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The Rise and Fall of Jerktown05/18/09Jerec
The game so great that Japan has had it released 3 times!01/07/04Aganar
Different is good!07/06/04Billoba
While most 31 year old guys were scoring at the bar, Black_Crusher was eagerly awaiting the arrival of his new Apple TV from Nookington's08/28/06Black_Crusher
Animal Crossing: Fun For A While...02/11/03briwhohuntselves
A Fuzzy Game With Fuzzy Animals.04/07/04Carnival Nights
Sims meet animals, animals meet...society?11/01/05Colet64
One of the greatest games I have ever played!11/03/03Cool mario 6446
An intriguing, never-ending game with a unique concept.03/29/04Dave00
Free time required08/18/06Destination
I was born in a small town...04/24/04discoinferno84
Animation meets the real world.10/03/05eeyoreluv
The Crossing03/06/07EJRICH
Once again, Nintedo flexes its creative muscles and gives us another masterpiece.07/03/03Estoy Loco
I just don't know what to think, but it's fun.09/22/02fei_603
This game was what it was made out to be!09/28/02HHHTheGame4evr
You can't spell crook of Nook07/08/03Internet Nomad
What do you get if you mix Nintendo and crazy animals?10/01/02Jacen Solo
Like a virtual Big Brother09/08/08james2
The videogame version of cocaine... Crack addict tested, and Marion Barry approved.09/25/02JPeeples
So... what is so great about this game again?12/25/07KingofMarySues
An educational game for kids, and we young adults love it too.12/19/05lastscreenname
A pretty decent game05/09/11LegendofLegaia
Better than The Sims12/26/05Ma_Er_Kuh
A game that might turn on some non-gamers to the gaming world!01/20/03Master Cilander
I feel guilty reviewing this, because I don't even know what I've yet to discover07/02/03MaxH
Pure system selling brilliance.09/22/02Mega
Animal Crossing is a fun, innovative, and uncomplicated experience, but today's gamers won't like its kiddy style.07/13/05Meritesia
The sims has nothing on AC01/03/05MetalSonic700
Animal Crossing - Get on that train and start your new life!08/17/12NettoSaito
Two Years And Over 500 Hours Later, This Is Still My Favorite Game Of All Time08/25/04noj11jon
Unlike your hamster, this game won't ever die on you.08/04/06qxan
The real world? What's that?09/27/02RavenDaFox
So simple, yet so deep09/13/02Razorskin
Gamecube's most addicting game01/18/05ShaheerRahman
A home away from home01/02/06SneakTheSnake
Sim Kiddie09/29/02Snow Dragon
A job that doesn't pay06/10/05Sportsman
It's been a long time since I've enjoyed a Nintendo game...09/22/02Starscream
One of the best Game Cube titles out there01/24/11StephenYap3
Overhyped and nothing like Harvest Moon.09/27/04strawhat
So much for High School!!!...10/06/02Sweetpimp324
Animal Crossing: Proceed With Caution01/12/03Synister
What do you mean I need to "Get a life?" I already have Animal Crossing.10/09/02terrisus
A game that never ends = instant success09/27/02The Dark Dragon
Let the ducks cross… oh? All the animals?04/24/04TheDeadHeart
Life, or something like it02/02/06Tom Clark
Not about surviving, all about living!06/10/14Unbridled9
If it crossed in front of me, I wouldn't brake.10/11/05Unleashed Vortex
A fun and addictive game, but quickly loses its taste11/23/02Voton

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