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    Master Mode Walkthrough by MEngland

    Version: 3.5 | Updated: 03/05/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    * Super Monkey Ball for the Nintendo GameCube
    * Master Mode Walkthrough Version 3.5
    * By Matthew England (wowbaggers@aol.com)
    * Last updated: March 5, 2002  (FINAL UPDATE)
    * Revisions:  3/3/02 - Added advice section.  Made clarifications on
                           Master 3 strategy.
                  3/4/02 - Added High Scores and Master Extra Progress sections.
                  3/5/02 - Removed "High Scores and Master Extra Progress"
                           section.  Edited intro and Expert Extra 9 walkthrough.
                           I also fixed some spelling errors and made
                           clarifications on a few Master levels.  This is the
                           final version.  Hope this FAQ helped!
    * Table of Contents
      I.  Introduction
     II.  Master Mode Walkthrough
    III.  Expert Extra 9 Walkthrough
     IV.  Advice
    I N T R O D U C T I O N:  
    This FAQ is meant for those having trouble clearing a Master Mode Stage, or 
    the perfectionists who have already cleared them all but need foolproof 
    methods to pass them all consistently.  If you need help with different 
    difficulty levels there are plenty of other FAQ's to check out.  If you have 
    any questions or comments about my strategies, feel free to e-mail me.  
    NOTE:  If you read/use this FAQ, please contact me.  Criticisms, praise,      
             anything's welcome.  If I don't hear anything by Wednesday, March 
    13,               I'm taking it down.  After all, an unused FAQ is like a 
    flower that                      never blossoms...or something, heh.
    M A S T E R   M O D E   W A L K T H R O U G H S :
    I've rated each stage on a scale of 1-4 monkeys, (1 being the easiest) 
    compared to the other Master Stages.  It took me several hours to perfect all 
    of these floors, and lots and lots of Practice Mode.  ;)  So if you still 
    have trouble after reading this, it just means you need to practice more.  So 
    without further ado, here they are.
    Master I:
    Rating - @(^_^)@
    First of all, don't move from your landing spot.  You will need to wait for 
    the first platform to leave, and arrive again.  When it looks like it's just 
    about to connect again, floor it.  While you're running, look at the cracks.  
    If they're getting further and further apart and are moving away from you, 
    you need to go a lot faster, or you're a goner.  But if the ledges are moving 
    further apart but are still moving towards you, just let up on the gas and 
    let yourself roll until the gap is almost closed again.  Then accelerate 
    again, and you will most likely make it to the goal without making any more 
    Master II:
    Rating - @(^_^)@
    You will notice a gate running the length of the top circular platform, and 
    there is a gap immediately to the left of you.  Hold forward somewhat gently 
    until it comes around and you go through.  Once you get to the first 
    wedge-shaped platform, wait there until the rainbow staircase starts to 
    unfold.  Watch the map to be sure when this happens, then walk down it until 
    you reach the next wedge.  Don't go too fast or you will bounce out of 
    control.  Go too slow and you won't make it in time.  When the staircases 
    retract, your wedge will move forward.  Stay near the upper part (the 
    direction where the staircase was) of it to avoid falling off.  Continue on 
    to another two wedges, until you reach the goal.
    Master III:
    Rating - @(^_^)@ @(^_^)@
    When you first land, you will see a triangular ramp leading to an L-shaped 
    platform.  This triangle should look familiar, it's similar to the second 
    ramp from level 7.  This one however, is higher, longer, and thinner, making 
    it about 5 times harder.  Slowly move behind you until you are on the edge of 
    your starting platform, and line yourself up the best you can with the ramp.  
    You have plenty of time, don't go for it until you're ready.  Keeping 
    straight, jam forwards and make tiny little adjustments to the left or right 
    if need be until you're up and over.  Then brake on the way down to avoid 
    hitting the post in front of you.  Continue on this platform until your feet 
    reach the very bottom of the uppermost-righthand square.  Your feet must be 
    aligned with the center of the square.  It needs to look like the bottom of 
    your ball is balancing on a ledge, if you will.  You also need to completely 
    stopped.  0 mph.  Also, you need to be facing in the general direction of the 
    temple in the background.  Don't take too much time aligning your ball, 
    either, or your monkey's momentum will shift the ball out of position.  When 
    all this is done.  Hit the gas straight off, and don't let go.  You are 
    aiming for the left hand side of the goal (the lower part).  If you did 
    everything right, you will smash right through that ribbon.  This takes 
    practice, but you'll get the hang of it.
    Note:  You can also take the path of the moving platforms and corkscrew,
           but I don't recommend it unless you like to test your luck.  ;)
    Master IV:
    Rating - @(^_^)@ @(^_^)@
    Roll down that first ramp, and stay far to the left.  When you see the carpet 
    finish rolling towards you, begin slowly moving forward and floor it when it 
    begins to unroll again.  When you come to the first platform, hop on and stay 
    far to the left.  (Otherwise the carpet's attached bar will send you sailing 
    into oblivion).  Wait until you see red on the screen, and floor it again 
    towards the next platform.  This time stay far to the right.  Repeat this 
    until there are no platforms left, and then run onto the carpet and through 
    the goal.
    Master V:
    Rating - @(^_^)@ @(^_^)@
    Slowly start walking to the corner in front of you, and the second the Dole 
    square to your left begins to move, you break a hard left and start running 
    towards the edge (the one that was to your left when you began).  If you did 
    this right, you will run in between the blocks and when the square re-forms 
    it will narrowly miss you.  Next, position yourself so you are facing the 
    corner of the inside square hole. Run towards it until you are 3 diagonal 
    squares away from the corner.  The next dole block should form around you.  
    Run towards the goal.  You will probably need to break for a split second to 
    avoid touching the block in front of you before it re-forms.
    Master VI:
    Rating - @(^_^)@
    Whenever the figure begins to rotate, make sure that you are on top of the 
    red slab, and pressed up against its connecting wall.  When it rotates, you 
    should seamlessly transfer from the red slap to the new floor.  Repeat this 
    eleven times, then slam through that goal.  It's best to go slow on this 
    level to avoid falling through the gaps.  Don't go too slow though or you 
    might not make it to the red boxes in time, causing you to bounce out of 
    Master VII:
    Rating - @(^_^)@ @(^_^)@ @(^_^)@
    Don't move from your landing spot, until the button in front of you is 
    completely depressed.  You must move the instant it's pushed down.  Now move 
    to the right corner of the square, gently hoist yourself on top of the blue 
    face, and make a hard left (and slightly forward) and brake.  Next, wait in 
    the center of the first full square from the front of the green face.  Wait 
    for just a moment while it rotates, then ever so slowly hold forwards, and 
    brake the second you are on top of the face.  Next, go to the inside corner 
    of the L, slightly on the right hand side of it.  When the figure rotates, 
    you can go up and then jam to the left.  A blue wall protects you from 
    falling off.  Go through the goal.  You will need to practice to get a feel 
    for the right speed.
    Master VIII:
    Rating - @(^_^)@ @(^_^)@
    Hold forwards even before you land, and jump off the right edge of the 
    starting platform and head straight for the right-hand edge of the floor 
    without stopping.  A set of green and red pegs will come from the left, 
    interlock to your right, and leave again.  You must stay far enough left to 
    avoid the interlocking action.  However, going too far to the left spells 
    catastrophe.  You're goal is to end up 3 or 4 squares from the edge, so you 
    will have to start braking just after the edge of the last red circle.  It's 
    important that you go right a little bit once you get there too, or else a 
    purple peg will knock you off.  Now without changing position, face towards 
    the goal which is to your left.  Okay, you see those blue and green pegs 
    occasionally interlocking to your left?  Well, when they line up perfectly, 
    that's your chance to head straight for the goal.  Don't slow down and don't 
    stray too far left or that's the end of you.  This level requires practice in 
    order to get a feel how to get the above-mentioned pathway down pat.
    Master IX:
    Rating - @(^_^)@ @(^_^)@ @(^_^)@ @(^_^)@
    Go reasonably fast for the first 11 platforms, turning/braking at those 
    brownish squares at the end.  For the rest of the level, watch your monkey's 
    feet.  Try to make them stay in the center as best you can.  Slow down as you 
    near each corner, completely stopping when you get there.  It's also best to 
    turn towards the next platform, in case you still have some momentum.  On the 
    last one, just make sure you're on at least a little bit, and run onto the 
    goal platform.  Careful not to fall off.  This floor involves more luck than 
    any of the others, but it still doesn't hurt to practice often.
    Master X:
    Rating - @(^_^)@ @(^_^)@
    Wait until the goal swings most of the way left, and then jump onto Aiai's 
    leg.  Keep on running until you get to the pink of his face.  Wait inbetween 
    his eyes until the goal starts to slow down.  Then, run into the goal.  It is 
    a good idea to edge a bit to the left or right too, depending on where the 
    goal is heading.
    Expert Extra 9 Strategy:
    I've been hearing that alot of people have problems with this level, so I 
    went ahead and discovered a foolproof method to beat it.  Here it is.
    (The above was written before I realized that 4,389,821 people knew about 
    this  before me, sorry about taking credit, everyone.  :P )
    Run to the edge of the platform so you are aligned with the row of checkered 
    pods ahead of you.  Your feet need to be at the very front of the second 
    square from the front of the platform.  Make sure you're completely stopped 
    too.  Now, aim toward the goal the best you can, and floor it, and never let 
    go.  It's essential that you stay straight.  If you must go left or right to 
    adjust, always do it in the air, or you will mess up the flow.  Eventually 
    you will bounce for the last time, and you will probably need to adjust 
    slightly to the left or right in order to bounce into the goal.  And no 
    matter what it looks like, never brake, and never let go of the gas.
    A D V I C E:
    Through the entire Expert and Extra mode, EVERY banana counts.  So if you 
    think you can get one without having much risk of dying, take it.  Trust me, 
    I once made it to Master 7 with 99 bananas, only to die.  If I had collected 
    just one more banana on any of the other stages, I may have made it to 10.
    It's important to know which levels are your weaknesses.  If you always die 
    on a certain level, or it takes a few deaths to beat it, go into practice 
    mode and get it down cold.  This is much more preferable to making it all the 
    way to say, Extra 6 and just counting on luck.
    Another factor in ensuring your success is making sure you remain focused.  
    For example, if you're at Master 2 and still haven't continued, you might get 
    cocky and start thinking about the levels to come instead of the task at 
    hand.  That's a mistake, and you will pay for it.  Also, if you start 
    panicking halfway through a level, just pause the game and shake yourself out 
    a little bit.  Calm down, then regain focus and unpause.  I was once at 
    Master 5 rubbing up against the goal ribbon, but couldn't muster the finger 
    strength to go through because I was nervous (lol).  A second later, I was 
    knocked off.
    The most important factor if you want to reach Master.  ;)  If I'm going for 
    either of these, if I die on any stage before level 21, I'll quit and 
    restart.  Each life lost is less of a chance you have to make it to Master.  
    And never got cocky if you get up to something like 7 lives.  That doesn't 
    mean you can die without worry, it only means that in the event that you do 
    die, you can keep on playing.
    This document or any portion of it may not be reproduced in any shape or 
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    the author's permission.  Currently, www.gamefaqs.com is the sole web site 
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    Copyright 2002 Matthew England

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