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    Monkey Fight FAQ by BSulpher

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 02/23/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                  Super Monkey Ball 
                                    Monkey Fight 
                                   ___  ___   ___
                                  |    |   | |   |
                                  |__  |___| |   |
                                  |    |   | |   |
                                  |    |   | |__\|
    Copyrighted 2001 Sega
    Written By: Brian P. Sulpher
    Version 1.2
    E-Mail: briansulpher@hotmail.com
    Date Written: July 23 to July 24, 2002 
    I dedicate this FAQ to my girlfriend Jen Dixon.  She loves this play mode,
    and doesn't even get mad when I win every time.  Don't worry babe, you may
    get me sometime soon, but not bloody likely!
    Also, for Cougar.  I miss you, and I hope you are living it up in the 
    afterlife as you did in this world.  You will always be in my memories, and
    you will never be forgotten.
    Version 1.0
    -Submitted FAQ on July 24th, 2002
    Version 1.1
    -Submitted FAQ on September 23rd, 2003
    -Updated the format, cleaned up some errors, and I added a few bits of info
    Version 1.2
    -Submitted guide on February 23rd, 2005
    -altered the format somewhat
    -I added in Honestgamers as a site allowed to use my FAQs
    ---------------------------------Table of Contents--------------------------
    1) Introduction
    2) Controls
    3) Options
    4) Power-Ups
    5) Level Lay-outs
    6) Scoring Rules
    7) Player Colours
    8) Strategies
    9) Final Word
    1) This is a specific look at the party game monkey fight in the game Super
       Monkey Ball.  This is a fast-paced, multiplayer riot, and it easy to miss
       some of the finer details of this game.  I am going to attempt to give an
       in-depth look at this game.  
    2) This section will review the controls so you will be able to go and smite
       your enemies (or something like that anyway).  
    Analog Stick-> controls your monkey's direction.
    A Button-----> throws a punch.
    START--------> pauses and unpauses the game.
       That are the three controls you need to know.  Sounds pretty simplistic.
       This is just a subtle deception because this game is all about subtle use
       of the controls.  These subtlties will be reviewed later on in the 
       Strategies Section of teh FAQ.
    3) This section will view all of the available options for setting up a
       monkey fight.
      i) select Party Games from the main menu, which brings up three choices 
         of: Monkey Race, Monkey Fight, and Monkey Target.  Of course we choose 
         Monkey Fight.
     ii) Now you need to select the number of players you wish to use (anywhere 
         from 1 to 4 players).  
    iii) Then The players can select which Monkey they want to control.  
     iv) The option of number of wins needed for victory is offered (1 to 5).  
         After that, there is the choice of what three arena's you want to play 
         in, and what order.  This will bring you to the game settings of the 
         COM (on/off).  Then choose Game Start, and you will begin your hard 
         fought monkey fights.
    4) This section will look at the different power-ups available to your
       monkey in the fierce battles.  Power-ups can be cross bred with each
       other, as well as increasing the potency by mixing two of the same
       (except SPINNER), up to the power of three times.
                                | The "BIG" Glove |
    This item will increase the size of your glove, and this causes your 
    punching hitting area to increase.  You will have an easier time hitting 
    opponents than before.  This goes well with the other power-ups.
                                  | The "SPINNER" |
    This allows your character to spin their glove in a circle around their 
    ball.  To do this, press and hold down 'A' Button to to start swinging the
    glove.  This item is best used in conjunction with the "BIG" Glove.
                                 | The "LONG" Arm |
    This is by far the best item to get.  It not only extends how far your 
    monkey can reach, it also gives more power behind your punches.  This Item 
    is best used with the "BIG" Glove power-up.
       The reason that the SPINNER, and the LONG Arm do not work well together 
       is simply because the SPINNER is dependent upon the glove making contact
       with the opponent.  The more LONG Arm's you have in play, the wider the
       radius of the SPINNER attack.  This means it is pretty easy for an
       opponent to get themselves inside of your radius to punch you off easily
       since your defense is down (you are wide open to attack).
    -------------------------------Level Lay-Outs-------------------------------
    5) This section will describe what the three battle zones look like, and
       what this means to the likelihood of staying on the platform.
       Basically, from left to right the danger to your monkey increases.  The
       three levels are as follows:
    a) Mid-Summer Jungle Square - This is a large, green square that has rails
       on the left and right sides.  It is fairly large, so knocking people off
       usually requires a few hits (unless they get sloppy and put themselves on
       the outside of it).  A fairly tame battle site to start you off with.
    b) Cold Ice Octagon - This is an icy field that has a much smaller surface
       area than the first battle arena.  There are eight walls placed in an
       arranged order that can often help you stay on the platform.  There is
       a platform in the middle as well, which prevents anyone form taking
       straight charges at an opponent.  This field is ice cold, but it ups
       the heat of battle with the smaller surface, making it much more intense
       than the previous course.
    c) High Flying UFO Circle - This level is the smallest of the three, and it
       has no walls to protect your monkey from a long fall.  This is an
       extremely intense battle site, and should be of extreme high scoring
       races.  This battle site is popular just because of the easiness of
       knocking someone off.
    -----------------------------Scoring Rules----------------------------------
    6) This game has a fairly well tested scoring rules, but it does add the
       extra motivation to the game.  The scoring breaks down as follows:
    a) Knocking a monkey off the platform - 10 points
    b) Knocking the leader (the player with the most points, which is symbolized
       by a crown over there player is the leader) - 20 points
    c) Suicide dive offs - 5 points for every other player regardless of place
       of the suicide diver.
       That is it, and Power-Ups do not yield any points directly (but they help
       to garner the points faster, usually).
    ---------------------------Player Colours-----------------------------------
    7) The players colours are always the following:
    a) Player 1 - Red
    b) Player 2 - Blue
    c) Player 3 - Yellow
    d) Player 4 - Green
    8) This segment of the FAQ is going to list a few strategies that will
       augment the knowledge you have gathered previously to reading this.  
       Hopefully, this will also give you the edge on your toughest competition.
    a) Rapidly punching a person means you get very little power behind your
       punches.  A good idea is to punch them once, and then charge at them.
       When you get in close, you can lay a strong punch that will send them
       flying (thanks to the force behind you charge transferring to your 
    b) Use the SPINNER sparingly since human opponents will avoid you, and then
       slip inside the arc to punch your undefended self off.  This is 
       especially true if you have a couple of the LONG Arm power-ups on.
    c) Always watch for the player who is stuck on the outside, so you can pick
       then off for easy points.  Just note that you should be wary of sneak
       attackers following you to get you right after you have successfully
       vansquished an opponent.
    d) If you are stuck on the outside, and the mob is coming for you, do not
       fight, but try to quickly run away.  This will often cause your
       opponents to miss you, allowing the necessary time to get back in where
       it is safer to be.  Once you master your "squirm" tecnique (sliding
       between charginf roces), quickly turn and fire a shot to their backs,
       using their own momentum to send them flying!
    e) Do not set your sight on exclusively busting the boxes for the power-ups,
       since you will often get hit from behind, fall off, and then the worst
       part of course is the other player getting the power-up!  Note that you
       can use this to your advantage as well, mainly by faking them out by
       pretending to go for the box, but quickly cut away to make the enemy fly 
       by and then punch them off the platform with your surprise maneuver.
    f) Going after the leader is a good way to catch up in points, but do not
       focus exclusively on one opponent.  You will usually end up getting
       knocked off, which will drop you further back in the scoring.  However,
       if you know you are better than the leader (skill-wise), then go after 
       them with abandon as they will be easier targets than tougher players may
       be for fewer points.
    ----------------------------------Final Word--------------------------------
    9) As is the usual, this walkthrough is copyright property of Brian P. 
       Sulpher, 2003.  The only website, group, person, etc. to have access to
       post it is www.gamefaqs.com, www.ign.com, and www.honestgamers.com.  You 
       must ask for permission before posting this (go ahead, I am very nice, 
       and more than likely will say yes).
       If you liked it, hated it, have anything to add, then please E-mail me at
       briansulpher@hotmail.com.  You can also contact me through MSN messenger
       through the same E-mail address.
       Have fun with this fun little party game, and with the rest that Super
       Monkey Ball has to offer you!  Keep in mind to not take the score too
       seriously as it is all for fun after all!  Of course that is easy for me 
       to say as I never lose in this play mode though!  

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