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    Warp FAQ by BenjG

    Updated: 02/18/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Last Updated 2/18/03
    BenjG  kramar@prodigy.net
    For Super Monkey Ball
    This document copyright 2003
    Benjamin Good
    I.    Version History
    II.   The Purpose of this Guide
    III.  A Word About Warps
    IV.   Beginner Warp Locations
    V.    Advanced Warp Locations
    VI.   Expert warp Locations
    VII.  Summary of the Warps
    VIII. Legal/Contact Info
    I. Version History
    Version 1.0  2/18/03
    The first version of this guide;
    wrote everything I currently know about warps
    II. The Purpose of this Guide
    Knowing where warps are in Super Monkey Ball is essential if you wish to
    obtain access to the extra stages after each difficulty (except Master, which
    has none).  To get them, you can't die once on Beginner and Advanced, and you
    can't lose one continue on Expert.  A difficult task, no doubt, so skipping
    some stages will lighten the load of the challenge.  That's what warps do-
    they enable you to skip stages.  This guide will tell you where they all are
    and how to get to them.
    III. A Word about Warps
    Oddly enough, warps look exactly like a regular goal, only they will be a
    different color (green or red).  Also, your score will be increased nicely if
    a warp is used.  However, they are always a bit more difficult to reach than
    the regular goal, though there are a few exceptions.  Sometimes they are
    actually much easier to get.  Either way, you should use them as often as
    IV. Beginner Warp Locations
    There's actually just one warp in beginner mode, but I'm not sure why it was
    even included.  Being so easy, beginner mode stages are nothing worth
    skipping.  But, using it will cut down on the amount of time you spend trying
    to complete this difficulty level.
    Warp on Floor 2: Takes you to Floor 5
    When you turn around on this floor, you will see a small ramp.  You must
    gather enough speed to go up the ramp, but immediately slow down to control
    your monkey.  You'll land on a platform, and the warp will be right in front
    of you.  When you land, you will most likely bounce around a bit, so try not
    to fall.
    V. Advanced Warp Locations
    This difficulty has many warps, so completing it without losing a life won't
    be quite as bad if you use as many warps as you can.  Unfortunately, there
    will still be some tough levels you can't skip.
    Warp on Floor 6: Takes you to Floor 10
    Use the exact same strategy as the warp on B2; I'm pretty sure this level is
    exactly the same.  The only difference is one half of it will fold downwards
    with the goal on it.
    Warp on Floor 11: Takes you to Floor 14
    This warp is incredibly difficult to get, and is much more trouble than it's
    worth by a long shot.  First, the two levels it skips are very easy, and
    you're bound to lose a life in reaching it.  It is located at the end of the
    far right guitar string, or the one with a width of .1, making it the
    thinnest.  You must be lined up exactly with the string to even get on it
    without falling off, and you only have 30 seconds to get to the end.  That
    means you can't take it really slow; you'll have to speed up a bit more than
    you may like.  Don't bother with this.
    Warp on Floor 18: Green takes you to Floor 20; Red takes you to Floor 25
    This floor has two warps, making it quite unique:
    Green Warp: By rolling along the track at a high speed, you will eventually
    manage to catch up with this warp.  It might take a while, but you'll reach
    Red Warp: The red warp moves at an insanely fast speed, so there's no way
    you'll be able to catch up with it.  The only way to get it is to head right
    from the start and drop onto a lower section of track.  Now you will wait for
    the warp to come to you!  When it comes, it'll be on the right side of the
    Warp on Floor 25: Takes you to Floor 28
    Two different methods can be used to get to this warp.  One way is to head to
    the regular goal by avoiding the bumpers and those mechanical arms that try
    to push you off.  When you get to the goal, continue along the track,
    zigzagging until you come to a group of thin paths, similar to the various
    guitar string widths.  To make life easier, you should take the widest path;
    go fast enough, and you should be able to roll down it, turn, and go straight
    to the warp.  Watch out for the spikes; they'll send you flying.  The second,
    and much faster way, is to avoid the two bumpers in the beginning, jump over
    the square hole, and you should jump right over the guardrail into the warp.
    VI. Expert Warp Locations
    This is just disappointing.  Expert is unbelievably difficult, and only four
    levels have warps.  This means that you must basically play all the levels.
    I was not happy to see that so little help was provided.
    Warp on Floor 2: Takes you to Floor 5
    This warp is a bit difficult to reach.  You must take the thin road by
    turning right at the junction, then climbing a long, thin, upwards slope.
    The slope must be taken straight on; otherwise you'll fall off.
    Warp on Floor 3: Takes you to Floor 5
    This is the most ridiculous warp in the game.  If you took the warp in E2,
    this floor will be skipped, and this one takes you only to floor 5, which
    takes you no further than the E2 warp.  Furthermore, it's almost impossible
    to get to.  It is on a platform that rotates, with the goal on the other
    side.  The platform will stay put on a horizontal angle with the goal on top,
    but rotates without stopping with the warp side.  I have gotten this warp, but
    I sort of fell into it when the platform got so steep.  If you know a better
    strategy, contact me.
    Warp on Floor 42: Green takes you to Floor 44, Red takes you to Floor 45
    Again, this floor has two warps:
    Green Warp: This is not much harder to reach than the regular goal.
    Remember, this floor is composed of a checkerboard pattern, with alternating
    squares being an empty space you fall through.  Since there are gaps where
    square platforms are located, this'll take a little more time.  Take the
    platforms at a diagonal angle to line them up and you'll do fine.
    Red Warp: Reaching this warp will be trickier still, as you have much more
    ground to cover thanks to all the gaps.  Use the above strategy and take it
    slow.  This warp will skip some tricky levels.
    Warp on Floor 46: Takes you to Floor 48
    The goal itself is a bit hard to reach, and this warp is further down the
    floor, so skipping just floor 47 may not be that important to you.  Several
    circles make up this floor, and each one slopes downward more than the next
    meaning they get steeper.  There's a hole you fall into if you approach the
    hole head on, so you must turn left or right and roll around until you get on
    a small ledge.  The circles at the end get really steep, so you might need to
    do some practicing.
    VII. Summary of the Warps
    Floor 2 Warp-To Floor 5
    It's possible to skip a total of 2 floors, meaning 8 must be played through.
    Floor 6 Warp-To Floor 10
    Floor 11 Warp-To Floor 14
    Floor 18 Warp-Green to Floor 20, Red to Floor 25
    Floor 25 Warp-To Floor 28
    It's possible to skip a total of 13 floors, meaning 17 must be played
    Floor 2 Warp-To Floor 5
    Floor 3 Warp-To Floor 5
    Floor 42 Warp-Green to Floor 44, Red to Floor 45
    Floor 46 Warp-To Floor 48
    It's possible to skip a total of 5 floors, meaning 45 must be played through.
    VIII. Legal/Contact Info
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances, except for personal,
    private use.  It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission.  Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is prohibited, and a violation of
    If you wish to contact me, you can at kramar@prodigy.net.  However, I won't
    answer e-mail about information already provided in the guide.  But if you know
    about a warp I haven't mentioned, or you know about other certain floors that
    can be skipped, let me know.

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