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"Monkeys! Monkeys! We All Love Monkeys!"

Super Monkey Ball for the Gamecube has to touted as one of the best launch games for any of the next-generation consoles. This game offers far more than just a cute little monkey running around in a clear plastic ball. this game offers complexity and simplicity, two things that make a great game for all to enjoy. Reminiscent of Marble Madness, Super Monkey Ball puts you as a monkey trapped into a ball looking to get through a tricky layout while picking up bananas and getting to the goal as fast as you can. This game will put you on the edge of you couch trying to keep your monkey from falling into the depths of the monkey ball world.

The graphics of this arcade port do it justice and offer a pleasing look for your eyes. The monkeys are well detailed in their little spherical prison and the colors bring life to this title. Seems as if the Gamecube will have the power to offer pleasing visuals to go along with their games.

The music is refreshing and goes along well with the game so as not to annoy you while riding the edge of a tricky level. The sound effects are wonderful, so much so that when your little monkey loses a battle with gravity and falls to it's assumed demise, the sheiks of horror are well represented.

The meat and potatoes of this game is the exciting and addicting gameplay. There are so many games, modes and secrets to be unlocked that you will find yourself playing levels over and over to get points to open up the treasures that our the mini-games. The basic game is the 3 levels. You have a beginner level which offers 10 levels to get through, the Advance Level, which offers 30 stressful levels, and Expert which offers up 50 mind-numbing levels of skill and horror. If you complete either of these levels without using a continue you open up 10 more new EX levels which offer the player more reasons to get an ulcer.

While completing levels you gain points which can be used to unlock 3 mini-games. Monkey Bowling is one game that is just that, bowling. You can play 10 frames with up to 4 players or compete in a game where you have a set number of tries to knock down pin combinations. Another mini game is Monkey Golf. This offers up to 4 players to compete on an 18 hole putt-putt course. The last and certainly one of the best is Monkey Billiards. This game is addictive and the physics are great. You can compete with up to 4 players and there is also a tournament mode.

In addition to what I have stated above there are many other types of games that come unlocked. Monkey Race is Monkey Balls version of Mario Kart where you can race up to 4 players on a tough course while picking up power ups to use on your opponents or to help you out. Another game is Monkey Target, where up to 4 can fly down a huge ramp and open your Monkey Ball to fly to target areas and try and score points. Along with these you also get a time attack mode as well to post your best times on levels.

The controls are flawless as all you do is use the left analog stick to tilt the level to move your monkey to the goal. the menus are well thought out and easy to navigate to one of the many great games it has to offer.

This game will take a lot of patience and time to complete all 100 levels. There are rumors that there are even more levels to be unlocked that make Expert look like a tutorial. I had no problem playing levels over and over trying to find the fastest way through them or to get bananas. This game will keep you playing for years.

Final Score- 10
I am not big on giving 10's but this game comes through with great looks and exciting gameplay that there is no reason for it not to deserve a perfect score. If you enjoyed Marble Madness or any type of puzzle game, you will enjoy this, if you have parties there is a ton of games that make any party a hit as long as the dip is fresh and the beer is cold. Buy this game, you will not regret it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/09/02, Updated 10/16/02

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