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"If you're looking for a real Starfox game. This is not the one."

Let me just say that I was highly anticipated for this game. Really. I thought that this was going to be the best StarFox game yet. With the Fox out of the Arwing, Zelda like gameplay, and gorgeous graphics, I thought this was going to be awesome. I was wrong. This was one of the most disappointing titles of 2002.

StarFox Adventures is very different from the past games. Instead of controlling him in his Arwing, you usually control Fox McCloud while he is out of his Arwing, and solve puzzles and fight bosses and enemies. This is a huge change from the past StarFox games. The earlier games had Fox McCloud and his friends in Arwings in air combat. Rare tried to be like The Legend of Zelda, but they are way off.

The game begins with Krystal, a blue female fox who was from the planet, Cerinia and has an odd British accent (although most StarFox fanboys say she is hot, I totally disagree). She was the last survivor of her planet. She received a distress signal from the Earthwalkers in Krazoa Palace, so she goes off and investigates. Soon Fox and his crew go on a mission to save Dinosaur Planet from being destroyed by the evil General Scales. Ok. I'll stop there. I already ran into a problem. A plot-hole. How did her planet get destroyed? And how did she escape? Trust me, there are tons of plot-holes throughout this game. It makes the story very lacking and not compelling. But this is not the most important thing in this game. Read on.

Now for the gameplay. Fox McCloud leaves his Arwing and finally goes on foot! You'll notice that Rare borrowed gameplay from Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I wouldn't care if it was a rip-off of Zelda, as long as if they have done it the right way! Too bad Rare made the gameplay so horribly simple, repetitive, and not innovative. The puzzles in this game are terrible. Most of the time, you are either carrying explosives to blow up a wall, or activating switches frequently. There is a combat system in this game. Overall, the combat system is horrible. You use a staff to fight the Sharpclaws, which are the enemies. You just tap the ''A'' button over and over again to take out the Sharpclaws. The combat gets very repetitive after about 2 minutes. There is absolutely no strategy into the fighting at all. Another downfall in the combat system is that you can only fight one enemy at a time. You automatically lock on to a target and attack while all the others just stand around. Once you kill your locked-on target, another enemy will take his place and you have to kill the other target with the horrid fighting system. You'd rather avoid battles rather than fighting. I skipped several fights throughout the game It's that bad. What's also disappointing about the gameplay, is all of these fetch quests thrown into the game. You are doing these fetch quests for about 70 percent of the entire game. Rare has put in some arwing missions, but those are disappointing as well. They aren't as good as the missions in SF64 and SF (SNES). They are very linear and are simply a breeze to get through. Pretty ridiculous for the gameplay, huh?

Some of the characters are back. Peppy and Slippy are back. So is ROB. New characters are in this game like Krystal, Tricky, and others you'll run into. Tricky does add to the gameplay, but he's an extremely annoying character that can piss you off. He's with you during the game, solving puzzles. Most of the new characters are dinosaurs and they all seem to have a weird british accent. Seems odd, but oh well.

Possibly the best thing about SFA is the visuals. They are amazing. Cool fur effects, nice water effects, and the environments and characters look cool. Sound is great too. The music never gets old for me.

Graphics: 10/10

Some of the best graphics I've seen on the Gamecube. Character models look fantastic, nice water effects, and great looking environments. Rare has done an excellent job in the graphics.

Sound: 7/10

The game has an awesome soundtrack and great sound effects, but the voice acting is mediocre. Fox's voice is cool Slippy still sounds like a girl, Peppy's voice is a bit too scratchy, and Krystals voice is just an annoyance. Overall, the voice acting is mediocre.

Story: 5/10

The story in this game is decent. You save Dinosaur Planet from destruction from General Scales. However I didn't like the plot holes thrown in the game. How did Krystal's home planet get destroyed? Why are the Earthwalkers and Cloudrunners enemies? Where did Falco go? There are several plot holes in this game. Not to mention the extremely disappointing ending sequence. I'm not going to spoil it for you.

Control: 7/10

The controls are fairly good, but flawed. It is difficult to switch to an item you want on a menu screen, and the camera is frustrating to control. You can't adjust the camera very well. And it's very difficult to swim while you are in the water.

Gameplay: 2/10

The gameplay in SFA is the biggest disappointment. The fighting system is horrible. Puzzles are tedious and repetitive. Ridculous amount of item fetching. and this game is not a challenge. It's hard to die in this game. Even bosses don't offer a challenge. However there are a few challenging points in the game, but it will only take you about 2 or 3 attempts, plus the challenges are basically simple to do (Ex: keeping the line into the green bar and prevent it from getting out). What you are doing most of the time is just these boring fetch quests. It looks like Rare just wanted this game to be another collect-a-thon like Banjo Kazooie. Although the environments look gorgeous, the overall level designs and ''dungeons'' are not fun to go through.

Replayability: 2/10

Once you survive through this tedious game and finish it, you won't feel like going through this short adventure over again. There are NO side quests except finding cheat tokens which most of them are completely useless. That's it. That's the only side quest (finding the baby light foots does not count because it's basically item fetching). This game overall is too short. Rare claimed that this game was going to be over 60 hours, but it ended up being 10 hours. This game is very short and has no replay value.


+ Great graphics
+ Great soundtrack


-Horrible gameplay
-Many plot-holes
-Too short
-Too easy
-Annoying characters
-What's with the dinosaurs' british accents?

Final thoughts

Yep. This game was a huge let down. Not what I was expecting. By far the worst StarFox game in the series. I hope StarFox: Assault (made by Namco) is great so this series can make a comeback. This game felt very rushed and turned out to be a disappointment. There are tons of better action/adventure games out there. If you are a Starfox freak, then you should just go and rent this only. If you aren't into StarFox, then I recommend that you avoid this title. This is definitely not worth a purchase in my opinion. So my advice is: only play this game if you are a StarFox freak. Or play this game if you love games that are boring, repetitive, and confusing. If you're looking for a real Starfox game,this isn't the one. You'll be bored to tears by the countless item-fetching. I can't believe I wasted 50 bucks on this game. I give this game a solid 3.

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Originally Posted: 12/01/03, Updated 01/03/05

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