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"Zelda+Starfox=Starfox Adventures"

If starfox decided to hit the eject button and vault out of his Arwing, what would happen to him? This game attempts to answer this question as Nintendo takes Fox out of his arwing and mixes him into a crossbreed of the action/adventure and the platforming genres into the previous Starfox arwing engine.

Gameplay: 8/10
For the most part this game takes place on foot as you search around for certain items completing puzzles and beating up bad guys. First off, the combat engine takes a hint off of the Zelda engine as you are targeted on a single enemy and have to fight using your staff and using the B button this game instantly becomes a Zelda fest of z targeting. The combat system, although taken from a great engine, becomes stale after the first few fights. This is because of the lack of ANY depth in the combat system. Mash the A button and a direction on the control pad, rinse and repeat and the enemy you are fighting instantly vaporizes. To make this even worse, every single available combo and move is available RIGHT when you get the staff at the beginning of the game so later on the game there is absolutely no point in trying to find new ones. It’s a good thing that confrontations between enemies happen so rarely in this game or else this game would turn into a complete and total chore. Throughout the game you do learn new abilities that enable your staff to do different actions such as shoot fire of it or unleash a stream of frost out of it. These are rarely used for combat purposes and for the most part they are used primarily for puzzles. On the subject of puzzles, they are for the most part abundant and simple. Most of them include moving blocks or shooting flames to make them all a certain color and such that someone with the intelligence of a monkey could accomplish. From what has been explained here, this game sounds just like your regular action/adventure game. If the game stuck to this for more of the game it would truly be one to remember and hail. However it is the game’s platforming elements that absolutely kill it. This can be summed up in one word: Collecting. If I wanted a game that made me go and find 4 of something before I got to do anything every single time something new came up, I would have bought something like Mario Sunshine. Starfox adventures FORCES you to collect for about half of the games. Sometimes this just gets so frustrating that you wish that you could just materialize some random item that would allow you to move forward in the game. At least there is a plethora of variety in other parts of the gameplay, which include motorbike racing, cannon shooting, and dinosaur riding. The one part of the gameplay that I don’t think people give this game enough credit for are the boss fights. They are very well thought out and executed and really give you a sense of accomplishment once you realize how to beat them. My one complaint with the bosses is with the final boss as it is the same final boss as with the last two starfoxes and the same strategy works here as well.

Graphics: 10/10
One word: beautiful. This is where the game really shines. The fur effects are simply amazing and they should be considering that you are looking at a giant ball of fur (fox) for the majority of the game. The dinosaurs that make up the other population of the game look spectacular as well, as every scale is deeply detailed. It’s disappointing that most of the individuals from each species look almost exactly the same. I would like to point out the transformation of the starfox team members from Starfox 64. They all look much clearer and much more realistic. This becomes strikingly apparent after your first look at the new peppy. He looks like an old timer, someone that actually went around with fox mcloud’s father.

Sound: 9/10
Despite the repetitive music and tricky’s annoying voice this game has insanely good sound. The arwing music brings you back to the SNES original and all of the sounds from the dinosaurs are easily imaginable and really fit into the game well. Slippy is still annoying as ever and general pepper still has that doggy voice from the last two games. The evolution of peppy from the Nintendo 64 version is evident in the sound department as well. To put it simply, he sounds like my grandfather.

Story: 8/10
Dinosaur planet is being attacked by general scales who has split the planet into 5 pieces and a blue fox named crystal has been captured in the Krozoa Palace and must be saved as well. Fox and his team are called in to save the planet. Nothing really special but it works well enough.

Overall: 9/10
Decent gameplay, solid graphics, great sound sum up this game. The decent enough storyline and insanely good boss fights make this game a must play for any gamecube owner. It takes less than 20 hours to beat this game so it may be a rental for some gamers; you haven’t played gamecube until you have played this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/16/02, Updated 11/16/02

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