fighting is very simple, but when it comes to the puzzles they are very advanced. In over all it is a a decent difficulty level.

STORY: 10/10

The story line is extremely good. It is long and very detailed in your quests.

To buy or not to that is the question.
The answer is to buy! This is a must have for all the Gamecube lovers out there.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/15/02, Updated 11/15/02

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