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"Can you say “greatest game of all time”?"

Ah Super Monkey Ball, how were you ever conceived? Super Monkey Ball is a very simple game, much like the Marble Madness games which no one ever played (but I did!). You are a monkey in a plastic ball and you have to roll around a futuristic world trying to get through a goal on the other side before time runs out. Ya, I know EXACTLY what you are thinking, “That sounds awesome!” Haha, no, you are thinking what an odd idea that is, and you are right, that IS odd, but in a good way. Never would you think that an idea THAT strange could be fun, but you know what, it is! There is something about it, the challenge of trying to slide along the edge of a pathway before time runs out, speeding up along turns, and just those adorable monkeys! Good times. Back to point. Super Monkey Ball has over 100 levels, and is sure to keep you busy. There is an easy mode, average mode, and a hard difficulty mode. You gain lives for getting bananas scattered among the courses, and you get play points for every level you beat, which can be used to buy more continues or mini games. You can choose between 4 different characters, Aiai, the main monkey, Gongon, the big ape, baby, the cute little baby, and Mimi, the girl monkey. Each can be used for certain things, such as baby is good for small ledges, but they are not necessities. Still more choices for an already option-filled game. But all of that is not why most people buy monkey ball, oh no. People buy it for one reason: multiplayer. Monkey Ball's multiplayer is unparalled. Not even the king of multiplayer, Mario Party, can compete with monkey ball's multiplayer action. Only 6 multiplayer games, yet each one could easily sell as its own game and do well. There is a bowling mini game with up to 4 players and a challenge mode, 9-ball billiards, 2 player or tournament, mini-golf, fight (monkey's punch each other with giant boxing gloves), race (almost as good as Mario kart), and target, where the monkeys' capsules open up like wings, and you guide them onto numbered platforms worth points. There is also a multiplayer mode for original levels, where u race against up to 3 other people to see who gets to the finish first. An amazing game that to this day remains my favorite game of all time.

Gameplay: 10/10
I so so so so so wish I could give a higher rating than 10 out of 10, but sadly, I am limited. THE most fun you will EVER have in ANY game. The main game will last you for months, the mini games will last you an eternity. The developers made an ingenious idea of forcing you to play through the main game so that you can unlock the mini-games, which is great because a lot of people do not give the main game a chance, and once they play it they have more fun then they could imagine.

Graphics: 10/10
The graphics in monkey ball are great, with the monkeys looking cartoonish and kooky, different worlds having a distinct look and feel, the levels are stunning, and the mini games look incredible. For instance, in bowling, the castle in which the pins are being held in reflects in the shiny surface of the lane! Perfect graphics that suit the game better than anything else you can imagine.

Sound: 10/10
Also a high point of the game. Each monkey has a distinct sound, and at certain points they make certain sounds. For example, when your monkey gets a strike, it yells and acts excited. When it hits the gutter, it moans and cries. That is just in bowling! Also, there is a voice which keeps track of time for you, telling you to hurry up and also says things like “great shot” in golf. The techno soundtrack is perfectly suited to the game style and each world has its own unique tune.

Replayability: 10/10
THE best part of the game. This is the ONLY game that I have played for 3 straight years and am STILL not tired of. If that's not replayability, I don't know what is. My friends and I still enjoy the multiplayer, and by myself I play the mini games or main games, and am not bored.

Rent or Buy?
Wow. If you do not buy this game, then you do not like video games. This game is a reason to pick up the Nintendo GameCube. Can you believe that now it is being released for 20 dollars (US)??? I cannot believe what a bargain that is! If I were you, I'd buy more controllers with the money I save so that I can have MORE fun!

Final Thought:
Very rarely does a game as odd as Monkey Ball have so much fun inside of it. I've heard talk of a “killer app” for a system, the game that everyone needs to get. If there is any debate as to what that game is for the GameCube, and Monkey Ball is not the winner, than those people have no souls. Best game ever, and I can say that without a doubt in my mind. BUY MONKEY BALL NOW.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/05/05

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