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"Super Fun With Monkeys"

When 1st starting on my recently acquired super monkey ball I was struck down with the load times which were all most instant. I 1st started on the main game with gave 3 difficulty settings which were beginner, normal and expert. Beginner has 10 stages, Normal 30 and Expert has 50. Each stage is different and possess different challenges like on stage 1 in beginner you can just roll forward through the goal then stage 1 on normal you have a bump which you have to gain speed to get over and then stage 1 on expert has narrow platforms and more.

You eventually get to a point where there is no likeness in stages between the difficulty's. When I 1st had a look at the super monkey ball preview on IGN I thought how hard can it be to roll a monkey through a goal and after getting the game I am now thinking could this be any harder, you have narrow platforms, little metal things to make you fly of the stage and more obstacles to stop you getting to your goal with in the allotted time.

Super Monkey Ball also has 3 extra bonus stages which you can get to play one is of the AV symbol and is really difficult I have gotten to play these 3 stages only twice and I still haven't worked out how you get to play them.
Another fun part of Super Monkey Ball game is the credits which involves you rolling a long getting banana's and the creators names dropping out of the sky and if you roll into one of these you lose some of your banana's
Probably where this game strives the most is in the multiplayer department the game has 3 mini games which can be bought from the points you get during the main game and these mini games consist of Monkey Billiards where you use your monkey in a ball to hit your other monkey brothers and sisters into a hole, Monkey golf probably hardest of all, you use your monkey and he smacks himself round the mini put put area whilst trying to get in the hole and not flying of the stage and my favorite Monkey Bowling which lets your little monkey friend be hurdled down a lane to hit some pins with out fallen of the edge.

Also included is a Monkey Fight mode (which he like a preview smash brothers mode) where you and 3 other friends can battle it out in an arena using hammers and power ups. The aim of this game is of course to win and this can be done by getting points by knocking the other players of the stage and then when the time stops the monkey with the most points wins. Another one of my favorite modes is the Monkey Target Mode where you spin a disc (if selected in the options) and what ever it lands on is the course challenge e.g. bombs, then you get to roll the money down a steep platform and flying into the air then by pressing A you can open the ball and use it to glide to the selected target and then closing the ball and dropping on a number and that being the points you get.
The last of the multiplayer modes is Monkey Grand Prix where you and up to 4 friends can race along challenging courses picking up power ups and using them to hurt your friends and to even knock them of the course helping you win it also implements the wipeout speed pad where once over your reach great speeds which doesn't always end up as a good thing.

You can also find a practice mode where you can try a stage you have visited and keep going at it till you have mastered the stage.
Super Monkey Ball has fresh graphics, vibrant colors and runs at a great pace. The ideas in the game are brilliant but the sound does get a little monotonous but like I said its great multiplayer and lots of fun.
Also the Japanese in the game is mainly in the menus and options and isn't to hard to figure out.
Super Monkey Ball is well worth the time and is a great enjoyment for the whole family.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/11/01, Updated 11/11/01

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