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Reviewed: 01/27/02 | Updated: 01/27/02

The Simple, Yet Complicated: Super Monkey Ball!

Opening -
You'd think Sega has been all screwed up. Discontinuing console production, leaving their famous history, and more. Yes, they've been known to really screw their fans over, and have had some pretty idiotic ideas. Although, this game shows Sega hasn't lost it all.

Gameplay: 7
I'm not exactly going to jump out of my chair for Super Monkey Ball's gameplay. This is no spoiler, there are three modes, one is Beginner Mode, the other is Advanced Mode, and the third, for experienced gamers, is Expert Mode. There are four characters total, you can play with your favorite one, or choose the one that could be the best to play as in an area, your choice. There are few but rewarding secrets in this game. As for actually playing the modes, it's familiar to Marble Madness, if you've ever heard of that game. It looks like the board is moving, but you're actually moving the Monkey in the little ball. It's more of a puzzle than a true board. It's true, this game will make you addicted to it for some time. There's this ONE thing you need, and it's called ''Patience.'' ^_^

You'll encounter a Bonus level after you complete several stages, that's your chance to gain Bananas. If you also don't lose a life in Beginner Mode or Advanced Mode you'll find a surprise. So it's good to collect Bananas, look below.

There are Bananas scattered throughout the levels. Once you get 100, you get an Extra Life, which is very good if you're trying to complete Expert Mode with having to continue, you'll get a secret if you do so.

There are also Mini-Games, these really add to Super Monkey Ball's gameplay rating.
Sky-Diving-Target Game: Alright, I don't exactly remember the name of it, it's similar to Pilotwings 64, for N64. You roll off this ramp, and the ball opens up which are the wings to fly in the air, and you try to land in the area that has the most points, or just try to land in an area without falling into the water. Somehow, the monkey never seems to fall out of the flying ball.
Racing: The mini-game really would have been good if they had just put more work into it. There are around 4 levels, each one includes the environment types you discovered in the main game. I really didn't realize how fast the little critters are in their monkey balls.
Golf: Fun mini-game, but you'll get bored with it very soon I assume if you don't have a friend to play with you.
Pool: Probably the best out of the mini-games, all the pool balls are Monkeys in balls.
These mini-games really need to be played with a friend if you're going to get the best out of all of them.

Graphics: 6
N64 or Playstation could easily handle these graphics probably, but they're not bad considering the game you're playing. There's nothing bad about them really, they could have set the graphics a little higher though, why not show of the Gamecube's power?

Sound: 5
The music REALLY could have been more spiced up, seriously. Each time you enter a new sort of world for the puzzle-like boards, the type of music never changes until you get to another type of world, minus the Bonus Stages. The music fits the environment though.

Replay Value: 8
This game can really get you hooked, especially if you're bored out of your mind. This is why Super Monkey Ball is so great. You'll just have to see.

Overall Rating: 7
It's nothing perfect, and not horrible, it's clearly just a fun and addictive game, which could have been an even greater game if more work was put into the Mini-Games and Gameplay.

Buy Or Rent!?
Rent. I bought it, but take my word and rent it first. This game matters totally on your gaming ways. I think it's pretty random on who would want to buy it and who wouldn't.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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