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    FAQ/Walkthrough by JOakley

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 11/29/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Walkthrough by Joel Oakley
    Last Modified: Thursday, November 29, 12:46 AM
    Version: 1.2
    E-mail: joakley007@yahoo.com
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Version History
    3. Beginner Level
    4. Advanced Level
    5. Expert Level
    6. Master Level
    7. Secrets/Tips
    8. Hosting Information
    9. Credits
    1. Introduction
    This is my first strategy guide, and I'm mainly doing 
    it because I couldn't find a decent one that included 
    all the floors of the main game.  This will only 
    contain a walkthrough of every main floor as well as 
    all the extra floors.  Also take note that I don't 
    concern myself with collecting bananas, and I will
    not include getting them as part of the guide. I only 
    put strategies that I think are good, and I've tested 
    all of them myself (most are my own).
    For the time being, it will not have any of the 
    minigames or party games.  I appreciate any input on 
    strategies that are different from my own or extra 
    secrets, etc.  Also, if I get enough questions, I will 
    make an FAQ section of this guide trying to answer
    them.  Just email me at joakley007@yahoo.com
    2. Version History
    Version 1.2 - Contains walkthrough for every main floor 
    as well as ALL the extra floors and Master floors.
    Version 1.1 - Contains walkthrough for every main floor
    as well as ALL the extra floors.  Updates to the following
    main floors:  Adv. 17, Adv. 25, Expert 16, Expert 24, Expert
    37, and Expert 45.  
    Version 1.0 - Contains walkthrough for every main floor
    as well as the beginner and advanced extra floors.  
    Future updates - Better strategies if I find them.  
    Minigames and party games possibly in the future as well.
    3. Beginner Level
    These floors are so easy that they don't really need
    a strategy guide in my opinion, but I will put how to
    beat them anyway just for the sake of being thorough.
    Floor 1 - Just roll straight foward into the goal.
    Floor 2 - Roll either to the right or left side of the big
    hole, and then roll into the goal.
    *Warp on Floor 2 - Roll slightly forward at the beginning
    getting close to the big hole.  Then turn a 180 and look 
    directly at the small ramp going over the edge behind where
    you started.  Go over this ramp with minimal speed and fall
    onto the floor below.  Carefully control your bouncing and 
    roll into the warp.  This takes you to Floor 5.
    Floor 3 - Just roll along the half-pipe until you get to
    the goal.
    Floor 4 - Roll along the path and wait at the end until the
    middle spinning section touches connects with the piece you
    started on.  Then roll along the middle section as it spins
    and wait at the end until it connects with the platform that
    has the goal on it. Then, just cross the goal.
    Floor 5 - This is just a bonus stage.  Roll along each row
    of bananas until you get all of them.
    Floor 6 - Roll down each of the slopes and turn on each of 
    the main platforms to go down the next slope.  Do this a few
    times and you're at the goal.
    Floor 7 - Just follow the path to the goal.  The only 
    problem could be climbing the small hills.  It works best to
    get some momentum before you reach the hill.  And be careful
    not to go to far after you top the last hill, or you may
    fall off.
    Floor 8 - Wait at the beginning until the big middle piece 
    splits. Roll onto the piece of land that touches your
    starting place.  Wait until the land forms back into a 
    square; then, roll to the opposite corner.  Wait on that
    corner until it expands to touch the goal.  Cross the goal.
    Floor 9 - Roll along the path until you get to the red 
    arrow pointing down the slope.  Go over the slope where the
    arrow is with minimal pressure on the control stick to
    increase your speed only slightly.  When you jump across 
    the gap, be careful not to roll back into it.  This may take
    a little practice for beginners.  Once you are stable, roll
    into the goal.
    Floor 10 - This just involes learning to control your monkey
    on narrow paths (a skill which will be test to great lengths
    later).  The best way to tackle a straight and narrow path 
    is to turn your monkey so that the camera is looking 
    directly down the path.  Then, just jam the control stick in
    the forward direction being careful not to turn it sideways.
    If you start to go off the edges of a straight path, make 
    SMALL adjustments with the control stick to stay on it.  Any
    major or sudden jerks of the control stick will cause worse
    problems.  Take on each of the straight narrow paths, and 
    when you get to the curved narrow section, slow down.  For
    beginners especially, it's good to go slow and STEADY.  This
    level shouldn't prove too much of a problem for anyone.
    Extra 1 - Not much can be said about this one.  Roll onto 
    each of the moving platforms from the previous one where
    they are connected.  Try to keep the speed slow but steady,
    and be careful not to fall off the side of the moving 
    Extra 2 - Wait for about 7 seconds, and the goal will slow 
    its spinning. Then, just run for it when it slows down.
    Extra 3 - This one provides a decent challenge because it's
    difficult to see what is going on with the reflections.  At
    the beginning, just go forward in between the "a" and "v" 
    holes.  Then, turn around to the right to go toward the goal
    that is in the valley of the "v".
    4. Advanced Level
    Floor 1 - Jam the control stick forward before the level 
    even starts.  It will be over in less than 2 seconds.
    Floor 2 - Jam the control stick forward at the beginning to
    top the 2 little hills.  You can then just go along the path
    in the normal fashion.  Avoid the bumpers when you get to 
    them and be careful going around the hole near the goal.
    Floor 3 - Go to the right and wait on the moving platform.
    Go on the moving platform and wait until it passes the other
    one; then, get on the 2nd moving platform.  Then, when it
    reaches the other platform, go onto it and cross the goal.
    Floor 4 - This is very similar to Beginner Floor 4 except 
    that it is a little narrower and it has no raised edges. 
    Use the same strategy as on Beginner Floor 4.
    Floor 5 - Same as beginner Floor 5 only with a 30 second 
    time limit.
    Floor 6 - Similar to beginner Floor 2, but half of the floor
    is swinging up and down.  Wait near the hinge of the floor 
    for it to be swinging up.  When it gets to the almost level 
    position, run toward the goal.  If you don't do it fast 
    enough, you will roll back down the slope and have to wait
    for your next opportunity.
    *Warp on Floor 6 - This is just like the warp on beginner
    Floor 2.  Just roll over the little ramp behind you at the
    beginning.  This warp takes you to Floor 10.
    Floor 7 - Just follow the curved path.  VERY easy.  You can
    save a little time if you roll to the right at the beginning
    and fall on a lower section of the track.
    Floor 8 - Roll down the hill at a good speed while swerving
    left and right to avoid the stone walls.  Not too hard and
    good practice for Expert Floor 11.
    Floor 9 - Very similar to Beginner Floor 8.  Use the same 
    strategy except you need to make sure to avoid the middle 
    hole on this one.
    Floor 10 - This is another bonus stage.  Roll around in 
    circles collecting the bananas.  You will have to roll 
    toward the center of the floor every now and then to
    overcome the waves that radiate from the center.  With a 
    little practice, it's not too hard to get perfect.
    Floor 11 - Go to the far left at the beginning and go along
    the guitar string with the 1.0 width.  When you get to the
    end of the string, just follow the path around and up the
    hill to the goal.
    *Warp on Floor 11 - This is just about impossible to get. 
    You have to go on the far right string of the guitar with
    the 0.1 width.  It is best to line it up with the 
    checkerboard pattern of the floor.  Get the camera so that
    it looks directly down the thin wire and go forward.  With
    a whole lot of luck and maybe some minor adjustments with
    the control stick, you might make it to the warp.  This warp
    is definitely NOT worth the trouble as it only takes you
    to Floor 14.
    Floor 12 - This is a bowl.  Go to the right as you fall off
    the first platform and go around the bowl collecting 
    bananas.  When you approach the goal, try to roll slightly 
    more up the bowl to get the goal.
    Floor 13 - Go forward and get on the metal piece that pops
    you up in the air.  Put a little forward motion on your ball
    as the ground pops you up in the air, and you should be able
    to land on the higher ground with ease.  Do this a couple of
    times.  On the last metal popper, you just have to practice
    getting the right amount of forward motion so that you don't
    bounce off the piece of land with the goal on it.
    Floor 14 - Not really much to say here.  Avoid getting hit
    by the red pistons. Though, I've never even lost a life on 
    this level.  Just be patient and wait for a crack to open 
    between 2 of the pistons.  Do this a couple of times, and
    you're at the goal.
    Floor 15 - This level should NOT be in the advanced level.
    It should be in the expert level.  It just takes alot of 
    practice and skill to beat.  Roll straight at the beginning
    to jump to the track right in front of you.  This save a
    little time and effort.  Then, you know what you have to do.
    Just follow the path, staying as close to the inside of the
    turns as possible.  Do NOT go after the bananas because you
    will have trouble staying on if you get that close to the 
    sloped edges.  The only thing that can really be said about
    this level is to practice alot.
    Floor 16 - Several conveyer belts connected side to side at
    their ends.  This is really easy as the conveyer belts 
    barely have any effect on the control of your monkey ball.
    Floor 17 - This is very similar to Beginner Floor 10.  Just 
    go up and down the thin straight sections.  When you get to
    the third-to-last main platform (it's very near the goal; 
    and the last platform is the one with the goal on it), there
    is the option of continuing along the normal path (which I
    usually do if I'm going for the extra stages) or jumping off
    the platform onto the one with the goal on it.  Jumping onto
    the goal platform takes a little practice to get the speed 
    just right, but it saves some time and effort if you can get
    it consistently.
    There is a good shortcut for Floor 17.  At the beginning, 
    roll to the left into the little groove on the edge. Turn a
    180 and jam the stick that way.  You can fall on the 
    platform in front of you and save some time.
    Floor 18 - In this one, the goals are moving away from you 
    on the "racetrack".  You can chase after them and catch the
    first one pretty easily.
    *Warps on Floor 18 - There are 2 warps on this floor.  The
    first one can be reached by simply not going through the
    first goal you catch.  Go around it and continue chasing the
    second goal (it is green).  Another way to get the Green 
    warp and the only way to get the Red warp is to go to the 
    right at the beginning of the floor.  Fall off the right 
    edge of the beginning onto the track that is below.  Look 
    backwards on the track so that you can see the goals coming
    toward you.  Wait on near the right (looking backwards) side
    of the track for the Red warp or near the left side for the
    Green warp.  The Green warp takes you to Floor 20, and the 
    Red warp takes you to Floor 25.
    Floor 19 - Kind of like Beginner Floor 9.  Just roll forward
    at the beginning and ramp onto the platform at the bottom of
    the slope.  Then roll to the right and get on the moving 
    platform which takes you to another stationary platform.
    Follow this path and roll down the next slope, making sure
    to avoid the bumpers and hit the ramp at the bottom.  Land 
    on the goal platform and cross the goal.
    Floor 20 - This is a bonus stage that has a lot of bumpers
    in it.  The best way to get the bananas is to go at 
    diagonals through the bumpers.  
    Floor 21 - On this one, you have to follow the direction of
    the moving bumpers, staying in between two bumpers.  When
    you reach the intersection, you will have to turn right. 
    It's up to you whether you choose to go in front of the 
    extra bumper or behind it.  I usually stay close to the
    bumper I was following and go in front of the extra bumper.
    When you reach the next intersection, turn left and stay in
    between 2 bumpers until you reach the goal.
    Floor 22 - This one is not too bad.  Just go to the right at
    the beginning and around the bowl shaped course.  Push up 
    the hill on the other side of the hole and into the goal.
    Floor 23 - Go for the banana slightly to the left of the 
    beginning.  Continue that direction avoiding the holes and
    go along the left edge of the track.  Continue around to the
    right and then left and down.  Go in between the big holes 
    and then back up the hill.  Turn right and follow the course
    to the banana and then to the goal.
    Floor 24 - Just push forward all the time on this one.  When
    the platform tries to tip you off one way, just compensate
    by pulling the stick the other way while keeping your 
    forward motion.  Pretty easy.
    Floor 25 - You shouldn't really have any problems with this
    floor.  Just navigate the course avoiding holes and bumpers.
    You will have to build a little speed to climb the series of
    hills, and be careful to slow down for the turn after the 
    hills.  Once you get in the U shaped hills, the course will
    just guide you into the goal.
    *Warp on Floor 25 - To get this warp, you have to go to the
    left or right side of the track before you jump to the goal
    platform.  Don't go in the regular goal; instead, go on the 
    path that sticks out on the side of the goal platform.  
    Follow this path, and you will come to a series of thin 
    paths that gradually increase in width.  Go across one of
    these paths (whichever one you feel comfortable with and 
    have time for) and turn to the left to face the warp.  Go
    across the little bumps and warp to level 28.
    Easy way to get the Warp - At the beginning, just roll left
    around the bumpers and then right at the hole in the floor
    toward the warp goal.  If you hit it right, you will bounce
    over into the goal.
    Floor 26 - This is a pretty fun floor.  Just roll to the end
    of the beginning straightaway.  The turn left and roll to 
    the end of the that section.  Turn a 180 and head full speed
    for the other end.  You will fall and begin spiralling 
    around the track.  Just stay on the track until you get near
    the goal.  Then, you should try to stay near the upper side
    of the track because you will roll down toward the goal.
    Floor 27 - For this you have to hold foward all the time. 
    Just go to the left or right when the ramp splits and then
    back to the center before you fall to the goal platform.  If
    you mess up, you can go back to the beginning and try again.
    But you will only get 2 or maybe 3 tries.
    Floor 28 - This one requires patience.  Just go slowly along
    the path, waiting for the spikes to move to the side so that
    you can continue.  It's pretty easy if you stay calm and 
    don't let a spike hit you.
    Floor 29 - Wait for the tilting platforms to get almost 
    level, and then run along them with good speed toward the 
    exit.  You can make it in one run, or you can try to stay on
    the platforms as they tilt and go again when they level out.
    It's easiest for me to start so that I'll be rolling down
    and to the right when I get on the first platform.
    Floor 30 - This one is easier than it looks.  Just turn to 
    the right about 10-15 degrees at the beginning.  When the
    first 3 platforms line up, jam forward on the control stick.
    Go to the right side of the bumper on the fourth platform, 
    and you may have to bump across a hole.  If you just use 
    full speed when you start moving along the path, you can 
    usually steer into the goal pretty easily.  You can also try
    this level with a slow and careful approach.  But it saves
    alot of time and effort if you can master the quick way.
    Extra 1 - Just like the Beginning Extra 1.  I think it may
    be a little faster, though.
    Extra 2 - Just like the Beginnning Extra 2.  The flaps on
    the outside of the goal are bigger, but you can still just
    wait for it to slow down and cross the goal easily.
    Extra 3 - Lots of spiralling track with pressing time 
    issues.  The best way is to jam forward at the beginning and
    jump across the first couple of sections of track.  Then,
    head right and turn right.  Go this way a little bit and 
    turn a 180.  Then, jam the control stick forward again so 
    that you can jump across the small gap and continue along
    the path.  Using this method cuts out about 1/3 of the 
    course, and it's the only way I could beat it in time.  Just
    follow the rest of the track to the goal.  You should have
    enough time if you use the jumps I talked about above.
    Extra 4 - This is the same as Beginning Extra 3.
    Extra 5 - This is very similar to the advanced Floor 30. 
    You can even use the same method on the first section of the
    floor.  Turn to the right about 10-15 degrees and jam the 
    stick forward at the appropriate time.  The trick is that on
    this floor you have to slow it down and stop on one of the
    moving platforms past the bumper platform.  The rest of 
    these platforms are pretty slow moving and big.  So, it 
    should be no trouble to get out to the big ring that is 
    close to the ring with the goal on it.  The only problem is
    the huge gap that holds the huge flipping ring.  The way to 
    cross this is to go to the hinge of the ring.  It's not too
    hard to cross it when the ring is almost level.  Then, just
    go along the outside ring until you reach the goal.
    5. Expert Level
    Floor 1 - Like every Floor 1, just push forward.
    Floor 2 - This is just about going across thin sections of
    track.  Go straight at the beginning.  Go along the left
    flat and level path to reach the goal.
    *Warp on Floor 2 - This is more trouble than it's worth. To
    reach it, go on the right path when the course splits.  It's
    very tough to get up that hill without falling off.  But, if
    you manage to make it up there, you get to warp to Floor 5.
    Floor 3 - Go for the Blue goal.  Go to the right at the 
    beginning and wait in about the middle near the edge.  When
    the side with the blue goal gets at about 10 degrees away 
    from being level, go for it.  It shouldn't be too hard with 
    a little practice.
    *Warp on Floor 3 - This is WAY more trouble than it's worth.
    You have to basically go full speed at the beginning.  Go to
    the right side of the hole and hope you can get in the green
    warp.  It only takes you to Floor 5.
    Floor 4 - Follow the path at the beginning with good speed,
    and when you get over the hills, wait for the moving 
    platforms to touch the land where you are.  It usually helps
    me to wait for them to go out and back once so that I can go
    immediately from the second platform onto the third moving 
    platform.  Once you get off the third moving platform, roll
    at good speed over the bumps and turn right.  Go up the hill
    with good speed and slow down when you fall below.  Go 
    carefully around the bumpers (I hate those bumpers) and 
    slowly along the narrow curved path.  The lens flare can be
    quite annoying when you're trying to navigate this section.
    Line up the next straight section with the camera directly 
    behind you and floor it forward.  You have to have good 
    speed to top the hill and reach the goal.  Make minor 
    adjustments to your balance if you have to.
    Floor 5 - Same as Advanced Floor 5.
    Floor 6 - This floor is difficult to explain, but it's not
    really that hard of a floor to defeat.  Go right at the
    beginning to the end of the platform you begin on.  When the
    middle squares have fully expanded, go onto the one that has
    a corner touching the corner of the platform.  Sit on this 
    one until it forms up with its partners.  Go around to the 
    the opposite corner of this little square with the hole in 
    it.  When it connects with the other squares, go on the
    square that has only a corner touching the corner you are 
    on.  Go around this square quickly to the opposite corner 
    and wait until it expands to touch the platform with the 
    goal on it.  Then just head for the goal.  This has been the
    easiest and quickest way for me to beat the floor.
    Floor 7 - This is the bane of many monkey ballers existence.
    The level is just plain hard, but I will tell you how I got
    through it.  At the beginning, just jam it forward, being 
    careful not to go too far and fall off the platform at the
    top of the hill.  Then, go to the edge of the platform 
    farthest from the little hill with the banana at its peak.
    Line it up based on the checkerboard pattern on the ground
    and VERY slowly move a little toward the small hill.  When
    the camera gets behind you looking directly at the hill, jam
    the control stick forward.  If you make it to the top of the
    little hill, pull back on the control stick when you go over
    it to slow down so that you don't go off the other side of 
    the next platform.  Turn to the right and go down the stairs
    in the straight line fashion.  Then, you have 2 options.
    1. Go to the right side of the platform at the bottom of the
    stairs, and turn to face the holes.  Jam the control stick 
    forward, sticking to the left or right side of the + shaped
    holes.  You can bounce across these holes with good speed;
    but be careful not to go off the other side.  I usually do
    this so that I will have enough time to do the thin curvey 
    2. You can try to go at angles slowly across the hole-filled 
    section, but I find that this eats up too much of your time.
    After that, it's just a matter of slowly and carefully 
    navigating the thin curvey section.  I find it easier to
    do these thin curvey sections if I look at the monkey's 
    feet to know how well I'm on track.  This floor is going to
    cause you problems when you first reach it no matter how 
    good you are.  You just have to practice alot.
    Floor 8 - This one will press you for time.  The best way I
    found to beat it was to go down the first hill and turn 
    right on the far edge of the platform at the bottom.  Go 
    along this edge with decent speed (which must be determined
    by practice) and fall onto the platform below.  You will 
    bounce once.  Hold back on the stick a little to keep from
    going to fast.  Turn right around the hole and go down the
    thin straight slope.  Turn left and go around the hole on
    this platform.  Then, jam the stick forward and roll down 
    the last hill into the goal.
    Floor 9 - This is just a long thin section of track.  I 
    always take the track on the right marked 0.5 because it is
    the widest and easiest.  It's just a matter of practice on 
    this one.  No tricks that I can find.
    Floor 10 - Same as Advanced Floor 10.
    Floor 11 - Roll at almost full speed straight down the slope
    until you reach the set of three bumpers.  Then hold back to
    control your speed and go through the bumpers.  Continue 
    going at slowed speeds through each set of bumpers until you
    reach the goal at the bottom.  If you hit a bumper, you will
    almost certainly die.
    Floor 12 - This is a bunch of gears.  I find it best to 
    cross from one gear to the next on a thin section going to a
    thick tooth of the next gear.  This one is not very hard.
    Floor 13 - This is a slightly harder version of Advanced
    Floor 23. On this one, go for the banana that is slightly 
    to the left of the start.  Continue along this path dodging
    the holes and end on the corner on the left edge that is 
    farthest from the crack you have to jump.  Then face the 
    jump straight on and go full speed ahead.  Continue at full
    speed until you jump the second hole.  Then follow the track
    around, down, between the big holes, and up again.  Then, 
    turn to face the long track extending toward the banana.  Go
    down this path with full speed.  When you bump the edge to
    cross the gap, kick your stick to the right and back 
    slightly to land.  Then go along the track a little more, 
    cross the diagonal and into the goal.  This floor takes a 
    good bit of practice.
    Floor 14 - I hate this level because I hate bumpers.  You
    just have to go slowly and avoid the bumpers at all costs. 
    Be careful not to over-react if you begin to teeter on the
    Floor 15 - This one is about timing.  I like to stop where
    the platform becomes a little thinner.  Then I wait for the
    goal to cross in front of me going to the right.  Just a 
    moment later, I jam the stick forward and hope that I timed
    it right.  This one just takes practice.
    Floor 16 - I can only find one way to beat this level, and 
    it's absolutely nuts.  Just go balls-out for the bunch of 
    bananas in the middle of the big checkerboard.  Then bounce
    to the right and straight into the goal.  With a little 
    practice, I'm up to about 80% success on this level.  It's
    over in about 3-4 seconds.
    Actually, I've figured out how to beat it the regular way, 
    but I still use my "nuts" strategy.  The regular way is to 
    go left at the beginning to the end of the platform and roll
    to the right onto the big checkerboard.  Roll slowly by 
    holding uphill with your stick.  It's really hard to control
    your monkey on this steep slope, but you can do it.  I 
    suggest trying my original strategy.
    Floor 17 - This is not particular fun.  You have to go 
    against the moving track in between the bumpers and then 
    back into the safe sections.  It's possible to go across 2
    sections in one go, but I wouldn't try for 3.  Just keep 
    doing that and you will eventually reach the goal.  Be 
    warned that it's slightly hard to get onto the section with
    the goal on it because it has a little lip that keeps you 
    from rolling onto it easily.
    Floor 18 - Immediately roll along the twisting platform on 
    the right side.  When it begins getting really steep, use
    all your effort to stay on the platform.  Then, continue on
    the left side and do the same thing when it becomes too 
    steep.  Then, you're on the right side again.  Keep doing 
    this until you reach the goal.  Don't go too slow or you 
    will run out of time.
    Floor 19 - This one can actually be harder than it looks.
    When going down the small slopes, be careful to slow down 
    and not fall off the other side of the flat places.  When
    going up, you have to start on the far side of the flat 
    places and build speed to get up the small hills.  It can be
    pretty tough, but with a little practice, it's not too bad.
    Floor 20 - Same as Advanced Floor 20.
    Floor 21 - This takes alot of practice.  Go straight at the
    beginning, but you also have to go slightly to the left side
    of the straight narrow piece.  Continue pushing forward 
    throughout the course.  When the big swinging bars begin
    swinging to the right, you will have to move slightly to the
    right side of the narrow piece.  Keep moving slightly left
    or right as you go at full speed forward along the narrow 
    piece of track.  You should only have to move a couple of 
    times if you go at good speed, but it's still VERY hard.  It
    should be over in about 5 seconds.
    Floor 22 - SEGA.  
    Original Strategy - This one is pretty tough. Follow the path
    until you reach the slope.  Then fall down the slope and 
    land on the bottom of the "S".  It takes some practice, but
    I've about mastered landing this every time.  If you push
    forward down the slope VERY slightly, and then kick the
    stick back when you bump the "S", then you will probably
    manage to stay on it.  Roll along the "S", and then go
    full-speed for the banana on the "E".  You will bounce 
    slightly to the left and continue at full speed along the
    top of the "E".  Try to hit as far to the right side of the
    top of the "E" as you can and you might make it to the "G" 
    (this is the hardest part of the floor).  Go now along the
    bottom of the "G" and you will come to the crack in the "A".
    Hit this crack with good speed and go slightly left to avoid
    the hole in the "A".  Then, the goal is right there for the
    New "Controlled" Strategy - Go along the path until you near
    the slope. Start at the left side of the slope and go at an
    angle toward the little ramp at the bottom and toward the 
    outer curve of the "S".  It helps me to kind of line it up 
    and then go.  You have to hold right some and roll onto the
    outer, lower curve of the "S".  Control yourself and go along
    this curve a little ways.  Go full-speed for the banana 
    between the "S" and "E" and continue holding foward.  You 
    should be able to bounce into the inner section of the "E".
    Contine holding forward and hit slightly left as you approach
    the "G".  You should bounce over into the top part of the 
    "G".  Roll around the bottom of the "G" and then around the 
    top of the "A" and back to the bottom of the "A".  Roll 
    toward the bunch of bananas and pull back on the stick to 
    control your bounce.  Then the goal is just to your right at
    the top section of the "A".
    Floor 23 - This should not even be in the Expert level.  
    It's so much easier than all the rest.  Just go slowly from
    one platform to the next.  It helps if you wait until the
    platforms are sharing a large section of their edges.
    Floor 24 - You need to keep up pretty decent speeds on this
    in order to beat the timer.  Speed up between turns and slow
    down as you approach them.  Otherwise, it's pretty easy.
    Shortcut on Floor 24 - After you grab the 5th banana on the
    floor, turn to the right and fall onto the track below which
    is part of the track going up.  This shaves about 10-15 
    seconds off your time.
    Floor 25 - Go forward at the beginning and continute holding
    it to get over the hill.  Don't hold it all the time, 
    though.  Once you top a hill and begin down the next "U", 
    let off the forward button so that you don't hit the 
    opposite side of the "U" and begin rolling backwards.  This
    one is pretty easy with a little practice.
    Floor 26 - On this one, just follow the arrows.  On each 
    fall, you have to control your bouncing so that you don't
    fall off.  Usually, this just means pulling back a little 
    Floor 27 - I like to take this one nice and slow.  Just go
    for the left side at the beginning and go across the 
    diagonals slowly and carefully.  Once you're onto the main
    platform, just roll off onto the goal platform and that's 
    Floor 28 - This one is pretty tough.  I have 2 ways of 
    attacking this floor depending on what I'm trying to 
    The first and safest way is to go to the end of the first 
    long straightaway and turn left.  Get as close to the edge
    as you can and get a full-speed attack to fall on the spiral
    track below.  Then just use the same strategy as on Advanced
    Floor 26.
    The second way and dangerous (but alot more fun) is to hold
    forward before the timer starts and continue holding forward
    until the timer changes from 57:00 to 56:99.  Depending on
    your reaction time, it may be a little different.  At this
    point, jam the control stick to the left and stay in forward
    motion.  You will roll of the side of the platform and land
    perfectly in the goal. NO bouncing if you do it right.  It's
    not too hard with a little practice but not as safe as the
    first (normal) way.
    Floor 29 - This is like Advanced floor 16 except that the
    conveyer belts are moving apart instead of touching each 
    other all the time.  This can be pretty tough, but just get
    ready to cross from one conveyer belt to the next when you
    see them start to move toward each other.
    Floor 30 - This is a bonus stage.  Not too hard to get all
    the bananas; just keep moving and look for them.  Maybe you
    can figure out a good pattern to get them all quickly.
    Floor 31 - This one can actually be pretty tough.  As you
    probably guessed, just back up to the edge of the platform
    and go full-speed toward another platform.  Sometimes you 
    make the gap; others, you fall.  Do the same thing once more
    to reach the goal.
    Floor 32 - Just follow the path. It gets pretty skinny near
    the end; so, go fast while you can and slow when you get 
    nearer to the goal.
    Floor 33 - Like Advanced Floor 22 except it has pegs 
    sticking out of the ground to stop you.  Use the same 
    strategy and try your best to avoid the pegs.  With a little
    luck, it's not too hard.
    Floor 34 - This is not too hard if you go at the right time.
    When the first big roller is headed to the right (just at 
    the beginning), begin going across it at a pretty good 
    speed.  Go onto the next roller and then the third one which
    should now be almost stationary or moving to the left 
    slightly.  Then, just go for the goal.
    Floor 35 - On this one, just go slow and if you start to 
    roll too much to one way or the other, compensate 
    accordingly.  You just HAVE to go slow.  Not hard at all.
    Floor 36 - This is like Advanced Floor 21 except alot 
    harder.  It is faster and the floor is distractingly shiny.
    Use the same strategy as Adv. Floor 21 but with higher speed
    and more practice.
    Floor 37 - On this one head straight forward and stop. Begin
    rolling forward again just as the piece is about to pop you
    up in the air.  Do this a couple of times and you're at the
    There is also a "nuts" approach to this floor.  Just hold 
    forward at the beginning, and your monkey will go slighlty
    left (who knows why).  Just keep holding forward until you 
    bounce off one of the barriers to the left.  Then, hold left
    some to adjust going into the goal.  Pretty easy once you get
    Floor 38 - This one is easy.  Just move along the rotating
    platforms until they touch each other and then move to the
    next one.  Not hard at all.
    Floor 39 - This is pretty easy. Just stay near the bottom of
    the large curved pieces and cross to the next one when they 
    touch.  It may take a little practice to master it.
    Floor 40 - This is a bonus stage.  It's also the hardest 
    bonus floor to get all the bananas.  I've yet to do it 
    perfectly.  I think it may involve going side to side once
    you catch a row of the bananas.
    Floor 41 - This is like Advanced Floor 12, but it is alot
    harder because the bowl has a hole in the bottom.  Use the
    same strategy as Adv. Floor 12, but be really careful not
    to fall in the center hole.
    Floor 42 - This one is just a test of patience and a steady
    hand.  Go slowly at diagonals until you reach the goal.  No
    advice can be given really other than to take it easy and 
    make small corrections.  
    *Warps on Floor 42 - I recommend going after these since 
    they're not much harder to get than the regular goal.  It's
    just a matter of navigating a few more diagonals.  You can 
    reach the Green warp to go to Floor 44.  The Red warp takes
    you to Floor 45.
    Floor 43 - This floor is really hard.  I recommend skipping
    it with the warp from Floor 42.  Go to near the edge where 
    the rotating platforms are.  Wait until the one that touches
    the other side passes your side going down and jam the stick
    forward to fall onto the platform just after it passes.  Be
    careful not to overshoot it and fall off.  When it goes back
    to the other side, roll onto that stationary platform.  Wait
    there until the next moving platform touches the platform 
    you're on.  Go onto it.  When it reaches it peak, roll off 
    the side facing the goal to fall on the other platform (very
    hard to do).  When the other platform touches the goal 
    platform, go for it and it's over.  I REALLY suggest
    skipping this one.
    Floor 44 - There is no reason that this floor should provide
    and trouble.  Just stay on the lighter colored path and keep
    a decent speed up.  It's really easy.
    Floor 45 - This is VERY hard UNLESS you know the easy way to
    beat it.  It's not to hard to roll across the first little
    set of platforms.  Then just wait on the second one for the
    next set of platforms to get just beyond vertical.  Don't go
    too soon, but go as soon as you can.  Then, on this set of 
    platforms, hold the control stick about 45 degreess to the 
    left of forward (in the up-left diagonal direction).  This
    increases your speed on the platforms and makes it easy to 
    reach the goal in time.
    Floor 46 - This level is not too hard if you keep moving. 
    I usually go to the left to begin with and cross over to
    the next ring each time I get to one.  With the strategy, 
    you will automatically come to the goal with not alot of 
    *Warp on Floor 46 - This is more trouble than it's worth. 
    You have to continue on past the goal into a really steep 
    bowl that is hard to get out of to get the warp.  Not worth
    it because it only takes you to Floor 48.
    Floor 47 - I'm not sure what is up with this level.  It 
    looks easy enough at first glance, but it's really tough.
    I try to back up as far as I can and get a full-speed attack
    on the level.  It's not hard to make it over the first lip;
    but the second and third ones will stop you sometimes 
    depending on an unknown factor.  I seem to have to most luck
    when I hold forward before the time starts and continue 
    doing so until I get over the 2nd lip, at which point I 
    center the monkey by moving left and continuing the forward
    motion.  Also, if you don't make it, try to do a fast U-turn
    at the edge of each step (you don't have to go all the way
    back to the first step for each attempt).
    Floor 48 - This one is not really that bad.  Just go along
    the course.  The slanted curves actually help me out.  If 
    you have problems, just practice a little, and you'll have 
    Floor 49 - Just wait at the beginning for a couple of 
    seconds and turn to the right to head toward the goal.  Look
    out for the spinning bumpers; but it's really pretty easy.
    Floor 50 - This one is not that hard, and it's pretty fun
    too.  Just wait for the cube to unfold its way to the 
    starting platform and begin rolling along it as it folds and
    unfolds.  You have to keep a steady and fast pace.  And if
    you don't get the goal very soon after you get on it's 
    platform, you will die.
    Extra 1 - This is just like the other Extra 1's.  Only, it is
    considerably faster.  Still use the same strategy and it's
    no problem.
    Extra 2 - On this floor, a checkerboard pattern of square 
    alternates between being walkable and holes.  My best 
    strategy for this one so far is to go to the left to the 6th
    square (counting the one you start on as 1), taking your time
    and waiting for the next platform to start coming up to walk
    on it.  Then, go right past the constant hole slowly.  
    Continue in this direction; at some point, you need to go 
    left one more square. When you get to the square that is in
    a diagonal with the goal square, go across the diagonal to 
    the goal.  Not too hard if you know how to do it.
    Extra 3 - Just like Beginner Extra 2 and Advanced Extra 2.
    The flaps on the outside of the goal are bigger.  Wait 7 
    seconds or so and run for the goal as is slows.
    Extra 4 - This is not too hard.  At the beginning, just roll
    foward onto the platform with the banana on it and ride it 
    for a while.  Begin trying to get the camera turned so that
    you can see the goal platform moving toward you.  When it 
    nears, get ready to roll onto it.  It takes a little speed to
    get over the edge of the platform (not much).  The goal is 
    right there.
    Extra 5 - Go left around the big hole and slope.  Turn right
    and go along the small slope collecting the bananas.  Turn 
    right and go down this platform; do a 180 at the end.  Run at
    one of the goals as it appears and ramp into it with not alot
    of trouble.  Do NOT attempt to go down the big ramp to get a
    goal, it is alot of trouble.
    Extra 6 - This is a spiralling pipe.  Not too hard, but 
    beware the holes in it.  When the arrows on the wall begin to
    change, you should do so with the control stick (it's kind of
    a circular pattern).  Do this twice and then control your 
    bounce when you land on the goal platform.  It will take a 
    little practice to get through the pipe consistently without
    falling in the holes.
    Extra 7 - This is like one of those extension things you can
    use to grab stuff (kind of looks like scissors when they 
    operate). Wait at the beginning until the platform nears 
    the one you are on.  Go on the right side to begin.  When you
    reach the intersection in the middle, go right instead of 
    continuing forward (this way you will not have to climb over
    the little lip later).  Continue along this until the next 
    intersection in the middle.  Again, take the right path so 
    you won't have to climb over the little lip later.  When you
    get to the orange circle at the end of this, wait until the
    floor quits contracting and begins elongating (I find it hard
    to control when the floor is all scrunched up).  Go along the
    path and this time go straight at the intersection instead of
    right (it's not that hard to climb over the last lip b/c of 
    the way you attack it).  Turn right and go over the next 
    intersection and onto the last part of the moving piece which
    should now be near the goal platform.  Cross the goal.
    Extra 8 - This is like Beginner Extra 3 and Advanced Extra 4.
    Extra 9 - I can't even find a consistent strategy for beating
    this.  My best attempts are as follows.  Go onto the big 
    circles holding forward some and not going too fast until you
    get past the 4th circle.  Then, you should start bouncing and
    let off of the stick completely (start bouncing on the 5th
    circle).  About 40% of the time, you will go into the goal. 
    You can control it a little bit near the end by pushing 
    forward or back, but it's still pretty much luck for me 
    right now.
    Extra 10 - This is pretty easy.  Just follow the end of the 
    handle of the hammer until it has swung 6 times.  Then, turn
    left and the goal is right there.  Don't waste time going 
    into it or the hammer will knock it away as well.
    6. Master Level
    In order to get the Master floors, you have to beat the 
    Expert and Extra Expert floors without using a continue.  
    This changes your strategy on some of the floors because you
    actually want to go after bananas now.  Every 1up is a big
    help.  Here are the "strategies" I used on the Master floors.
    Though, if you got to the Master floors, I suspect you'll 
    develop your own strategies.
    Master 1 - One of the hardest Master floors I think.  Wait at
    the beginning for a bit, and then roll across 3 of the 
    platforms.  You will have to hold back to keep from rolling
    off the front of the platforms.  Then, when they begin to go
    back together, roll toward the next platform.  The problem is
    that you have to (as near as I can tell) go across 2 
    platforms every time you go.  If you don't, time will almost 
    surely run out before you reach the goal.
    Master 2 - One of the easiest Master floors.  Just roll onto
    the white section of the "fanning" staircase when it comes to
    you at the beginning.  When the staircase unfolds, roll down
    to the next white section.  Be careful not to go beyond it or
    your dead for sure.  Then ride it around a bit, making 
    adjustments to stay on until the staircase for it unfolds. 
    Go down to the next white section, and the same thing 
    happens.  Do it a couple of times, and your at the goal.  Not
    hard at all as far as Masters are concerned.
    Master 3 - WOW!!!  Sega must be truly evil to develop such a
    floor.  I think this is probably the hardest thing I've ever
    played in a videogame in my whole 20 years on this planet.  I
    think it took me honestly 3 hours or so to beat this the 
    first time.  
    The first part is similar to Expert Floor 7 with
    its little ^ shaped mountain to climb.  Only in this floor, 
    the mountain is about 3 times as high and about the thickness
    of a 0.2 or 0.3 track.  The way to conquer this mountain is
    to line it up at the far edge from the mountain.  It's right
    on the crack between the 4th and 5th tiles from the left edge
    of the floor when you start.  Run at it with good speed and, 
    with alot of practice, you can get to the top without faling
    off the edge.  When you top the peak, let your ball roll down
    the other side a little bit, and then begin holding back to
    slow the ball as it approachs the post. If you hit the post,
    you will likely fall off.  With alot of practice (3 hours), I
    beat the hill section about 75% of the time.
    The second part is the hardest in my opinion. This is my 
    strategy that I used to get across about 3 times in the 3 
    hours I played it.  I think this is a decent strategy; it's 
    just hard.  Roll on the first moving platform (they are 
    separating platforms that make diagonals when they come 
    together).  Immediately continue across the diagonal to 
    the left in front of you when the platforms touch.  On this
    same second when the platforms are touching, roll to the
    right onto the platform that is 2 squares big.  Wait here 
    until the platforms reform again; then, roll across to more
    diagonals in the same fashion as before to land on the next
    2 square platform.  Wait here again until the platforms 
    group up again.  Then go straight across 2 diagonals and land
    on the 1 square platform.  Wait here (alot harder than it 
    sounds) until the platforms group up again.  Then, 2 more 
    diagonals to get back to another 1 square platform.  Wait 
    again (you'll se how hard it is to wait without falling).  
    Then, 2 more diagonals and your back on a big square.  When
    it reaches the mainland, you're safe.
    Now the final part of this floor is a spiral down into the
    goal.  This is the easiest part, but it may take a couple of
    tries to get it right.  It helps to push forward and keep
    your speed up so that you don't fall down when the spiral 
    gets really steep.  Also, try to stay in the middle (though
    the spiral is small itself) because you can get to the bottom
    and hit the edge of the goal like I did the first time.  
    Otherwise, this is a relatively easy section.
    Master 4 - Wow, that Master 3 strategy was long.  Master 4 is
    alot easier.  Roll forward at the beginning and slightly 
    left.  Wait here until the track rolls up.  When it starts
    unrolling again, go immediately along it and quickly onto
    the platform on the left.  Wait on the outer edge of this 
    platform (away from the red track).  I find it useful to use
    your map on thie floor because you need to anticipate the
    time that the track will unroll past you.  When you see it 
    coming, get ready and go fast along it just after it passes
    you.  Then, you'll come to another platform on the right.
    You repeat this process a few times, and you'll be at the 
    Master 5 - This can actually be on of the easier Master 
    floors if you use the right strategy.  At the beginning, go
    left, following the "ole" part of the "Dole" logo.  As it
    splits, go right through its middle and toward the edge.  
    If you manage to get outside the sweep of the squares as they
    reclose, go to the corner you are near.  Then, go along this
    edge toward where you started so that you are about 2 tiles
    (one square the size of a monkey ball) away from the corner.
    If you did it right and wait right there, the "Dole" logo
    should split up and go right near you (but not hit you).  
    Wait until it closes up again and turn toward the goal.  This
    part is similar to going through the beginning part of the 
    floor.  Just go after the square and through its middle as it
    splits.  You should come right into the goal.  This strategy
    takes a little practice to master, but it works well.
    Master 6 - This is my favorite Master floor because I just
    like geometry.  This is a dodecahedron.  Just follow the red
    paths marked on it; it will always turn that way.  It can be
    hard to see where the marks are sometimes, but with a little
    practice, this floor shouldn't cause you too many problems.
    Master 7 - At the beginning, roll toward the edge that has
    the sloped piece on it.  As the floor begins to rotate, you
    should roll up onto the sloped piece and then onto the 
    adjacent piece.  Hit the brakes (pull back) and wait near the
    next edge for the next rotation.  When it rotates, you should
    roll over the corner and hit the brakes again.  Then, go
    down to the other end of the now "L" shaped floor.  Turn 
    around and try to roll quickly into the section below where 
    the goal is.  Then, when the floor rotates again, just enter
    the goal.
    Master 8 - The idea on this one is to wait where the spinning
    blocks are not going to hit you.  It's easy at first.  Just
    stay off of the circular lines, and you'll be fine.  As you
    near the goal though, the paths of the blocks are no longer
    marked on the floor.  So, you can try to eyeball where to 
    stop.  Or, you can just go balls-out for the goal and hope
    you hit it.  I prefer the second method b/c I've got infinite
    continues anyway.  
    Master 9 - This can be alot harder than it looks.  Just
    follow the path, going as fast as you can safely go at the
    beginning sections.  When you near the end, you will have to
    go slow.  Making turns on the really thin track is the 
    hardest part for me because your ball is so much bigger than
    the track.  Time can be an issue here to, which is why I 
    suggest going faster at the beginning.
    Master 10 - Probably the easiest Master floor.  It's a big
    floor of Aiai, and the goal is on top of his head.  Don't go
    forward right at the beginning, or you will get stuck trying
    to get from his leg onto his body.  Just go forward slowly to
    begin with and then speed up to get on his body.  This may
    take a little work, but it's not hard.  Then roll across his
    body and onto his head.  The only challenge of the floor is
    his rotating head.  It will probably take you a couple of 
    attempts to hit the goal.
    7. Secrets/Tips
    Extra Floors - To get the extra Floors for Beginner and 
    Advanced Levels, you have to get through all the floors (you
    can warp) without dying even once.  To get the Extra Expert 
    Floors, you only have to get through all the 
    floors without using a continue.
    Infinite Continues - If you get enough play points, you will
    begin getting extra continues.  Once you get 9 continues and
    2500 play points, you will be granted infinite continues.
    Master Mode - If you beat the Extra Expert Floors without 
    using a continue, then you get to play the 10 Master floors.  
    They are insanely hard (especially Master 3).  Anyone who can
    even get these floors to open should receive greatest respect
    from other gamers. 
    Which Monkey to use and Why?
    I don't think that there is any difference among the monkeys
    in the main game.  However, I suggest using Baby for the 
    sole reason of him being small.  When I'm navigating a thin
    section of track, it is easier if I can look at Baby to see 
    how well I'm on the track.  I used to used Aiai and look at
    his feet, but when he begins loosing his balance, it's hard
    to tell how well you're on track.  With Baby, it doesn't
    matter how much she moves because she's so small that you 
    can always tell how well she's on track.
    8. Hosting Information
    My FAQ/Walkthrough can be use/hosted by:
    9. Credits
    All of these strategies are ones I've actually used.  This 
    is actually how I've beaten each level and gotten each warp. 
    Thanks to Bill Young for the shortcut on Advanced Floor 17 
    and Advanced Floor 25.  
    Thanks to Jason Wishnov for suggesting the strategy for
    Expert Floor 45 as well as the "nuts" approach for Expert
    Floor 37.
    Thanks to Jon Jimenez for the shortcut on Expert Floor 24
    (I found it in Jason Wisnov's FAQ).
    The rest I've discovered on my own.
    Good luck and good mental health to all us Monkey Ballers!

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