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Reviewed: 04/24/02 | Updated: 04/24/02

The masses agree, Super Monkey Ball will be a favorite for years to come!

What's not to like about this game? With 7 modes of multiplayer gameplay, and just as much one-player action, this game will keep your thumbs in shape. And you can't get bored with it! The replay value gets a 10 out of 10, because, with no true story mode, it offers endless amounts of fun. With so many multiplayer options, your friends are going to bug the bajeebus out of you until you play. This is the kind of game that makes consoles overheat and explode.

''9 out of 10? You said this game was awesome!'' It is awesome. But, the one true problem with this game is the controls. They are very simple, which is a good thing. But, the responsiveness is a bit sluggish, and can cause quite a few mishaps, like falling off platforms, or not going quite where you want in Monkey Target.

More options than you could ever want. Every game is up to four players, and, a great bonus, some don't even require multiple controllers!!

Normal Mode: 8/10
Quite reminiscent to Marble Madness, you use the control stick to tip the level, causing your Monkey to roll. The goal of this mode is to get your Monkey from the Start to the Finish within the allotted amount of time. With multiple players, the first to get to the finish line is the winner. Simple, very little downside, except that you can master the levels easily and beating your friends isn't fun anymore. Multiple players requires multiple controllers.

Monkey Race: 9/10
It's a race, just like normal mode, but on actual race tracks! Ranging from Jungles to Deserts, with 6 available courses, Monkey Race will fulfill anyone's need for speed. Multiple players requires multiple controllers.

Monkey Fight: 7/10
All the games are easy, which is the appeal of the game, but this is a little TOO easy. You move around the arena, you press A to punch your opponents daylights out. 'Nuff said. Multiple players requires multiple controllers.

Monkey Target: 10/10
One of my personal favorites, this one is probably the most technical game mode. It takes skill and accuracy to land on the targets and get the most points. Collect the Bananas for extra points. Also, Bananas get you Bonus Items, which can make getting points easier, or double, even triple your points. And, the big bonus, multiple players can play on just one controller!!

There are three Mini-Games - Monkey Golf, Monkey Bowling, and Monkey Billiards. Each one is as fun as the next. You can unlock each Mini-Game by getting points in one player mode, as stated in the manual. And not one of them requires multiple controllers for multiple players!! 10/10? You better believe it.

Monkey Golf: 10/10
Classic Putt-Putt, but your golf ball is a Monkey encased in plastic!! What's not to like about it? Choose from four different putters for the right amount of power and distance, and get a hole in one every time!

Monkey Bowling: 10/10
Throwing monkeys down a bowling lane, now that's entertainment! Time your power, aim right, and you'll get a strike. Pretty simple. But, if your aim is off, you can use the shoulder buttons to put a little spin on it to get it back on track. Relatively simple, although it likes to leave one pin standing, even if you should have got a strike. But, it's easy to get spares anyway.

Monkey Billiards: 9/10
Classic Nine-Ball with yet more monkeys. Not much to explain here. The only reason it gets a 9 is because I don't like billiards much.

You can't help but love this game. 7 modes of gameplay, multiplayer, and monkeys, all in one!!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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