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First off I'd like to say ten brownie points to anyone who understands my one line review. :)

Super Monkey Ball is a game that will hold your attention for hours. It's fun, addictive, colorful and exciting all at the same time. The game all around is almost perfect, and to this day is probably one of the most well-rounded games I have ever seen.

Game Play - This game is FUN, and there is no doubt about it. The whole object of the game seems simple, but as some of the later levels of the game will show you, is that it is one of the most frustrating games you'll ever see. The multiplayer mode (you mean theres more?!) is made up of 6 spectacular games that you can enjoy alone, or by yourself. (bowling, golf, billiards, target, race and fight)The main controls of the 1-Player game involve the control stick and A. The control stick moves the level that the monkey is placed on, and A changes the view of the map.

Story - Theres not much of a story, but i'll do the best I can. You're a monkey, in a ball, and you need to get to the goal. To give the story some more depth, you can use one of 4 monkeys, Aiai and Meemee who are well balanced, Baby is who weak but fast, and Gongon who is strong but slow.
I can't really rate the story, because they're not really needed in puzzle / party games.

Audio / Video - The visuals of Super Monkey Ball are nothing to talk about, theyre up to par with modern games, but far from spectacular. The sound is a nice mix of music, that almost always seems to fit whatever game you're playing. The problem is, it is VERY repetitive, and nothing you'll find yourself humming along to.

Replayability - This game is a must buy, and is worth the gamecube alone. It will keep you mesmorized for days, and you'll have tons of fun while playing any of the multiplayer games.

My final thought is that this game was put together superbly, and is one for the hard core gamer who can look over the fact that the game looks ''kiddie''. I also suggest you buy some sound proof glass so the neighbors won't hear you scream when you lose you're last life on the last level and not have any continues left.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/27/01, Updated 11/27/01

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