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Super Monkey Ball

Super Monkey Ball, most will hear the name and turn away. Others might see a screenshot and will turn away. But Super Monkey Ball is one of the most addictive Game Cube games I’ve played yet. This game may not be a Star Wars :Rogue Leader or a Super Smash Bros. Melee but it definitely deserves credit. It’s the first gamecube game made by Sega.

Sound- There isn’t much good music the sounds are pretty good when you hear the monkeys screech as the fall of a platform. But obviously the sound doesn’t make this game any better.

Graphics- The graphics are also another feature that doesn’t really help the game out. I mean its good but its not exactly what Sega is about. Th The surroundings are good and I guess the monkeys have a pretty polished look.

Gameplay- It’s what all games should be about and it is what will grab you into the game. You have to look past the cover to really understand what makes this game so good. There are 2 modes, the main game and vs. mode.

Main Game- You have to first beat the game in Normal Mode under Beginner , to unlock Practice Mode and Competition Mode. Normal mode has 3 difficulties which are Beginner(10 levels), Advanced(30 levels), and Expert (50 levels). In each level you have to roll your monkey ball to the goal. Seems pretty simple huh? But this game can become very difficult and you can become extremely discouraged at times. Some of this levels look so hard and are so amazingly weird that can make you say out loud where do they come up with this stuff. Despite how difficult it is it will keep you playing no matter how many trys you have done. If you beat any of the difficulties without falling once you can unlock up to 3 extra stages. After you fall 3 times you get a chance to continue, you can have up to 5 continues. You can play Normal Mode with 4 of your friends using only one controller since you all get turns. At the end of any of the difficulties you play the staff stage where you have to collect bananas and dodge letters that fall in your path. Then at the end the rate you. You can collect up to 100 bananas to get another life but the staff stage doesn’t count.

In Practice Mode you can practice any level you have previously played in under Normal Mode. In Competition mode you can race with a friend to see who can get to the goal first. You’ll need a controller for each friend.

VS. Mode- VS. mode is what makes this game really good, at least most people say that. You start off with three party games which are:

Monkey Fight- You’ll need a controller for each friend you have to try to knock off the monkeys off the platform by hitting them with a boxing glove. You can make the glove big, long, or vortex by getting items.

Monkey Target- You can play with 4 friends with only 1 controller. You each taking turns rolling down this platform then opening your monkey ball and making wings. You have to then glide and try to land on a platform with labeled amount of points you can receive. You can make how many rounds each of you get.

Monkey Race- You need a controller for each friend. There are 6 different levels you can all race on and use items to help you get to the finish first. You can change the amount of laps you get.

This are all the mini-games but you can unlock part games by getting play points. You can receive play points by playing Normal Mode with only 1 player. Here are the 3 party-games you can unlock.

Monkey Bowling- This you can play with 4 friends using only one controller. You each get a turn to roll your ball into the pins and by making it spin left and right. Its bowling!

Monkey Golf- You can play with 4 friends using only one controller. You each get a turn to play 9 or 18 holes, trying to hit your monkey ball into the hole.

Monkey Billiards- You can play with 4 friends using only one controller. You each take turns playing pool. You play the pool game 9-ball.

These are all the possible modes there are in super monkey ball. You’ll need a memory card to save your data, high-scores and replays(optional-8 blocks).

Controls- The controls are a very important part of the game and they are extremely simple and easy to learn.

Replay Value- This game has superb replay value. No matter how many times you play the levels over and over again you'll always find yourself coming back for more. Maybe even more than SSBM.

Final Word- Don’t be afraid to buy this game. Don’t let your friends laugh at you because the idea is weird. It just might be the best game you/ or your friends have ever played. Sega is known for having weird games and they are usually good games as well.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/02/02, Updated 09/02/02

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