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"Pete and Repeat were on a boat.........."

Star Fox Adventures takes Fox McCloud out of his Arwing and onto his feet in a Zelda: Ocarina of time type of game. You must save the inhabitants of the dinosaur planet from the sinister general scales. Along the way you will meet some friends to help you out. One of my main complaints about this game is that Slippy and Peppy can give you advice, but cannot due much else. Falco on the other hand has been completely excluded from the game. Major problems with the repetition cause this game to bog down even for the most avid adventure fans.

Graphics 9/10

Everything that the gamecube should produce this game dishes out. Graphics are clean, and very rarely choppy. The lush environments on the planet are highly detailed, and each part of the planet has a unique look and feel to it. Fox McCloud himself is probably the most detailed character in the game, as it seems that his hair moves perfectly while playing in windy areas. Although the dinosaurs look amazing, they could have still been improved upon in some ways. Also a very small select group of environments seem to look a little repetitive at points. choppy graphics may only come once in a blue moon while playing this game, but when it happens it is really annoying.

Sound 7/10

The voice acting by Fox McCloud and team is pretty good. With a not to serious, and not to funny type of speech. One problem is that at the beginning of the game you cannot understand what the dinosaurs are being said, and until you receive a translator later in the game it simply sounds like gibberish. It will also cause you to turn away from the action to read the subtitles. Tricky also gets somewhat annoying during parts of the game. Sounds of attacks seem to be right on the spot. The few Arwing mission there are seem to have good sound similar to the N64 days. Voices are clear and crisp, and are never have static. Background Music seems to play just right for the situation. The more intense the situation, the more intense music there is to back it up.

Control 8/10

Nothing that is too big to complain about here. I would have defiantly suggested they figured someway out to be able to use an item and one more staff ability on so you can there is no scrolling through menus when the action heats up. I also think instead of having just one single button staff attack they should have used more variety. For instance you can hold down our up on your staff to perform a different look on your attack, but the attack still does the same damage and effect. I would have suggested holding up would perform a different type of attack instead of just the finishing move.

Gameplay 7/10

This game tries to emulate a certain N64 Zelda game, and although its not bad its also not to great either. After the first thirty minutes the gameplay seems to become dull, and continue on it's repetitiveness. Some more difficulty would have also helped in this department. Now I'm not saying make the game so hard that it becomes an annoyance, but the game plays out a little to easy even for amateur players. Mini games provide change of gameplay every now, and then but these fun extra features are few and far between. Star Fox starts of as a fun adventure that continuously loses its appeal, and eventually becomes to repetitive. This game also tries to sneak in some stealth type situations involving enemy uniform, and this isn't to bad first but the situations stay similar to all the rest. Boss fights as in most adventure titles sparkle with action and some strategy. Same is the case here, but there is a low amount of true boss fights in this game. Small annoying flaws by themselves aren't bad, but after awhile they begin to add up, and cause even more damage to gameplay score.

Replay Value 7/10

Once its done you might not want to return for quite some time. The game itself will take a good chunk of time to beat anywhere from 10-20 hours, which is good for an adventure game. The fact that very few will want to replay the game, and absolutely nothing new unlocked playing through again doesn't help the score any. What hurts the score is the fact that some will become bored of this game even before the finale, and quit playing it altogether. The very few unlockables that are there don't seem of any interest at all unless you want to learn the dinosaur language. If anything was given to you after the end of the game it would have helped the score some.

Story 7/10

The dinosaur planet is under siege by general scales. The planet has been split into pieces. You must reclaim the spell stones to restore peace onto the planet. Story here is pretty average, but then again most adventure games don't excel to well in this area. Basically its defeat the sharpclaw tribe, and return the spell stones to the force temples. Of course after you return the first spell stone everyone after seems just a little to familiar. There is some moderate interaction between fox and the mysterious krystal, but not much to pick from here. Don't expect the same story you would get out of an RPG located here.

Overall 7/10 (Not on a Average)

All in all this game has its points, but it stays in an area of averageness if that is a word. For $20 though this game is a sweet buy, and is worth it even if you aren't a big fan of adventures. This game is easily defeated by the Zelda games it mimics, but hey it gave its best shoot and that wasn't to bad. If you already own all of the great gamecube games this will fit into your collection nicely. It's not the best of games, but it will provide you with some good hours of quality gameplay. Sorry if my review was as repetitive as the game was, but that problem seemed to repeat itself all to often and that required me to use 10+ of the word repetitive.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/22/03

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