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    Beginner Mode FAQ by funkytoad

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/23/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                      _______           _______  _______  _______ 
                     (  ____ \|\     /|(  ____ )(  ____ \(  ____ )
                     | (    \/| )   ( || (    )|| (    \/| (    )|
                     | (_____ | |   | || (____)|| (__    | (____)|
                     (_____  )| |   | ||  _____)|  __)   |     __)
                           ) || |   | || (      | (      | (\ (   
                     /\____) || (___) || )      | (____/\| ) \ \__
                     \_______)(_______)|/       (_______/|/   \__/
                  _______  _______  _        _        _______          
                 (       )(  ___  )( (    /|| \    /\(  ____ \|\     /|
                 | () () || (   ) ||  \  ( ||  \  / /| (    \/( \   / )
                 | || || || |   | ||   \ | ||  (_/ / | (__     \ (_) / 
                 | |(_)| || |   | || (\ \) ||   _ (  |  __)     \   /  
                 | |   | || |   | || | \   ||  ( \ \ | (         ) (   
                 | )   ( || (___) || )  \  ||  /  \ \| (____/\   | |   
                 |/     \|(_______)|/    )_)|_/    \/(_______/   \_/   
                           ______   _______  _        _       
                          (  ___ \ (  ___  )( \      ( \      
                          | (   ) )| (   ) || (      | (      
                          | (__/ / | (___) || |      | |      
                          |  __ (  |  ___  || |      | |      
                          | (  \ \ | (   ) || |      | |      
                          | )___) )| )   ( || (____/\| (____/\
                          |/ \___/ |/     \|(_______/(_______/
    Beginner FAQ
    By Erik McLennan-Funkytoad
    Version 1.0
    AIM -xXFunkytoadXx
    Table of Contents
    4-My scores
    Hello, and welcome to my Beginner FAQ for Super Monkey Ball. 
    This guide is mainly geared towards players that are just 
    starting off, and young'uns that might be getting a little 
    frustrated. Whomever you are, make yourself at home, and 
    read on.
    Analog Stick-That round appendage protruding from the left 
    side of your controller. You can't miss it.-This is the only 
    control you're going to need in Super Monkey Ball. This 
    tilts the stage that you're playing on, thus making your 
    monkey roll. The further you tilt the stick, the further the 
    stage will tilt. How dare they make it so complicated ^_~ In 
    some later levels, it can affect other things, but we'll 
    cross that bridge when we come to it.
    Level 1-It starts...
    Banana Bunches:0
    Beating it:A hard one already? Heh heh, this level is over 
    before it begins. Just hold up. You can grab bananas if you 
    want to try to build up for extra lives.
    High Score:Just hold up and you'll get yourself a cool 
    11860. But wait! You can add another 100 points from 
    grabbing either the left or right banana along the way! You 
    need to tilt the control stick -ever so slightly-. If you do 
    it right, you'll snag the extra banana, and still finish 
    with 58:30 left.
    Level 2-The Hole
    Banana Bunches:0
    Beating it:Go forward, and curve either right or left to 
    avoid the gaping hole. You can grab a banana on your way, 
    and then nab another banana behind the goal, if you're going 
    for an extra life. If you're really obsesses with getting 
    bananas, you can loop back and grab the banana on the other 
    side of the hole. Then just walk right into the goal.
    High Score:This one is deceiving...in order to get a really 
    good score, you don't exit through the obvious goal. If you 
    turn around, you'll notice a small ramp. Go up and off, and 
    you'll land on a small platform, with a green exit! This 
    will multiply your score by 3 when you go through it ^_^ 
    Right off the bat hold down, and adjust as the camera turns, 
    to go straight off the ramp. As you fall, turn around so 
    that when you hit the ground, you'll be aimed straight for 
    the goal. Once you land, zoom right in!
    Level 3-Racetrack!
    Banana Bunches:0
    Beating it:Simply go forward, and follow the path that is 
    given to you. On your way to the goal you'll nab 2 bananas. 
    If you want more bananas, after you get the first 2, turn 
    around, and follow the path the other way. You'll get to 
    another curve, with 2 more bananas. You can then go forward 
    into the goal.
    High Score:Instead of speeding through the little halfpipe, 
    begin by going up the right wall, back down, and up the 
    left, then up the right wall again, and over into the goal. 
    That was quick ^_^
    Level 4-Moving and Shaking
    Banana Bunches:0
    Beating it:Start off holding up, and follow the path, 
    nabbing bananas, until about the halfway point of the 
    spinning platform. Now wait there, staying on the platform, 
    until the platform lines up so that you can get the next 
    banana. Get it, then keep going forward, in line with the 
    bananas. You'll end up on the final platform, and you can go 
    straight into the goal.
    High Score:Ahh....feeling speedy? In order to get the 
    fastest possible time on this level, you need to make it 
    across the entire rotating platform in one pass...and grab 
    every banana. Start off holding up, and veer a _little_ bit 
    to the right. You want to nick the first banana with the 
    left side of your ball. Now you can grab the rest of the 
    bananas easily, and when getting of the rotating platform, 
    make sure to stay centered. You don't want to ram into the 
    side of the goal, and go flying out of the level, now do 
    Level 5-Bonus!
    Banana Bunches:0
    Beating it:Well, no matter what you do, you advance to the 
    next level...
    High Score:To get all 50 bananas, you'll want to collect 
    them in an organized fashion. Grab the closest one, then 
    make your way around the outside of the square of bananas. 
    Once that's done, go all the way around the inside square of 
    bananas. Now Collect the banana that sat inside the square, 
    and then the one lone banana that's far off at the "end" of 
    the level.
    Level 6-ZigZag
    Banana Bunches:0
    Beating it:Go forward until the first ramp, then let go of 
    forward, and just keep yourself on it, as you safly glide 
    down. Grab the 2 bananas, then head down the next ramp in 
    the same fashion. Repeat this for the next 2 ramps. Now for 
    the last one, if you have trouble keeping the monkey on, you 
    might want to pull back a bit, just so that you don't fall 
    off. Head straight into the goal.
    High Score:Woo! This is a very fun level to go for quick 
    times on! What you do, is hop off the right side, holding 
    forward, bounce, and land right in front of the goal. You'll 
    need to experiment with velocities, because it's very 
    possible to overshoot it completely, and also very possible 
    to undershoot. Good luck ^_^
    Level 7-Upward ho!
    Banana Bunches:1
    Beating it:Turn around and grab the two bananas behind you, 
    then go to the first ramp. Grab the banana at the bottom, 
    then go straight up the ramp, and grab the banana on your 
    way, and the one at the top. Go over to the second ramp, and 
    grab a banana, then head straight up the ramp, grabbing one 
    on your way, and one at the top. Grab the banana just before 
    the third one, turn, and aim for the banana bunch. Go 
    straight forward at full speed, and make it up the ramp, 
    getting your very first bunch of bananas! Now grab the 
    banana at the top, and the two near the goal, then head 
    straight into the goal. 
    High Score:This is about as straightforward as it gets...cut 
    all of the corners sharply. The only banana you should get 
    is the bunch of bananas on the third ramp. The other bananas 
    are too far out of the way to be worth it.
    Level 8-Dole it up
    Banana Bunches:2
    Beating it:Wait until the corner square of the large square 
    approaches you. Now, stay on it as well as you can, until 
    the squares join back up, and make the large square. Go 
    position yourself on the far corner square. You can collect 
    quite a few bananas, but it's best just to go straight 
    there, to avoid missing your ride, so to speak. Now just 
    stay on the corner, until it reaches the final platform, and 
    head into the goal! If you really want those banana bunches, 
    you can just wait on any of the two side corners, and 
    collect it, then get back on, and head either for the other 
    banana bunch, or the goal. Your choice.
    High Score:The key to this level, is to collect as many 
    bananas as possible before boarding the corner leading to 
    the goal. Get onto the first square and wait until the 
    squares are almost touching, then zigzag across the Dole 
    logo, in an effort to get as many bananas as possible. Make 
    sure you make it to the corner that goes to the Goal also, 
    otherwise your efforts will be in vain. On my personal 
    record run, I got 11 bananas.
    Level 9-Full speed ahead!
    Banana Bunches:1
    Beating it:Go forward, and right across the path, until your 
    reach the plateau of sorts. Now head straight at the bunch 
    of bananas, with a fair bit of speed, so that you make it 
    across. Now as soon as you hit the wall, pull towards the 
    wall, so that you don't fall off. Now you can head around 
    behind the goal and grab a banana, then head into the goal.
    High Score:Right off the bat, you want to hold up. Curve 
    right, and get straighened out along the straight path. Near 
    the end, pull back to slow down, and curve around the bend. 
    Your goal is to get headed towards the bunch of bananas at 
    an angle, so that you'll hit the ramp, go flying into the 
    wall on the next platform, and bounce into the goal.
    Level 10-Eww...
    Banana Bunches:0
    Beating it:This is the first difficult level. You're best 
    off not collecting bananas, but rather focusing on making it 
    through the level. Hold up right away, and head across the 
    first thin walkway. Now turn, and head across the second 
    thin walkway, taking your time, so that you don't fall. Now, 
    the third thin walkway is composed of stairs, so take this 
    one slowly. Now head across either bridge (it makes no 
    difference which one you take), and then head up the next 
    thin walkway. You need to keep yourself at a decent speed so 
    that you actually make it. Take your time on that one. Now 
    go to the curving thin walkway, the final obstacle before 
    the goal. Go across it slowly, you should have enough time 
    to make it without having to rush. Now simply rush through 
    the goal, and you'll grab the banana behind it.
    High Score:Hold up right off the bat. When you near the end 
    of the straight bit, hold down to brake. Turn right, and fly 
    off the platform, onto the one below, going across the thin 
    bridge with the banana on it, and veering right, up the 
    slope. You should get onto the curvy bit with well over 50 
    seconds left. Take them quickly, and you can finish with 
    more than 45 seconds left, which makes for an impressive 
    replay ^_^
    Extra 1-o_O whaaat....
    Banana Bunches:0
    Beating it:Wait until the first platform comes, and get on 
    it. Now just follow the platforms as they move. Take it 
    slowly, and get onto the final platform at your own pace; 
    you don't need to be particularly quick about it. Now just 
    stroll into the goal.
    High Score:You can't get onto the moving platforms straight 
    away, so just approach the gap slowly. When the platform 
    arrives, get onto it, and start moving in a quick, slightly 
    leftward movement. You want to grab every banana. Once you 
    get the last banana, burn it onto the final platform, and 
    into the goal.
    Extra 2-Wheel of Goalosity, turn turn turn...
    Banana Bunches:0
    Beating it:If you want bananas, you can grab the row of 5 at 
    the back of the level. Just wait until the goal slows down, 
    then go right through the goal.
    High Score:Hold up straight away. If you veer slightly left, 
    and just keep yourself going towards the goal, you should 
    get in at 28:40 or quicker.
    Extra 3-I'm gonna be sick...
    Banana Bunches:1
    Beating it:Easier than it looks...Hold up right off the bat, 
    and then continue forward, until you get to the edge of the 
    level. Turn around, and head straight into the goal. You'll 
    probably want to avoid banana hunting, as this level doesn't 
    make it very fun...
    High Score:Hold up right off the bat, and head towards the 
    banana in the middle. Once you nab it, veer right, and hold 
    back to brake. Start zooming in the opposite direction, and 
    with some practise you should head right into the goal, and 
    nab the banana behind it ^_^ Unfortunately, the bunch of 
    bananas is stuck in a place where it's not even worth the 
    time to grab it.
    4-My Scores
    Here are all of my scores, despite how sucky they 
    are....feel free to gaze at them when you need a confidence 
    boost! ^_^
    Ahh.....and so it ends. I hope you've enjoyed my Beginner 
    FAQ, and I certainly hope that you benefit from it ^_^ Good 
    By the way, if anyone has any strategies that will get you 
    through the levels faster, easier, or with a higher score, 
    feel free to email them to me at xxfunkytoadxx@yahoo.com ^_^
    CJayC-for maintaining an excellent website, and for 
    hopefully putting this up!
    Nintendo-The people who made that 
    thing.....uh.....y'know........er....GameCube! That's it!
    Sega-For feeding my infatuation of monkeys
    xXDarkLightXx-for helping me through some tough times, so 
    that I could get back on track, and back to this guide!
    Frak-same as above ^_^
    The Perfect Dark Elite Message Board-for always helping me 
    with scores for games and stuff.....without them, I wouldn't 
    have the thirst for competition that I do!
    I own this guide, and it is protected by copyright...so 
    don't plagiarize, got it? I'll sue yer ass faster than you 
    can call for your mommy. The only thing I own is this guide. 
    All characters, trademarks etc, are owned by HAL and 

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