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"Super Monkey Ball has potential! ... in another genre."

Super Monkey Ball was one of the launch titles for the oh so sweet Nintendo Gamecube, along with Luigi's Mansion, and Wave Race: Blue Storm. I was surprised at Super Monkey Ball, I mean, Sega is good and all, but there is no storyline for this game, other than the monkey's want bananas.

The game starts with some weird music, and the monkeys dreaming about bananas. You enter the game, with several selections, Main, Party, and Competition Modes.

Let's start with Main. You can pick between, Beginner, Advanced, and Expert. The plan is to roll around on the level, optionally collecting bananas, and heading for the goal. I was stunned on how hard the game was. I mean, this game looked like a kid's game, and it's twitchy, frustrating controls, and difficulty make it almost impossible for them! My little brother states Super Monkey Ball sucks all the time... Anyway, as you go on to Advanced, there are now 30 levels, which are VERY hard as well. And then Expert, when you get to the impossible level.

Speaking of impossible, some of these levels are practically impossible. The level is already hard, and the bad control makes it worse... what gives!?

Now, onto the other modes, party mode. There is Monkey Race, Monkey Fight, and Monkey Target. Monkey Race is VERY VERY fun. After playing it, I was wondering why this game is a Party game. This game would've been more popular if it was racing, but Wave Race was there. This game was probably solely to show off GC's multiplayer capabilities.

Monkey Fight is like some (knock-em-off the island) levels in Mario Party. The hard controls make you fly off with frustration, all the time. Monkey Target is just another little mini-game where you have to hit a target on the ground, trying not to hit the sea or land, collecting bananas and Help Items on the way, it's just another mini-game...

Now, there are more mini-games. First there is monkey billiards. It's like pool, but with monkeys in balls. Not much people get to play these games, because they don't even want to play anymore to get Play Points to access them.
Another mini-game is Monkey Bowling, which is, yep, Bowling. And, there's Monkey Golf. I don't want to get too far into these, or my review will be a novel. Bottom line is, they're a little fun... and, they have littl complications to them, making them more than a Mario Party mini-game.

The graphics are simply average, along with the sound, which is just simple monkey noises, and corny music, nothing much in those areas.

Some people may really like SMB, but I really don't. I think they should have turned it into a solid racing game, and put a different one in at launch. Worth a rent if you still have a couple of bucks left at the video store.

===================== 6 =======================

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 04/02/02, Updated 04/02/02

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