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Reviewed: 05/26/03 | Updated: 05/26/03

"Give Me One Firm Spot On Which To Stand And I WIll Move The Earth..."

Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet- WOO HOO! This was a fun one. An extremely, EXTREMELY (I’m trying to emphasize) long game, I might add, perhaps the best three dimensional adventure game since Mario 64. I must say that the first Star Fox had a much better presentation than this game because it was a space battle, with guns and technology. I started playing this game and I was amazed how they were able to keep the traditional Star Fox aspects of the game without even having a single gun. There is a lot of ancient secrets in this game, and Fox goes into a whole different world; nothing like his own. Star Fox: Dinosaur Planet was also quite difficult; which surprised me, because what games are really ever hard in first player anymore?

Gameplay (9/10) Wow, this one was really fun. Never, EVER, before, have I felt like such a part of a game. I was shocked, at first, when the captain revealed to Fox and I (no folks, this is not a spoiler, it is in the previews) that in this game, on these missions, he would use no guns, no blaster. Fox, at the beginning of the game, finds a lost staff, with ancient magical powers. And this proved fine. You are able to buy add ons so it can shoot fire, ice, or even help you break gravity. You have to beat down sharp claws (bad guys) to accomplish the over 80 mission game. You travel in space and all over Dinosaur Planet, and you get to fight a variety of bosses on a variety of different landscapes. So why did I not give it a perfect 10, you ask? Because (and I NEVER, EVER though I would say this) the game was actually a little too long, at least for me, and got boring come the last couple of missions. Overall, very fun. A different version of Star Fox for a change. It does not always need to be with technology. Magic works just fine…

Graphics (10+/10) WOW again. These were the most impressive graphics I have ever seen, with the exception of James Bond: Nightfire and Metroid Prime. They were so unbelievable clear, from the flowing streams of water to the waves of the tress, to Fox’s every step and move. Definitely high definition, tons of pixels to see every little detail, and the COLOR. Wow, sweet mother of pearl, I have never seen color so absolutely defining! So bright and clear, it allows you to differentiate (that’s a five dollar word) the different parts of the map you are currently on. Everything is also very sharp, and shaped very well. You can walk up to anything and still see it clearly, no fuzzy or light or dark tone. Not to bright, not too dark… (though you do play night to day, because it is a role playing game)

StoryLine (10++/10): The most IMPRESSIVE STORY LINE I HAVE EVER, EVER (big emphasize) seen in a game. The opening seen shows a girl Fox (I guess that is what you call her) who is captured by General Scales, one of the bad guys of the game. Now Fox is initially sent to rescue her, but the only way to save her is to collect six ancient spirits called Krazoa spirits, and in order to do that Fox must go to Dinosaur planet. He finds out almost immediately he must find spellstones in order to get the first four Krazoa spirits. Fox adapts to another mission, to save the rotting dinosaur planet from General Scales, and to defeat his army of sharpclaws. Fox goes from mountains to the underground temples to accomplish his missions and challenges one by one. He also has a little buddy that travels with him, called Tricky. Fox must save the world from its destruction, before all the freedom craving dinosaurs are killed and become extinct from their planet in which they have inhabited so very very long….

Sound (9/10): Well the sound effects of Fox and the staff which he attacks with were fairly poor, along with most of the voices besides Fox. But the sound effects of the surroundings… whoh. You can here every brustle and wave of a true, the moving streams of water, the distant bells when in the temple lands, and the blow horn of the mammoths… Along with the foot steps of the surrounding enemies and the larger, heavier foot steps of the surrounding dinosaurs who are trying to escape them. But overall I was most impressed by two sounds: One, the sound of the wind. You here it, you see it blow across fox, see the trees

Controls (9/10) Very fitting, If I do say so myself. Of course (and I know I keep saying this, but…) it is a gamecube control, which in my opinion is the best controller ever made EVER. Simple enough to remember, good control of Fox, you can make him do almost anything. Unfortunately, you cannot make Fox jump unless you are forced to jump, taking away a few options.

Replay (7/10) it is way too long to play over, and there is no point. You beat it, and you do not get to use a different character or anything. I guess You could always play it when you are board like any game, so seven out of ten here. It just simply has no replay value.

Overall (9/10) One of the best Role Playing Games Out to date. Definitely buy this one and play it for a few games. The journey is long, but when you complete it, you will be among the few… the proud… the ultimate gamer… duh nuh NUH NUH (lol)

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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