Where are shortcuts?

  1. I want to beat the game by using shortcuts and I want to know what courses have shortcuts and where they are

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    thank you blanketPl your answer was swell thanks very much!! from rylace

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  1. Star Cup
    Sherbet Land - On the first turn right after the cave, drift over the snow and you should land after it. This is also an ideal spot for a mushroom/star.
    Mushroom City - When you get back on the "highway" again, go on the right of the pit. You'll need a bit more than a mushroom boost, though and it heavily slows down your speed, so use a star or 2 mushrooms, if you can. For a "longcut" that gets you an item box, if you go straight at the first intersection, go right onto the narrow purple path. Also, the mushroom cars are in this course, too! Make good use of them!
    Yoshi Circuit - Around "Yoshi's" hand, you can use a boost, even from a lightweight kart's drift (although that is difficult), to go over the middle area with water. There is a "longcut" by boosting off the track and into a tunnel, not long after you go around the long turn which is "Yoshi's" saddle. (You'll be in a tunnel looking area when you're in the saddle.
    DK Mountain - There are none. That thing that the Chain Chomp will carry you over? Non-existant! Nah. You can jump over it for a major time saver, even if you have to slow down to readjust, since properly adjusting to it is hard at 54-57 mph even with a sharp drift.

    Special Cup (Not unlocked from the start, just in case you haven't unlocked it yet)
    Wario Coloseum - Technically, it's longer to take the boost pad, than to drift around the corners. That's about as far as shortcuts go on this course.
    Dino Dino Jungle - After the first cave, make a sharp right to a narrow bridge with a dash panel. Also, use a mushroom for a slightly longer route but an item box, on the bridge on your right at the start of the second cave.
    Bowser's Castle - There's one but it's a major one. When you come to where the Bowser statue spits fire onto the track, go straight onto the black lines and then drift to the left right when you start to jump off. Hopefully you'll make a sharp turn and won't bump into the wall but it's a major time saver, either way.
    Rainbow Road - Stars sometimes drop onto the track in non-time trial modes. Watch out, though! They could be bananas.

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  1. Mushroom Cup
    Luigi Circuit - In 100cc up, go on the path to your left that runs nearby the Chain Chomp. Watch out in non-time trials, though! That Chain Chomp might block your entire path! Also, those dash panels aren't worth it. Drift on the inside of the curve, instead, except possibly during 50cc.
    Peach Beach - There are no real shortcuts, though there is the "longcut" of the pipe, when you turn to the left and the other one on the left, when you get to the beach, which may require a mushroom/star, but both net you double item boxes.
    Baby Park - I'm going to go out on a limb and say none. It's just a guess, though. *sarcasm*
    Dry Dry Desert - If your kart has decent offroad speed and, perhaps, acceleration, you can cut some time off the track by going to the far right of the first turn, so you pass right near the rock. You can cut a few other corners like this, too. Also, you can use a mushroom/star on the right, after the pokeys, through the darker sand.

    Flower Cup
    Mushroom Bridge - The cars can get you mushrooms in non-time trials, not like that's a shortcut, per say, but it will save loads of time if you can do it right. Also, I'm pretty sure this ends up not being a shortcut because of the loss of speed on the fall after it but on the right, after the first tunnel, you can use a mushroom (maybe even one from the cars!) to go across the dirt. Also, the bridge's sides (not the sidewalk-esque thing, the arches) are lined with dash panels for the first half. With a light vehicle, you will only lose speed over all, I think, but with a heavy vehicle, I think you gain speed, overall, with it. There is also a "longcut" at the beginning if you turn right, practically straight away, for a double item box.
    Mario Circuit - Drift over the grass corner on the second turn to cut a little bit of time. (you'll jump over it) Boost behind the Chain Chomp, preferably with 2 or 3 mushrooms or a star but a single mushroom can do it too, if you do it correctly. Hit a goomba with a shell or lightning to get a mushroom to pop out of it a fair bit ahead. Getting one right before the bridge could be helpful to avoid loosing speed.
    Daisy Cruiser - When you reach the first stairs, drift a sharp right to go around the pool on the right, instead of the left. After the tables, you can take a "longcut" by falling down the pit and going towards the double item box. You'll get boosted through the fan pipe after that.
    Waluigi Stadium - After the second jump, use a mushroom or a star to go through the sludge on the left. While on the part with the piranha plants in pipes and the firebar sets, ride on the very left to go over the pipes. It probably won't actually gain you time if you are drifting with a lightweight vehicle but a heavyweight would probably gain a little time from it. Don't quote me on that, though. Also, the sludge in the last turn can be boosted through, as well. There's a Lakitu Glitch to get further ahead. Check for it on Youtube.

    Also, Yoshi's Egg can be useful for speed in first place, if you can stand the loss of the mini-turbo power of the lightweights. Even in first, shoot it ahead and a little after you can't see it anymore, (it will follow the course until it senses a player in a higher place than you and pops whenever it hits something, like a banana) it will pop and might contain one or more stars or mushrooms!

    Continued in the next answer, because I would otherwise be over 1000 characters over the limit.

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  2. Mushroom city+ Left or right why, and narrow shortcut with star lights and purple rug if you keep on going straight you'll see it to the side.
    Luigi circut+ dirt rode by Chain chomp
    Dino dino jungle+ (very triky) after the brown or "Yellow Brick rode" LOL go to the right side and with Mushroom boost, go across, I've never succeded on that.
    Wario Coloseum+ Go on Rainbow boost in the Middle of the circle.
    This is all I know of with the Shortcuts, Happy karting ;)!

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