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"Monkeys+bananas+extreme fun = Super Monkey Ball!"

''This game sounds too kiddy for me'', I bet most of you have said this before. Well this game isn't really kiddy, it is extremely fun. If you haven't guessed already, you have to go through obstacle courses with a monkey ball, or, a monkey in a ball!

Gameplay 10/10-There are 7 different ways to play in this game. You can play the main game, where you go through obstacle courses tilting the floor to make you monkey ball move around. You can get extra lives by collecting 100 bananas. Go through the goal line to complete the floor. There is Beginner mode (10 floors) Advances mode (30 floors) and Expert (50 floors). You can also do Practice mode and competition mode on the main game. Next up is Party Games. There is Monkey Race (race against 1-4 people or computers), Monkey Target (play with 1-4 people trying to land on the target to get points), and Monkey fight (fight against 1-4 players or against computers, try to punch your opponent off the platform). Next is mini games. To get these mini-games play the main game and get points to unlock them. The mini games include Monkey Billiards (1-2 players, play the billiards game ''Nine Ball''), Monkey bowling (1-4 players, bowl against your friends and try to get more points then them), and Monkey Golf (1-4 players, play a game of 18-hole mini golf against your friends or a computer). If you don't have two controllers, then that is ok! There are some games on here that only require 1 controller for up to 4 players. A list of these games are
Main Game- Normal Mode, Competition mode
Party Games- Monkey Target
Mini-games- Monkey Billiards, Monkey bowling, Monkey golf

remember the ones not listed above need more then one controller to play with other people)

Controls - L button is only used in one game, bowling. You can put a spin on your ball with this button
R button is only used for bowling also. It is used to put a spin on your ball
Control Stick is to move your monkey around and to select things from the menu.
Control Pad does nothing
C stick does nothing
A button is to confirm selections, open parachute in monkey target, used in golf and used in bowling.
Z button does nothing
X button does nothing
Y button does nothing
B button cancel selection or go back.
Start button pauses the game.

Sound and Video 9/10- Sound is great but needs more music to it. Graphics are pretty good but not the best gamecube can do.

Replayability 10/10- some of it may wear off after a while but most of this game will keep you coming back for more.

Other Stuff/Final Comment
ESRB rating- E for everyone
Funfactor- 10/10 very fun
Difficulty- 8/10 this game is pretty hard but not impossible
Requires- Memory Card(3 blocks) 1-4 controllers.
Length- 8/10 This game is between long and short. but it is very addicting
Rent or buy? Buy this game. it has great multi-player and a great single player mode. It is worth $50.00

~~~Final Score~~~
- 9/10 I hope this review has helped you on your decision on wether to buy this game or not

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/15/02, Updated 07/09/03

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