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    FAQ/Walkthrough by JWishnov

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                    Super Monkey Ball FAQ - by Jason Wishnov
    Table of Contents 
    I. Introduction
    II. How You Can Help
    III. The usage and users of my FAQ
    IV. Tutori...errr...Beginner.
    V. Extra Beginner
    VI. A Little Harder : Advanced
    VII. Extra Advanced
    VIII. Time To Get Serious - Expert
    IX. Extra Expert
    X. Master Mode
    XI. Insane Strategies
    XII. High Scores and Hall of Fame
    XIII. Special Thanks
    I. Introduction
          Welcome. No ordinary person can get through Super Monkey Ball and 
    end with the same amount of sanity he or she started with. And, since 
    GameFAQs has contributed so much to me, and I've never given anything in 
    return, I decided to make my first FAQ, one of my new favorite party 
    game, Super Monkey Ball. Enjoy!
    II. How You Can Help
          Any suggestions for my FAQ? Found a warp I haven't, or found a new 
    shortcut? Unlocked Extra Master? (Yeah, right.) Send it! My E-mail is 
    SoulstreakX@aol.com. Also, if you need any added help, or want me to 
    clarify something, go ahead and E-mail me anyway. 
    III. The usage and users of my FAQ.
          Wanna use my FAQ? No problem. Simply E-mail me asking permission, 
    including a link to thr site you're going to post it on. Just be sure to 
    credit me, and I'm sure they'll be no problem. Current users of my FAQ 
    include GameFAQs, at http://www.gameFAQs.com, NCubextreme, at 
    http://www.steviemarsh.co.uk/nce/, and NeoSeeker, at 
    IV. Tutori...errr...Beginner.
          What? This is Super Monkey Ball? Grrr, this is too easy. Well, I'm 
    gonna help out anyways. This is for beginners who want to get some tips 
    and master the control scheme of Super Monkey Ball. (Right. There is no 
    control scheme.) Here we go!
    Note : In this FAQ, I use the words floor, stage, and level 
    interchangably. Don't be confused! They're all the same thing.
    Floor 1
          Okay. You cannot possibly die in this level. Just go straight and 
    break the ribbon. If you want to, experiment how fast the monkey can get 
    in a limited space, or whatever. Next.
    Floor 2  ** Warp! **
          Second floor. This stage has two diverging paths, and you CAN fall 
    off, so don't go too quickly. Break the ribbon and proceed. OR...
          Warp! These usually involve doing something a little more 
    difficult, but they can boost you ahead in the game AND give you a 
    massive point bonus to boot. To get this warp, turn around right after 
    the start. You'll see a little ramp. Go up with with just enough speed 
    to get the top, roll off, and control your bounce. (i.e. Don't spasm.)
    Roll the few yards and warp to floor 5!
    Floor 3
          Follow the slalom either way. See how the monkey ball reacted on 
    slanted surfaces? Get used to it. Just break the ribbon and proceed. 
    Floor 4
          Whoa! Moving platformness! Notice how the monkey ball reacts when 
    it's on a moving platform, you do NOT stay still. There's centrifugal 
    force working on you as well. In any case, just take your time and go 
    across the platform, or it's possible to just blow across the thing 
    without stopping at all. Your pick.
    Floor 5  ** Bonus! **
          You can't die in this stage. The goal here is to collect all the 
    bananas in 60 seconds or less. Start with the outer square of bananas, 
    then the inner square, then grab any you may have missed, the central 
    banana, then the final banana over in the far corner.
          Note : Bonus levels are the transition between backgrounds.
    Floor 6
          This is the first stage with slanted platforms. Note that is the 
    platform is shallow enough, you CAN stop your forward progress by 
    jamming back on the control stick. You can either follow the course, or 
    be a rebel. It is possible to roll off the right side of the starting 
    platform, then roll off THAT platform, and you'll be at the last one. 
    Try it. It's not that hard. = D
    Floor 7
          This stage is pretty easy, but don't get carried away. You've got 
    plenty of time. It's easiest to line yourself up with the ramps (at a 
    ninety degree angle) before going up them, so you won't curve left or 
    right. Break the ribbon and move on the floor 8.
    Floor 8
          Weird. Wait til one of the small platform reaches you, then roll 
    onto it. Do NOT think you can stay on it just by leaving the controller 
    alone, you need to constantly balance. When all the squares converge 
    again, you can either go directly for the opposite square for thr goal 
    (hard) or you can go halfway, wait, then go the rest of the way. Your 
    Floor 9
          Guide your little monkey across the walkway, then line yourself up 
    with the red arrow. Start rolling down the ramp, and as you do you, tilt 
    the level forward EVER so slightly. You should bounce neatly onto the 
    other platform. When you get on it, you might need to hold forward a 
    little to prevent your monkey from falling off due to the bounce against 
    the wall. Break the ribbon.
    Floor 10  ** Final Floor! **
          Ooohhh, thin walkways! They're not as hard as they look. To get 
    across the first one, all you need to do is hold forward from the start. 
    Also, from start, you can move slightly left, then hold right to jump to 
    the next platform, but it's pretty tough. Then double back around, line 
    yourself up, then roll down the next walkway. Avoid the little hill 
    thingy, and then line yourself up with the steps. Treat these the same 
    as you would any normal, flat walkway. After this, pick one of the two 
    shorter walkways and journey across them, then line yourself up with the 
    uphill walkway. These are slightly harder, but still no big deal, as 
    long as you're lined up. Now for the hard(er) part. Talk your time and 
    GENTLY, without freaking out, guide your monkey across the curved 
    walkway. There's not much I can tell you, except to practice if you're 
    having trouble. (When I say practice, I mean go to the practice mode, 
    not go through the entire beginner mode just to play floor 10.) 
    Congratulations! You've beaten beginner! Or have you...?
    V. Extra Beginner
          Yes, the dreaded extra stages. These can be obtained by going 
    through Beginner or Advanced without dying, or going through Expert 
    without using a continue. While this isn't too tough on beginner, I'll 
    have a little strategy for doing it on Advanced and Expert. To help 
    unlock Master Mode (see section X), you need to beat these three stages 
    without dying.
    Floor EX1
          This stage consists of fast-moving platforms that extend an 
    accordion-like structure behind. You can either take this stage slowly, 
    moving from one to other when you think it's safe, or do it the 
    mindlessly reckless way, like  me. When the first platform reaches the 
    middle, start rolling at top speed toward the other side, but with a 
    little slant toward whichever way the other platforms are. This may seem 
    very difficult, but after a little practice, it's almost a surefire-way 
    to beat the floor. Good luck!
    Floor EX2
          Yeah, but this stage looked easy at first. Well, the goal rotates, 
    threatening you to time it right or beat flung off of the platform. You 
    can really get the goal at any time, if you time it right, but the 
    easiest way to do it is to wait 'til about 22.5 seconds are left on the 
    clock, when the goal really slows down. If you miss this chance, it 
    slows down again in about another 11 seconds. 
    Floor EX3  ** Final Floor!**
          Cool effects! This stage looks hard, but it's really not. Roll 
    onto the platform (It says AV, as in Amusement Vision, the company who 
    developed this game) and move straight between the a and the v. The 
    camera action gets a little wild, but don't worry about it. When you get 
    through there, make a u-turn to the right, and continue toward the goal. 
    VI. A Little Harder : Advanced
          Ready for some challenge? You've come to the right place. These 
    stages can get hard, preshadowing some of the levels to come in Expert. 
    These levels (and my FAQ) assume you have mastery of basic skills (how 
    the ball reacts on curves, slanted surfaces, how it bounces, how to 
    balance on thin walkways, etc.) so if had some trouble on beginner, I 
    suggest going back and practicing. 
    Floor 1
          Nothing too much, just introduces you to the concept of bumps. 
    These can get you into the air, if you hit them at high enough speeds. 
    Now roll into the goal. That's it.
    Floor 2
          This level is the first one where you can attempt some extra 
    challenges to get some bananas. I do not think bananas are especially 
    important, unless you're going for a high score, so I will not include 
    strategies on getting them. The fact that you can get a 1-up for 100 
    bananas is almost trivial, since you end up getting infinite continues 
    anyways. Now for the level. Start off by going straight over the bumps. 
    Weave between the little...whatever they are...and traverse the bumpers. 
    Now, you can either roll fast, directly at the goal (thereby jumping 
    over the little hole) or slowly roll around it. Whatever.
    Floor 3
          Whoa! Two moving platformness! Pick a side, any side, and roll 
    onto the first platform. When they line up, roll onto the second. When 
    you're lined up, roll onto the final platform and then into the goal. 
    Floor 4
          Same thing as Beginner Floor 4, but it's skinnier and has no edge. 
    Same strategy applies, and it is also possible to roll across it at top 
    speed, though this is much harder than last time. 
    Floor 5  ** Bonus! **
          Exact same bonus as Beginner Floor 5, except you now have thirty 
    seconds to do it. Same strategy applies, just do it faster.
    Floor 6  ** Warp! **
          To do this stage the normal way, you have to wait til the platform 
    is near flat, and race across it into the goal before it becomes too 
    steep. I suggest waiting 'til it's slightly downhill and on it's way up 
    before going. OR...
    	See the little stone ramp thingy behind you? Yeah, just 
    like Beginner Floor 2. Roll up with only enough speed to not fall 
    backwards, roll off, control your bounce, and roll into the warp goal. 
    This takes you to floor 10. 
    Floor 7
          This is pretty easy, a wide walkway with sides that slant upwards. 
    Just take your time and you should have no problem. There is a slight 
    shortcut by rolling right as soon as you begin, but why take extra 
    Floor 8
          A slanting downward level with walls in the way. The main issue in 
    this level is time, so make sure you complete it within thirty seconds. 
    If you feel the need, hold back on the control stick to slow your 
    progress, but try to make up for it by going a little faster the rest of 
    the way.
    Floor 9
          Reminescent of Beginner Floor 8, but with a hole in the middle, 
    forcing you to take the long way. Do NOT attempt to get from the first 
    square to the last in one try. Other than that, same strategy applies.
    Floor 10  ** Bonus! **
          Hey, check out this level. Nice effects. This level can be 
    painfully frustrating, as the ripples constantly push you out of the 
    way. Just try and get all the bananas in a circle the first time, and go 
    back later to collect the ones you missed. Remember, if you travel in a 
    straight line from the center out, the ripples will not affect you.
    Floor 11  ** Warp! **
          Guitar! Pick a string, any string, but remember, they have 
    different widths. If you don't care about bananas, like me, just go for 
    the left-most string, the one with width 1.0. Remember, ten seconds in, 
    little thingies go up to prevent you from getting on a string, so you 
    must choose before then. OR...
          This warp is damn near impossible. You need to traverse a long 
    wire with thickness 0.1, that's ZERO POINT ONE, to get to the warp. From 
    what I understand, it only warps you to floor 14, so you shouldn't even 
    bother. If you wanna try it, go ahead...
    Floor 12
          A bowl shaped level. You need to roll into it, then gather speed 
    rolling around the outside edge, and run into the goal. Practice makes 
    perfect, so if you're having trouble, you know where to go.
    Floor 13
          Little elevator thingies! When the red side bars get next to the 
    metal platform, it will pop up. Roll onto the first one, and pop. Then 
    the second, and pop. Here, you can either IMMEDIATELY roll fo the ramp 
    and roll off with enough momentum to get acorss the gap, or use the last 
    pop thingy to get across. If you stop, and THEN try to use the ramp, 
    chances are you won't make it. All and all, pretty simple.
    Floor 14
          A relaxing level, since it's difficult to fall off. Believe it or 
    not, your tilting the level controls the little stop thingies. Just 
    experiment moving the level until an opening appears. 
    Floor 15
          I hate this level. HATE it. It consists of six or so walkways, 
    which are increasingly more curved downward. Start off by rolling 
    immediately to your right, to bypass two of the walkways. Try and steady 
    yourself, and roll acrossd the next. On the last two walkways, it gets 
    really steep, so try not to get below the halfway point of the 
    intersection. If you do, it is very difficult to get back up. On the 
    last walkway, slowly move around the goalpost, then in it. You MUST 
    practice this level, especially if you want to unlock the extra stages. 
    Good luck!
    Floor 16
          A series of treadmills. You can pretend they're not even there, 
    since they don't affect your monkey too much. Slow and steady does it. 
    Floor 17
          This level is similar to Beginner Floor 10, but everything is 
    skinnier. Same strategy applies, but you may need to practice this one 
    for awhile.
    Floor 18  ** Warp! **  ** Second Warp! **
          What? Three goals on the same level? Interestingly enough, this 
    level is shaped like a treble clef. To get the normal goal, simply chase 
    it at top speed and run into the ribbbon. OR...
          To get the warp to floor 20, simply skip the blue goal and chase 
    after the green. This is a little tougher, so move as fast as possible. 
          This is the toughest goal to get. You cannot simply chase it and 
    expect to catch it; it's impossible. Instead, right at the start, you 
    need to roll off the right edge, and and land on the platform below. 
    Now, all you need to do it wait for the red goal to get there. You need 
    to line yourself up, and guess what? The ribbon will run into YOU! Oh, 
    the irony! This is a warp to level 25, meaning not only will you bypass 
    some difficult stages, you will get an ARSE-load of points doing it. 
    Floor 19
          The first part of this level is the same as Beginner Floor 9, so 
    use the strategy there. Then, navigate a moving platform to get to the 
    final section. This is the same as the first part, but there are bumpers 
    in the center, meaning you have to go down at an angle. With a little 
    practice, this should cause no problems.
    Floor 20  ** Bonus! **
          Bananas with bumpers. Move in diagonal lines to collect all the 
    bananas in thirty seconds. Not hard. Just don't hit any bumpers. 
    Floor 21
          Hey! Cool background! Love those water effects. This level sports 
    moving bumpers on thin walkways, so this is pretty tough. Start by 
    following a bumper to the left, and when you get to the middle, FOLLOW 
    IT IMMEDIATELY. Don't wait, or it will be very difficult to avoid the 
    bumper behind you. Go across the middle, turn left, and continue on to 
    the goal.
    Floor 22
          Real easy. This is like those little plastic things in the Chinese 
    restaurants where you put the penny in and it goes around and around 
    until it...anyways. Just roll on the outside rim and you should have no 
    Floor 23
          Big level. To easily get past the first part, just hold up from 
    the start. You'll just jump the gap while simultaneously moving slightly 
    right. Now, cautiously roll down the miniramp, move across the walkway, 
    and up the other little miniramp. Now it's just a nice, relaxing roll in 
    the park (I crack myself up) to the goal. 
    Floor 24
          Straight, and tilting. If you roll across this level at top speed, 
    you should have no problem. You can go slowly, but that's no fun.
    Floor 25  ** Warp! **
          This level is pretty tough...but before attempting this strategy, 
    you might want to look down at the warp strategy. Anyways, move past the 
    bumpers and hill thingies until you reach the pistons. Remember, you can 
    control these. After the get past these, move right on the extended 
    platform, get a rolling start, and move up the hills. Then, on the last 
    hill, get a little (A LITTLE) speed, jump the gap, and roll into the 
    goal. OR...
          This warp can be reached in one of two ways. First, on the final 
    platform with the goal on it, there is another walkway off to the right. 
    While this leads to goal, it is very difficult. You will be extremely 
    pressed for time, there are tight z-turns, and thin walkways. Instead, 
    the easiest way to complete this level is to reach the goal right fom 
    the start. When the level begins, roll slightly to the left or right to 
    get around the bumpers, then hit the hole at full speed. With a little 
    practice, you'll fly over the gate and right into the warp goal to floor 
    Floor 26
          A lot of people hate this level, but it's really not too hard. 
    Start by rolling across the walkway, get a rolling start, and roll onto 
    the spiral. At this point, you will be going at full speed the rest of 
    the level. Do not slow down at all, even when you think the spiral is 
    over. Continue around the spiral, getting skinnier and tighter the whole 
    way, until you reach a flat platform at the end. Or is it flat? No. It's 
    tilted. Severely. If you continue straight at full speed, though, you 
    should have enough momentum to go straight into the goal. Practice. 
    Practice. Practice. Or, thanks to another tip by Jon Jimenez, you can 
    start rolling across the walkway, and after about three seconds, roll 
    off to the left. With any luck, you will land on the end of the spiral, 
    and go right into the goal. Man, Jon is good. 
    Floor 27
          This level must be done at top speed, but the trick is going top 
    speed while being able to get on one of the two final ramps. Just keep 
    practicing until you get on one of those ramps AND have enough speed to 
    jump the final gap.
    Floor 28
          Easy! Just move slowly between the spike strips. Time it 
    correctly, don't freak out, and you'll be fine. Just remember that you 
    do NOT control these spikes, as you did with stuff in previous levels.
    Floor 29
          I don't like this level. Start off by going left to the corner 
    square, and balance yourself until it's straight enough to move again. 
    Then, dash for the final square and the goal. It's not too hard...I just 
    don't like it. (subliminal message) PRACTICE! (end subliminal message)
    Floor 30  ** Final Floor! **
          This floor is downright frustrating if you don't know how to do 
    it. Moving from platform to platform is a painful and handache-inducing 
    process. The trick (see Special Thanks to see who the contributor was) 
    is incredibly useful on this AND ANOTHER stage, and almost always works 
    once you have it down. When the stage begins, turn about 15 degrees or 
    so to the right. After two to three seconds, you'll see, magically, the 
    first FIVE rings line up, like one of those celestail alignments I keep 
    hearing about in science. Though there is one gap right before the goal, 
    if you're going fast enough, you can jump it. May the force be with you!
    VII. Extra Advanced
          Now it gets difficult. You may have had a feeling of 
    accomplishment after beating the final floor in Advanced mode. But can 
    you beat all thirty levels without dying ONCE? Luckily, there are warps 
    that help you move a little faster through these levels. Don't get 
    discouraged if you get to the final floors and die, 'cuz it's gonna 
    happen. Perseverance is the key word, and you're gonna need it if you 
    want to access the extra advanced floors. First, go through levels 1 
    through 5 normally. The warp on level 6 is a little tough, and since 
    levels 6-9 aren't exactly taxing on the skills, you might want to skip 
    this warp. The level 11 warp is dang near impossible, so don't even try 
    it. Go through 12-17 normally, then get the second warp on floor 18, 
    bypassing to 25. On 25, get the warp to 28. Then go through the final 
    three floors normally. You must beat these levels without dying if you 
    want to unlock Master Mode. Good luck!
    Floor EX1
          EXACT same level as Beginner Floor EX1, and I mean EXACT. I think 
    the platforms don't even move faster. Same strategy applies.
    Floor EX2
          Same level as Beginner Floor EX2, but the goal rotates faster. You 
    need to wait until 22.5 seconds again, and race into the goal. Practice. 
    Floor EX3
          I do not like this level. You need to RACE around a whole bunch of 
    squares. Time is the major factor in this level, so navigate those turns 
    as quickly as possible. The biggest secret to success in this level is 
    jumping the first square. From the start, race forward at top speed. 
    You'll jump the little gap, and pull back the control stick a little to 
    stay on. Then race. And practice.
    Floor EX4
          EXACT same level as Beginner Floor EX4. Nothing has changed. Same 
    strategy applies.
    Floor EX5  ** Final Floor! **
          This is level is insane. INSANE. Not only is the first part the 
    same as Advanced Floor 30, but then add in eight extra rings, all of 
    which move very fast, and a ring revolving the third-dimension blocking 
    you from the goal. This one's nuts, folks. First, to get past the first 
    part, use the strategy outlined in Advanced Floor 30. Luckily, if you do 
    this, you should land on an area that just happens to be full of ring 
    segments. Immediately roll outward, and onto the wide walkway connecting 
    two rings. (You'll know it when you see it.) Wait on this platform until 
    you reach the pivot point of the revolving ring. (One of the two points 
    where the ring seems to revolve around an axis.) From here, wait til the 
    ring is slightly downward and moving up, roll on, and roll to the final 
    ring as fast as possible. From here, it's just a thin walkway to the 
    goal. If you complete this level, pat yourself on the back, because it 
    is TOUGH. Thank goodness for practice mode, eh?
    VIII. Time To Get Serious - Expert
          The dreaded Expert mode. These levels are very difficult, and some 
    of them will cost you many, MANY lives. It is highly recommended that 
    you have infinite continues before attempting these levels, and even 
    then, you might turn off your GameCube in frustration. But my job is to 
    help you, and that I'll do. May God have mercy on your soul.
    Floor 1
          Just a variation on the previous Floor 1's, just roll straight, 
    jump the two gaps, right into the goal.
    Floor 2  ** Warp! **
          Just an easy walkway to the left to the normal goal. Balance 
    carefully. OR...
          The right path, which is at first extremely skinny, then extremely 
    skinny AND uphill. It's all about lining up, here. Get to the corner, 
    and look DIRECTLY at the goal. If all goes well, you'll go right up the 
    walkway, in to the goal, and right to level 5.
    Floor 3  ** Warp! **
          This level sports a revolving second half. Since the level's 
    revolution slows as the normal goal is on top, it shouldn't be too hard 
    to get in. OR...
          This warp is pointless. Not only is it extremely difficult, but it 
    warps you to floor 5, which you can reach from Floor 2. If you want to 
    try it for the challenge, go for it, it's tough. Otherwise, just skip 
    Floor 4
          Pretty tough. First, just roll your way to the bumps. Charge at 
    full speed up and over them, then slow down, and get across the moving 
    platforms. Then, navigate the next moving platform. Then, charge at full 
    speed over two bumps. Then, turn, and charge once again at full speed 
    toward the ramp. After the ramp, slow down. Carefully roll through the 
    bumpers, and start on the narrow walkway. Ignore the annoying lens 
    flare. When you see the walkway will start to go downhill, line up 
    carefully, and roll full speed into the goal. This level is very 
    difficult, so I suggest using the warp on floor 2. 
    Floor 5  ** Bonus! **
          EXACT same thing as Advanced Floor 5. Same strategy applies.
    Floor 6
          Ouch. This stage features the moving platforms that move apart, 
    but this time, the platforms THEMSELVES will split. Wait for the tiny 
    platform to reach your corner, then get on it. Balance yourself 'til all 
    the platforms are together, then try and move to one of the platforms 
    that is NEXT to the final corner platform. One you're on this, move the 
    the corner of that platform that is closest to the goal. When it split, 
    the little platform will take you the edge of the walkway that leads to 
    the goal? Confusing? You'll see. = D
    Floor 7
          This level is hated by all. First, roll across the walkway. Here, 
    you need to move to the left, line up, and charge at full speed up the 
    v. When you start rolling down, hold back on the control stick to 
    prevent yourself from flying off. This seems to be the most difficult 
    part for those new to Expert, so go to practice mode and just do this 
    one part over and over again. Now, go down the stepped walkway. At this 
    point, you can do one of two things. You can either charge across the 
    holes like a madman (lining up to the left or right of the center) and 
    hope you stay on, or you can go very slowly across the corners of the 
    squares to the other side. Either way, you'll have to face a narrow, 
    long, and curved walkway to the goal. Manage your time; if you have a 
    lot to spare, go slowly and carefully; if you don't, then go faster. 
    Floor 8
          The game does not give you enough time to go through this stage 
    the normal way. Instead, you need to immediately turn right and fall to 
    the platfrom below. Control your bounce, get a little running start, and 
    roll off the next platform. From here, just roll down the final steep 
    walkway into the goal.
    Floor 9
          Yuck. Nothing much I can tell you here, just pick one of the outer 
    strings and balance all the way to the end. I always pick 0.4 or 0.5. 
    Floor 10  ** Bonus! **
          Exact same as Advanced Floor 10. Same strategy applies.
    Floor 11
          A variation of Advanced Floor 8, this floor is steeper, faster, 
    and has bumpers. You might need to slow down at the fifth barrier, since 
    the margin for error is very small. Good luck!
    Floor 12
          Rotating gears. Nothing fancy here, just balance and have patience 
    with the slow-moving gears.
    Floor 13
          Similar to Advanced Floor 23. Use the same tip for the beginning, 
    just hold straight. This time, you will need to move a little bit right 
    during the final jump. Move across the walkway, and here's a tough 
    part...you need to charge down the walkway at ALMOST full speed, and 
    control the bounce when you reach the next walkway. From here, go to the 
    final walkway, and move across the corner of the squares to the goal. 
    (From here on in, I shall refer to that technique as "cornering")
    Floor 14
          This level sucks. Move straight past the first three bumpers, then 
    move in a circle with the rotating bumpers to advance. Time your roll so 
    you can get past the two horizontally-moving bumpers. Then, on the 
    walkway, you need to maneuver on the absolute outside edge of the 
    walkway to avoid hitting the bumpers. After those three, it's jump a 
    thin (albeit incredibly thin) walkway to the finish.
    Floor 15
          All this level is is timing. Time it right and the goal is yours.
    Floor 16
          This level is ALL slanted. Roll to the end of the flat walkway, 
    and roll onto the main level. Holding back on the control stick the 
    whole way, roll down and right, cornering the two squares. Still holding 
    back, try and roll your monkey into the goal without breaking your 
    control stick in the process. You can fly off and try and bounce your 
    way into the goal, but it's hard...
    Floor 17
          Yuck. It's nice to admire the immense scale of this level, but 
    doing it is an absolute pain. After a pair of bumpers pass, roll onto 
    the treadmill and move up one or two strips. Continue doing this until 
    you reach the final strip. This one is a little tougher for two reasons; 
    one, there is no barrier on the forward side of it, and two, there is a 
    slight bump you need to get over on the side. But, persevere, and I'm 
    sure you'll make it.
    Floor 18 
          This one's a little hard for me to describe, so I'm just gonna 
    draw you a picture of the path you should take.
    Full speed all the way, you go : 
    START  ***                   ***                   ***  FINISH  
    Experiment a little, and you'll get it.
    Floor 19
          A series of downward and upward walkways. The downward part is 
    easy, just don't go too fast. The upward part is a little tougher. Make 
    sure you have enough momentum to get up the ramp, and your monkey might 
    get a little air sick. 
    Floor 20  ** Bonus! **
          Exact same as Advance Floor 20. Same strategy applies.
    Floor 21
          Hey! New background! Check out those oases. Anyways, this level, 
    IMO, is the hardest in the game so far. It looks impossible. What you 
    need to do is IMMEDIATELY, from the start, charge forward and slightly 
    left. You obviously have to stay on the walkway, but be on the left side 
    so the block won't knock you off. After the right block hits, move 
    slightly to the right, staying on the walkway, so the left block won't 
    hit you. If you've been going full speed, then you should make it to the 
    goal without having to shift for a third time. This level is very 
    difficult and you WILL need to practice it.
    Floor 22
          Floor 21's throne as being the hardest level has been usurped by 
    Floor 22. This level is in the famous shape of the Sega logo. The 
    hardest part of this level is getting from the ramp onto the first S-
    strip. (i.e. the one closest to the ramp) The best way to do this is 
    take it at a severe angle, and try and slow yourself down before 
    reaching the edge. Just experiment for awhile and you'll get on. Now, 
    follow the S. At the last part, get the biggest rolling start possible 
    and charge foward, all the way to the right part of the G. Now, roll 
    around the G, and charge forward again onto the A. Go ALL the way around 
    the A, and do the very short jump to the inside part of the A. From 
    here, it's a straight walk into the goal. This stage is HARD, mad hard, 
    and it IS possible. Practice. Oh, another Jon strategy, though this has 
    about a one in thirty chance of working, is to plunge off of the ramp 
    and full speed, and insanely bounce your way into the goal. We've both 
    done it, and it's really hard. If you're feeling frustrated, give it a 
    Floor 23
          This level consists of shifting platforms, kinda like a snake. 
    Slowly work your way across them. Even if you're going at a constant 
    speed, you WILL need to change directions a few times. Not too tough.
    Floor 24
          A single walkway to the end. Hurry up on the downhill part, 
    because you're going to be hard-pressed for time. Just stay on and 
    you'll make it to the goal. ANOTHER Jon tip! This one's really good. On 
    the fourth or fifth section of the downhill part, you can roll off to 
    the right and land on the beginning of the uphill part. This REALLY 
    helps with the time issue, and allows you to take those annoy turns 
    slowly. Use it!
    Floor 25
          REALLY easy. You can almost complete this level just by holding up 
    the whole time. (But you can't.) The trick is holding up until you're 
    inn the air, in which you let go of up, then resume holding up as you 
    hit the ground. If you get caught in one of the u's, it's extremely 
    difficult, if not impossible, to get out. But it shouldn't happen.
    Floor 26
          This stage is all about controlling your bounces. Just roll from 
    one platform to the next, and try and keep your bounces under control. 
    Break the ribbon. Oh, and Jon just figured out a really good way to do 
    this level...roll onto the second platform (directly ahead of your 
    starting position) and turn around. Move to the left-most column of 
    squares, and fall STRAIGHT down the gap, and don't touch ANYTHING. You 
    should fall right on the platform with the goal, and since you fall 
    straight down, the bounce won't take you anywhere. When you settle down, 
    easily roll into the goal. 
    Floor 27
          THIS stage is all about cornering. You can pick one of two ways to 
    go, I found the left side to be a little easier. Just zig-zag your way 
    across the path until the make it to the end.
    Floor 28
          Remember Advanced Floor 26? Well, this is the same thing, except 
    way harder. Faster, skinnier, and a final platform that'll make you 
    wanna rip your head off. Use the same strategy as before, just get 
    better at it. Practice. Jon's tip given previously still works, though 
    it's a lot harder this time, since there's no back wall to prevent you 
    from flying off.  
    Floor 29
          Similar to Advance Floor 16, but these treadmills shift apart and 
    seem to move faster. Keep your bearing and switch treadmills as fast as 
    possible, and you'll make it.
    Floor 30  ** Bonus! **
          Finally! A new bonus! This one is pretty easy, just go up and down 
    the rows collecting bananas. Don't go too fast, or you're liable to go 
    flying off the edge.
    Floor 31
          Ah, my favorite background. Take a minute to admire the graphics 
    and the sweet, SWEET music. = D Anyways, this one is pretty easy, you 
    can roll immediately to one of the adjacent squares, then on that 
    square, get a good rolling start and jump the gap to the final square. 
    Easy, right?
    Floor 32
          Nothing but a walkway level. It gets skinnier and skinnier, until 
    it finally reaches the width of about 0.2 or 0.3. It's pretty fun, 
    Floor 33
          Remember Advanced Floor 22? Same thing, but with annoying pegs. 
    Find a path through the pegs to the other side. Remember, if you hit a 
    peg, you can still build momentum and save yourself by going in the 
    opposite direction. You only have thirty seconds, though, so be warned.
    Floor 34
          This stage is pretty easy, just roll across the three moving 
    pipes. While the bananas are tempting, they make things a lot more 
    difficult. Just stick with the goal.
    Floor 35
          A rotating curved square thingy. Just take it REALLY slowly 
    (seeing as how the thing rotates REALLY slowly) and you'll be fine. You 
    can charge across and make it, but why bother?
    Floor 36
          A pain. A more difficult version of Advance Floor 21, these 
    bumpers move much faster, and there are shiny things to distract you. 
    You'll have to take these turns much faster than you'd like to, but 
    practice them. Over. And over. 
    Floor 37
          Remember the old game, Perfection? Where you have to put the 
    pieces into the board before it popped up? Well, this level is just like 
    that. You can take it slowly, waiting for it to pop up and jumped one or 
    two barriers at a time, or, you can hold up, directly from start (moving 
    slightly left for some reason unknown to me) and hit off one of the 
    barriers, flying directly into or near the goal. It's kinda hard, but 
    pays off once you get it.
    Floor 38
          Real easy. Just cross platforms when the touch, and carefully roll 
    into the goal on the last one.
    Floor 39
          Moving quarterpipes dot this level. Hold up and you can reach the 
    second platform in one shot, wait a bit, then transfer to the third, 
    then wait, then transfer to the fourth. Once you're on the fourth, it's 
    a short roll to the goal.
    Floor 40  ** Bonus! **
          This bonus really sucks. I have yet to get twenty bananas on it. 
    You roll as fast as you can, trying to catch them before they fry away. 
    Floor 41
          Just like Advance Floor 12, but with a wet floor (does not affect 
    you in any way), bad rock music, and a big hole in the center. Launch 
    off to the right and move counterclockwise around the circle, making 
    sure to get enough height to reach the goal. You may get a second 
    chance, but it's not likely.
    Floor 42  ** Warp! **  ** Second Warp! **
          You've been hurting for some warps, and now you've got two! This 
    level is all cornering. To get the normal blue goal, turn left and 
    corner the squares until you get there. OR...
          To reach the green goal, you need to turn right instead of left, 
    and follow a slightly longer path. This warps you to Floor 44. OR...
          To reach the red goal, you'll need to go either left or right, 
    skip the goals on either side, and continue around to the back. This 
    isn't too much harder if you're good at cornering, and there are bananas 
    there too. However, this warps you to Floor 45, and IMO, Floor 44 is 
    really, really easy. Decide if you want to risk it. I also severely 
    recommend taking either warp, because Floor 43 sucks.
    Floor 43
          I hate this level...you have to roll to the first rotating thingy, 
    and get on either platform. Note that one of them matches up with the 
    initial platform and doesn't with the middle platform, while the other 
    DOESN'T match up with the initial platform and DOES with the middle. 
    You'll see what I mean. I suggest taking the one that lines up with the 
    initial. Anyways, roll off to the middle platform, and roll onto the 
    next. These platforms do not go in a full circle, so you need to drop to 
    the other one, when the one you're on is on top. This floor is VERY hard 
    and requires much work, so I again suggest that you take a warp from 
    Floor 42.
    Floor 44
          This level is easy. You need to take it pretty fast, but if you're 
    careful, there should be no reason why you'd fall off. 
    Floor 45
          This level is all about timing, but if you know the trick, it's 
    not hard at all. The first part is easy, just go on when you think it's 
    safe. When you get off, try and stay as far back as you can from the 
    next set. When you feel the time is right (start a little after they go 
    vertical), jam forward and IMMEDIATELY lean to the left or right. Hold 
    up-left or up-right, and you should make it to the goal with no problem. 
    Floor 46  ** Warp! **
          This floor is a series of ever-steepening rings. Start by going 
    right, and move in a swirvy line to the normal goal on the left marble 
    corner before the final ring. OR...
          This goal, which warps you to floor 48, in on the final platform 
    after the final ring. This ring is VERY steep and is hard to get up out 
    of, but it's worth a shot, because Floor 47 is annoying.
    Floor 47
          This level makes NO sense to me. If you hold up from start, you'll 
    almost always get up the first two steps, but the third seems to depend 
    on pure luck. Sometimes you'll make it over, sometimes you won't. If you 
    don't, try moving back to the green edge of that step, and move 
    diagonally up across the step as fast as you can, trying to get up. If 
    anyone knows what's going on with this level, or a surefire way to do 
    it, E-mail me. 
    Floor 48
          A nerve-wracking level, especially if you're going after the Extra 
    Expert floors. You have the navigate a bunch of curved semicircles. Move 
    with moderate speed, and get a feel for where the ball is going to move 
    on those slanted parts. This level needs practice.
    Floor 49
          A beautifully relaxing level, if you know how to do it. You COULD 
    chase the thing and go flying off bumpers every which way, or the easy 
    way; at the start, turn slightly right, wait three seconds, and go 
    straight ahead into the goal. You'll see the opening if you look. 
    Floor 50  ** Final Floor! **
          Appropriate cube shape, but I expected something a little 
    harder...when the green platform connects to the starting one, move 
    forward, then right, then forward, then right, then forward into the 
    goal. Move with a fairly fast and consistent speed, and with a little 
    practice, you should have no problem. 
    IX. Extra Expert
    	For awhile, I thought the only way to unlock this mode was 
    to beat all fifty expert stages without dying. However, thanks to 
    SnapDragon, I have learned that you only need to beat those fifty stages 
    without using a continue. This should change the whole way you play, 
    since bananas DO matter, for getting 1-ups. Use the warp on stage 2, and 
    one of the warps on stage 42. Go for the green if you're not close to 
    getting a 1-up, good at floor 44, and suck at floor 42, or go for the 
    red if you're close to a 1-up, suck at floor 44, and are good at floor 
    42. If you have some of these criteria, and not all, use your best 
    judgment. (Do you feel lucky?) Use the warp on floor 46 if you feel like 
    it, but it's tough, and 47 isn't THAT weird. You'd think there'd be more 
    warps on Expert...
    Floor 1
          This stage has worn out its welcome...same as Beginner Floor EX1 
    and Advanced Floor EX1. Same strategy applies.
    Floor 2
          A series of squares, which alternatingly drop. Since you don't 
    have enough time to make it square by square, you will need to corner a 
    few of the squares. You also MUST do this near the end, when there are 
    gaps in the squares. Be sure to hurry when you corner, and take it 
    slowly otherwise. 
    Floor 3
          Well, at least you should be good at this level now...same as 
    Beginner Floor EX2 and Advanced Floor EX2. Same strategy applies.
    Floor 4
          Pretty easy. Roll straight off onto one of the platforms (should 
    have a banana on it). Now, this may be the only stage that this is 
    useful in, but press the A button to zoom out on the map. This should 
    give you a clear idea where the goal is, since the camera angles are 
    strange on this floor. Roll off onto the goal platform and break the 
    Floor 5
          Really, REALLY annoying until I figured out the trick. Instead of 
    trying to catch the ribbon while simultaneously falling to your death, 
    simply follow the walkway around, reach the end, turn around, and charge 
    forward directly into a ribbon.
    Floor 6
          Heheh. Corkscrew! The trick to this level, is going at the fastest 
    speed you can, while rotating your control stick IN THE DIRECTION OF THE 
    ARROWS. The arrows on the inside are for your benefit, and if you follow 
    them, you should easily have enough velocity to get over the last hump 
    and out of the pipe. From there, just control your bounce and go into 
    the goal. The holes in the pipe are not really a danger, they're just 
    there to kill you if you get stuck, so DON'T GET STUCK IN THE PIPE. 
    Maybe they're also there to give a plausible reason as to why there's 
    light in there. = D
    Floor 7
          This level is very annoying. I think the best way to do it is to 
    get to one of the end platforms as fast as possible, because it is very 
    difficult to balance and control your camera angles if you try and stay 
    stationary. Also, the steeper the angles you need to turn are, the 
    harder they are to make. Wait for the platform to extend and move on to 
    the next floor.
    Floor 8
          (yawn) We've all done this before. Same thing as Beginner Floor 
    EX3 and Advanced Floor EX4, same strategy applies.
    Floor 9
          The most difficult floor in Extra Expert. There isn't much in 
    terms of strategy I can give you, expect to practice and try and get a 
    feel for how fast you should go. Try and control your speed on the last 
    half of the platforms, and especially on the final one. Leaning back by 
    some degree is almost always necessary. Good luck...
    Floor 10  ** Final Floor! **
          Easy. Really easy. Just follow the hammer around the platform 
    until he hits the center six times, then roll into the goal. The 
    supposed danger is that on the seventh time, the hammer knocks away the 
    entire floor, but the game gives you plenty of time for an easy roll-in. 
    Extra Expert isn't as hard as it was made out to be, and I'm looking 
    forward to Master Mode. 
    X. Master Mode
    	Master Mode. This elusive, incredibly difficult mode can be 
    unlocked by beating Expert and Extra Expert on one continue. It in 
    currently unknown whether beating Extra Beginner and Extra Advanced 
    without dying affects this. Master Mode CANNOT be accessed directly from 
    the difficulty select screen, meaning every time you want to play it, 
    you have to go through Expert and Extra Expert again. To prevent 
    frustrated and turning it off will NOT help you. I persoanlly had to 
    leave the game on for twenty-seven hours (sleep, school, computer club 
    and basketball practice)to get through it. You can practice these stages 
    by going one slot right of Extra Expert. One final note is that on the 
    high score list, if you reach a Master stage, it'll flash and be all 
    pretty. Good luck!
    Floor 1
          Welcome to the first of the Master stages. While this may seem 
    difficult, it pales in comparison to the later ones... = D This stage 
    must be done as quickly as possible. I believe you can make it to the 
    goal in time by moving two platforms at a time without fail, but that's 
    REALLY hard...what I do is wait til the first platform makes one back-
    and forth, then charge forward at FULL speed. You should bounce fairly 
    high into the air on about the seven or eighth platform. At this point, 
    hold back on the control stick, and you should safely land. At this 
    point, move two platform at a time, but if you think you won't make it, 
    don't hesitate to only go one. I find that the best strategy for 
    crossing the platforms is when the platform is moving backwards, stay as 
    close to the front end as possible, and when it starts moving forward, 
    turn around just long enough for the camera angle (annoying) to shift, 
    then charge forward. You'll always bounce on the second platform, but 
    you should have enough speed to make it. With a little practice, this 
    level will become pretty easy.
    Floor 2
          The easiest of all master floors. It consists on pretty multi-
    colored steps that move in and out like a cheap Japanese fan. Just go on 
    the black-and-white platform, wait til the steps to unfold, move to the 
    next black-and-white, and repeat until goal. This is the calm befoe the 
    storm, folks.
    Floor 3 Part 1
          Welcome to Master 3, EASILY the most difficult level in Super 
    Monkey Ball, and possibly the most difficult video game challenge I have 
    ever completed. To illustrate how truly insane this floor is, I decided 
    to divide it up into three sections, because the level consists of three 
    distinct and very difficult challenge. I believe each ONE of these could 
    have made at least an Extra Expert floor, but the evil creators of this 
    game decided to shove all three into one level. This level took me 
    around 400 to 500 lives to beat. I hope I help you make it go faster. 
    Anyways, the first part of Master Floor 3 is a large V, similar to the 
    one in Expert Floor 7, except that it's narrow. VERY narrow. And long. 
    And high. Immediately from start, move backward and left, and try and 
    line yourself up with the V between the fourth and fifth squares from 
    the end. Steady yourself, and charge full speed at the V. If you need to 
    (you will need to), make VERY slight adjustments to your course to stay 
    on. This V is about 0.2 or 0.3 units thick, so this isn't easy by any 
    means. Coming down is a bit better, though, because gravity helps you 
    keep a straight line. Hold back the hold way down, though, because the 
    post at the end WILL knock you off if you have any speed at all. Now on 
    to the second challenge.
    Floor 3 Part 2
          This is the most difficult part of the floor. It makes you 
    navigate fast moving squares, which you must CORNER. (i.e. going from 
    one square's corner to another square's corner, like in Expert Floor 
    42)It's insane. Now personally, I went to the right, but the same 
    strategy works with the left. Get on the first big square, and move 
    immediately from that square to the small one directly adjacent, then 
    IMMEDIATELY to the one right and behind it, the one that's two squares 
    long. Wait there, shift the camera angle, and do this two more times to 
    get to the final block that's two squares long. If you don't take these 
    two at a time, not only will you have a time problem, but waiting on a 
    single square is HARD. Now, on the final two square long platform, align 
    yourself with the next two small platforms as quick as you can, and roll 
    from the big platform across the first small platform to the next small 
    platform. Now you must balance on this til the next cornering 
    opportunity arrives. This will be a constant struggle to stay on, no 
    matter what. As soon as it's possible, move from this square to the 
    next. Balance. Then move to the next square. Then balance. Finally, move 
    quickly to the next square and immediately to the final large square, 
    similar to what you did for the first part of this challenge. Stay on 
    the platform til it reaches the walkway, and shift on. 
    Floor 3 Part 3
          This consists of a tightening spiral down a beanstalk, like one of 
    the ones in the background. This is by far the easiest challenge in the 
    floor, but the problem is that you're going to get to it so sparcely 
    that you won't be able to practice it much. Move onto it slowly, quickly 
    gathering speed. You cannot sacrifice much speed and still stay on, so 
    stay on the middle of the spiral as much as possible. If you're on the 
    middle at the end of the spiral, you'll goal through the goal, and 
    probably get down on one knee and thank God. If you break the ribbon on 
    this level, I deem you a Monkey Master, and you deserve the highest 
    video game praise anyone can give. = D It only gets easier from here. 
    Floor 4
          This floor is quite literally "rolling out the red carpet" for 
    you. Pretty straightforward, just move down the carpet as fast as 
    possible, and wait on the first platform. Wait 'til it unfurls again, 
    and move to the second. Repeat twice more, and you've got the goal 
    (which, FYI, is ON the end of the carpet.)
    Floor 5
          This level is very, VERY hard. It's very difficult to stay on for 
    more than ten seconds, and though it's possible to do it randomly, it's 
    much easier to use a precise method. In the beginner, move slowly toward 
    the left. As the square splits open again, run forward as fast as 
    possible, veering toward the left as you go. With a little practice, all 
    the square should bypass you. Now, on the left edge, move to two sqaures 
    from the corner. If this is done correctly, none of the squares should 
    hit you. Now turn right, and follow the strategy from the beginning 
    again. If this is done, you should go right into the goal. (See Special 
    Floor 6
          Perhaps mine and many other's favorite level in all of Super 
    Monkey Ball. This level is a big Dodecahedron (see Phantom Tollbooth) 
    with holes in it, and for some reason, with walls that are transparent 
    from the outside and opaque from the inside. (Really. Look at the 
    beginning of the level, and the walls are transparent.) Anyways, all you 
    need to do it follow the red-shaded part of the floor, because that's 
    the way the thing is going to rotate. Do this twelve times, and roll 
    into the goal. 
    Floor 7
          This level is pretty tough. Move the far edge, and watch one of 
    the four buttons that lie in the background. When one is pressed, move 
    slowly onto the 45-degree angle floor, then once again onto the side 
    (now the floor) of the thingy. Now, move to the left side, and wait for 
    the button again. This part is harder, since it's a straight 90-degree 
    rotation, but the floor gives you some room to stop yourself. If you can 
    do this, move to the inside corner, and as soon as it starts to rotate, 
    just move slightly left and you'll hit the barrier. Now wait for the 
    level to straighten itself, and roll into the goal. Major practice is 
    needed here.
    Floor 8
          This level is pretty fun. Though it looks easier, I do not 
    recommend taking one of the side paths, since you start with no guiding 
    circles, and the pegs seem to always knock me off. Fall onto the 
    platform, timing and manuevering though the circles for the first half 
    of the level. When the circle go away, just sit from a safe point and 
    look for an opening. When you see it, charge forward to the goal.
    Floor 9
          Second-hardest level in master, IMO. It is a simple (yet not 
    simple) walkway level that starts at about 1.0, and ends at the dreaded 
    0.1. If you're wondering how thin this is, try the right-most guitar 
    string in Advanced Floor 11. FYI, this level contains the one and only 
    banana in Master Mode. = D Try and move as fast as you can through the 
    first part of this level, so you can move slowly through the second. 
    Notice the walkways don't quite line up right? They do, but for the 
    first time, you should notice a glass covering over the floor. This 
    makes it more difficult to judge angles, so get used to it. Move 
    incredibly slowly on the last part, and on the short 0.1, try and go a 
    little bit of the way, then jam forward to get to the goal platform. 
    Congrats if ya beat it.
    Floor 10  ** Final Floor! **
          An appropriate final floor...in the shape of my favorite monkey, 
    Aiai. The foot doesn't move at all, and the head moves wildly. Get onto 
    his stomach (you can basically just hold up from start, except maybe 
    with Gongon) and move slowly onto his head. The trick to getting the 
    goal is to wait until the head is at one end or the other of it's 
    movement, since it stops for a tiny bit. Get as close to the hair (yeah, 
    where the goal is) as possible during the movement, and when it slows 
    down, rocket forward into the goal. Takes some practice, but this is the 
    final floor of the game...savor it. 
    Floor Secret 1
          Bet ya didn't know about this one, eh? Well, neither do I. It 
    doesn't exist. (snicker)
    If you're reading this sentence without reading ahead of where you are 
    in the game, I salute you. You've completed one of the most difficult 
    challenges in recent video game history, and you deserve credit. Be sure 
    to send in a photo so I can add ya to the Hall of Fame! As for Extra 
    Master...if it exists, I severely doubt I'll ever unlock it. Ah well. 
    It'll fun to hear about it, if someone really does unlock it.
    XI. Insane Strategies
          Yeah, these are just fun. Most should never seriously be tried, 
    but most are very fun to try. The usefulness is rated from one to five 
    stars, five being the most useful. Enjoy. 
    Advanced Floor 26 ***
          Start rolling forward. After about three seconds, roll left, 
    bounce once, and go straight into the goal.
    Advanced Floor 26 Alternate *
          Go to the very end of the straight walkway. On the space the level 
    gives you to pick up speed for the spiral, go to very end, and launch 
    yourself off as fast as possible. You can hit the edge of the bottom 
    platform, and roll into the goal.
    Advanced Floor 29 **
          Just roll through the level without stopping, plowing right into 
    the goal. You can complete the level with, like, 27.5 seconds left.
    Expert Floor 8 *
          Roll forward and right, hitting off the second walkway, then going 
    ALLLLLL the way down into the goal.
    Expert Floor 16 **
          Roll slightly down the walkway then off, hitting the middle square 
    in the first row. Bounce across the middle gap and slow yourself down, 
    and go into the goal.
    Expert Floor 17 *
          Find a way to position your monkey ball RIGHT between an upcoming 
    bumper and a wall, flying straight up into the air, and landing in the 
    goal. I have only done this once.
    Expert Floor 19 **
          Go straight and slightly right or left at reckless speed, and it's 
    possible to bounce up and in. 
    Expert Floor 22 *
          Full speed into the goal. You'll need to hit the inside edge of 
    the second S strip.
    Expert Floor 27 *
          Near impossible, but if you line up slightly left or right of 
    center on the easier path (the one without bananas) you can recklessly 
    bounce your way across right into the shiny ribbon of goodness.
    Expert Floor 28 ***
          Though you can fall, hit the spiral and bounce in (Like Advanced 
    Floor 26) again, it's MUCH more difficult. Instead, roll for about FOUR 
    seconds, and fall off DIRECTLY into the goal, no bouncing. Pretty nuts, 
    but not too hard once you get the hang of it.
    Expert Floor 35 **
          Go straight and slightly left, right across the spinny thing. Once 
    you get it down, not too tough.
    Expert Floor 37 ***
          This is listed in the normal FAQ, but just in case you didn't see 
    it...holding straight up from start (you inexplicably go slightly left) 
    you can pop up, bounce off the barrier (you'll know which one when you 
    hit it) and go right into the goal. This tip gets a five star IF you're 
    just trying to get to the corner before the end (see normal FAQ) but 
    it's harder to get into the goal on the first try. 
    Expert Floor 42 *
          Believe it or not, you can just insanely bounce your way into the 
    blue OR green goal. Green is insanely tough, and was only done once by 
    my friend Jon...we saved the replay. = D 
    Expert Floor 50 *
          Not too useful, but looks incredibly cool. Instead of waiting for 
    the green platform to come up, roll off just a tad early, using the 
    platform's upward motion to knock you up into the air. If you timed it 
    and aimed it correctly, you can fall right into the goal (which is now 
    Extra Expert 4 *****
          I JUST found this, like, two seconds ago. Move onto the first 
    platform (with the banana) and roll off to the left. Bounce once, bounce 
    twice, then shift right in the air onto the goal platform. VERY 
    Master Floor 1 *
          If you time it JUST right, you can hold up ALL the way to the 
    goal. See the normal FAQ on how to get on. Looks REALLY cool when you 
    make it. 
    Master Floor 2 **
          When the first black-and-white platform is accessible, roll 
    slightly right, off, and curve sharply left and back while in the air. 
    You should land on the final back-and-white for an easy roll-in.
    Master Floor 2 Alternate ****
          Roll quickly down the to the third black-and-white (down two sets 
    of colored steps). Go to the outside edge, get some speed, and launch 
    yourself directly toward the middle of the level. You should bounce off 
    the globe thing and right to the final platform. Very reliable.
    Master Floor 3 ****
          In this trick was on ANY other level, I'd give it a one star 
    rating. However, this floor is the most difficult in the game, and this 
    trick allows you to bypass parts 2 and 3. First, cross the V. (Sorry, 
    you have to do it.) Move to the corner, and when the first platform is 
    not lined up, launch yourself straight off at full speed. You need to 
    hit the BACK inside of the spiral, ricocheting right off and into the 
    goal. It's tough, but I can't really say it's any tougher than the rest 
    of the level.
    Master Floor 5 *
          It's called luck. Blind luck. Run across the level like an idiot 
    and go into the goal.
    Master Floor 8 ***
          This also depends on luck, but my brother does it all the time, 
    and has about a 30% success rate. Just roll across the floor like a 
    blithering moron. It works quite nicely sometimes. = D
    XII. High Scores and Hall of Fame
    	Welcome. Here I will post my high scores, and those of you 
    all. If you have a high score that beats mine or is just insanely high, 
    send me a digital photo, and I'll post your score here. Here are my 
    highs :
    Floor EX3		Score 0168540  
    Floor EX5		Score 0669320
    Floor Master 1	Score 0344217  
    And for the Hall of Fame. If you send me a photo of Master Floor 10, 
    I'll will post your name here to be immortalized forever. It's quite an 
    accomplishment to access those levels, and those of you who have deserve 
    something for it. SnapDragon has more than likely gotten there, but 
    until he shows me some photographic proof, I can't put him down.
    Hall of Famers : Me!
    XIII. Special Thanks
    	A Special Thanks goes out to Jon Jimenez, who told me the 
    ever-so-helpful tip for stages Advanced Floor 26, Advanced Floor 30, 
    Advance Floor EX5, Expert Floor 24, and Expert Floor 26. He also 
    developed most of the insane strategies. I would like to thank 
    JOakley,who provided me with the straegy for Master Floor 5. Also, I 
    would like to thank TChurch from GameFAQs, who told me where the warps 
    on stages Advanced Floor 11 and Expert Floor 3 led to. Furthermore, I'd 
    like to thank SnapDragon, for confirming the existence of the Master 
    Mode, and confirming how to unlock Extra Expert and Master. Finally, I 
    would like to thank Nintendo, Sega, and Amusement Vision for allowing me 
    to play such an incredible game. Peace! 	  

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