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"This review looks past the level of difficulty. Come read why SMB is a great game besides the level of difficulty!"

First it starts off with a colorful loading screen, heads into a short intro movie, and than the main menu pops up. When selecting different things on the menu's, an announcer will most of the time say what you picked, and his voice thank fully IS NOT A MONKEY and sounds great. Everything els is kinda basic and old.

The backgrounds in the main game are simply awsome. The reflections on the floors are done great, as well as the monkey animations. Details are not the best they can be, so if your looking for a graphical show piece for your gamecube, look past SMB.

Theres not much I can say about the controls, the only bad thing is that the monkey balls move a bit to slippery and are not easily controled which is essential for later levels. You also basicly only use the joystick, and A button here and there, so if you want to master the GC controller, do not make SMB your first game of choice.

100+ levels in the main game was simply enough alone, but Sega still included mini games, party games, and multi player main game mode. It will all keep you busy for a very long time as the main game offers plently of levels, and the mini and party games are simply a blast with friends.

The music was like a dance/techno beat, which went good with monkeys in balls. The monkey voices were pretty annoying, but what do you expect! their monkeys!

Fun Factor-
This is a hard section to score, since it can end up with 2 different scores. If you only play with yourself and no friends, it is pretty boring, the rating would get a 7, but if you have friends the game is a 9, its so awsome its too awsome! so to make things fair ill give it a averaged 8.

Lasting Appeal-
The game might offer alot but it does not last forever. The main game has a begginer mode, which once mastered is no fun at all, and advanced is also not alot of fun once mastered. Expert ias the only thing that 98% of all SMB players can never beat, and will never get played out since it is so hard it can not be beaten. The mini games eventualy wear off.

Final Comment: it is a fun game but eventually it gets repeative, but its worth playing.

Final Overall Score (not an average)-

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/26/01, Updated 11/26/01

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