Lucky Items?

  1. I Need Lucky Items Codes For All

    User Info: Adorkenshnof

    Adorkenshnof - 7 years ago
  2. Clarification Request:
    What do you mean by lucky items

    User Info: mollyjd

    mollyjd - 2 years ago


  1. Lucky Items? Could you be more specific? If you mean Items that give 7,777 points for the HRA
    * Arwing
    * Big Festive Tree
    * Birthday Cake
    * Bug Trophy (x2
    * Dracaena
    * Fish Trophy (x2)
    * Flower Trophy (x2)
    * Garden Gnome
    * Ivory Piano
    * Jack-in-the-box
    * Lefty Lucky Cat
    * Lovely Phone
    * Lucky Black Cat
    * Lucky Gold Cat (x2)
    * Lucky Cat
    * Master Sword
    * Music Box
    * Piggy Bank
    * Raccoon Figurine
    * Samurai Suit
    * Treasure Chest
    * Triforce
    * Washer/Drier
    * Lucky frog
    These but these are for City Folk

    User Info: KeenlyUber1

    KeenlyUber1 - 7 years ago 0 2

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