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Mmmm.... balls..... I mean monkeys!...... I mean.... dah!02/03/02Andy787
Mmm. Banana.11/18/01Ashton300
Let's all stop kidding ourselves, hm?12/18/01Bizarro Mulder
Super Monkey Ball brings "Old-School" gaming to the Gamecube12/28/01Burtis
The Simple, Yet Complicated: Super Monkey Ball!01/27/02Chaos Sonic
This review looks past the level of difficulty. Come read why SMB is a great game besides the level of difficulty!11/26/01Cloud2003
3rd Party Sega joins Nintendo12/09/01Cube Critic
Slightly under average game03/29/10DarkMark42
So you're saying I'm NOT supposed to fall off??01/28/02funkytoad
Monkeys+bananas+extreme fun = Super Monkey Ball!07/09/03GCMasta
A game both me and my five-year-old brother can enjoy.01/01/08giant_flying_weasel
Addictive and fun, but oh boy, will you need PATIENCE...10/10/01Hayama Akito
An absolute cornucopia of gameplay...10/02/01JMackie
Super Fun With Monkeys11/11/01KBaker
I'm man enough to admit it... I like Monkey Ball11/25/01Murf
The masses agree, Super Monkey Ball will be a favorite for years to come!04/24/02NotCurrentlyAvailabl
Somewhat Fun, at Any Age02/04/02ORCA782
So Fun It's Almost Unfair11/20/01Rottenwood
All Hail the Dole Banana03/11/02Sheepy99
Monkeys, monkeys, monkeys!08/26/02striker64
Easy to learn, difficult to master & stand the cute.10/04/13thebrawler56
Monkeys! Monkeys! We All Love Monkeys!10/16/02tiger8191
Super Monkey Ball has potential! ... in another genre.04/02/02War Pig
Really, who doesn't like monkeys?11/23/01Writer

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