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    JP Speech Translations by Wolf Feather

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                a.k.a. JP TRANSLATION GUIDE
    Jamie Stafford/Wolf Feather
    Initial Version Completed: December 30, 2001
    Current Version Completed: July 10, 2002
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    Spacing and Length
    Big Air
    Character Select
    Land Trick
    Post-event Comeback
    Post-event Taunt
    Pre-event Chatter
    Pre-event Comeback
    Pre-event Taunt
    Pre-event to Friend
    Contact Information
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    After spending more than a month playing SSX Tricky, I
    realized that while I understand most of what JP is saying,
    many players probably have no idea what comes from his mouth.
    Plus, I had come across someone's guide on the original SSX
    which included translations of what Kaori was saying, and
    thought it was a good idea.  Also, I had seen some posts on
    the SSX Tricky message board on GameFAQs from various players
    stating that they hated using (or refused to use) JP because
    they could not understand what he was saying (this also often
    held true for Kaori, the Japanese character).  Therefore, I
    decided to make use of my ability with the French language to
    write this guide.
    As the Internet is heavily dominated by English-speakers,
    standard text-only documents are not designed to handle
    accents.  Therefore, to avoid a document full of strange
    characters, accents have purposely not been used,
    necessitating some knowledge on the part of the reader to
    visualize the accents where they belong.
    Translation is FAR from a precise science.  For example,
    consider the controversy over the U.S. Government's official
    translation of the Osama Bin Laden videotape found in early
    December 2001 in a home in Afghanistan (the videotape
    advanced by the government as the ultimate proof of Bin
    Laden's involvement in the terrorist attacks on the United
    States on September 11, 2001) and the more specific
    translations offered by CNN and other news organizations in
    the days after the videotape's official release.  There are
    certainly many more potential translations which could be
    made for each phrase beyond what I have provided here; the
    translations given below are simply meant to give a general
    Finally, this is a work in progress.  There are several
    phrases spoken too quickly for me to comprehend with my non-
    native ears.  Given the randomness of the CPU's phrase
    selection for JP, there are quite possibly a few phrases in
    JP's 'arsenal' that I have yet to hear even once.  JP also
    uses a moderate amount of slang, an area of the French
    language with which I have extremely little familiarity,
    despite having twice lived and studied in both Paris, France,
    and Mouscron, Belgium during the 1990s.  Finally, those
    translations and corrections indicated with one or more
    asterisks are the work of others; see the Merci!!! section
    (near the end of this guide) for further details.
    Allez!                         Let's go! <<<catch-all
    Ca degage!                     This rocks!**
    C'est bien ce que je disais!   That's what I was talking
    Desole, j'ai une seance        Sorry, I have a photo session!
    En douceur!                    With gentleness!
    Enorme!                        Enormous!
    Grandiose!                     Grandiose!  <<<cognate>>>
    Il n'y a pas mieux!            There's nothing better!!!****
    Incroyable!                    Incredible!/Unbelievable!
    J'adore...!                    I love...!
    Je m'eclate!                   I'm having a helluva time! ***
    Le champion!                   The champion!
    La facon que j'y fais!         That's the way I do it!
    Le Francais vol carrement!     The French guy flies at will!
    Les filles adorent...!         The girls love...!
    Magique!                       Magic!
    Mister Big Air! <<<almost      Mister Big Air!
       sounds like 'Mister Big
    Nickel!                        Cool!**
    On salue le nouveau            Everyone bow to the new
       champion!                      champion!***
    Prenez une photo!              Take a photo!
    Qu'est-ce que je me trouve     I think I'm great!
    Qu'est-ce que tu fais!?!       (To self:) What are you
    Rien ne peut m'arreter!        Nothing can stop me!
    Super!                         Super!  <<<cognate>>>
    Superbe!                       Superbe!  <<<cognate>>>
    Tout le monde...!              Everyone...!
    Trop cool!                     Too cool!
    Cool, comme moi!               Cool, like me!
    Je suis le meilleur!           I am the best!
    La glisse, ca me connait!      I'm a pro!**
    Parfait, non?                  (I am) perfect, no?
    Aie!                           Ow!
    Alors ca, jamais!              That will never happen again!
    Au secours!                    Help (me)!
    Ca fait mal!                   That hurts!
    Ca ne fait pas...              That won't do it...
    Ce parcours craint...          This course sucks...*/**
    C'est bon encore...            It's all good...
    C'est inacceptable!            That's unacceptable!
    C'etait quoi!?!                What was that!?!
    Coince!                        Blocked!
    Comment ca s'est passe!?!      How did that happen!?!
    Comment est-ce que ca s'est    How did that happen!?!
    Et ma coiffure!?!              And my hair(style)!?!
    Et voila!                      And there it is!
    Gagne!                         Been there, done that!***
    He!  Tu triches!               Hey!  You're cheating!
    J'ai perdu mon calme...**      I lost my calm...
    Je deteste ca!                 I hate that!
    Je dois faire mieux!           I must do better!
    Je ne comprends pas...!        I don't understand...!
    Je ne dois pas continuer       I can't go on like that!
       comme ca!
    Je ne pense pas que ca va      I don't think that that will
       le faire...**                  do me any good...
    Je ne tombe jamais!            (But) I never fall!
    Je ne vais pas gagner comme    I won't win like that!
    Je ne veux pas avoir mal!      I don't want to get hurt!
    Je vous attends a l'arrivee!   I'll be waiting for you at
                                      the Finish Line!
    MAAAAMAAAAN!!!                 MOOOOMYYYY!!!*
    Noooooooon!!!                  Noooooooo!!!
    Oh non!!!                      Oh no!!!
    Pas assez bon encore!          Not rather good!  I still need
    Pas possible!                  (That's) not possible!
    Qu'est-ce qui t'est            (To self:) What came over
       arrive!?!                      you!?!
    Qu'est-ce qui...!?!            What the...!?!
    Qui a pose ca la!?!            Who put that there!?!
    Regarde devant toi!!!          (To self:) Look in front of
    Termine!                       (I'm) finished!
    Tout est si blanc!             Everything's gone white!
    Trahi!                         (I've been) betrayed!
    Trop dur!                      Too hard/difficult!
    Aucun probleme!                No problem!
    Ca m'eclate!                   It blows me!*  [I enjoy it!**]
    C'est bon ca quand meme!       That's great nonetheless!
    C'est chaud!                   That's hot!
    C'est formidable!              That's wonderful!
    C'est pas toi le meilleur!     You're not the best!
    En douceur!                    With gentleness!
    Et ma coiffure est toujours    My hair is always perfect!
       aussi parfaite!
    Excellent!                     Excellent!
    Fantastique!                   Fantastic!  <<<cognate>>>
    Inoubliable!                   Unforgettable!
    J'adore ca!                    I love it!
    Je domine completement!        I totally dominate!
    Je vais gagner, tu seras       I'm going to win, you'll be
       deuxieme!                      second!
    JP en tete!                    JP in the lead!/JP in front!
    La perfection!                 Perfection!
    Le champion!                   (I am) The champion!
    Le Francais vol carrement!     The French guy flies at will!
    Le rock star!                  The rock star!
    Les filles adorent...!         The girls love...!
    Nickel!                        Cool!**
    Niveau elementaire!            Elementary level! (i.e.: Too
    On se tait!                    That'll shut them up!
                                      (referring to unbelievers)
    Ouais, oh ouais! (extremely    Yes, oh yes!
       informal pronunciation)
    Ouiiiii!!!!!                   Yesssss!!!!!
    Oui!  Oh, oui!!!               Yes!  Oh, Yes!!!
    Parfaitement reussi(e)!        Perfectly executed!
    Qu'est-ce que je me trouve     I think I'm great!
    Rien ne peut m'arreter!        Nothing can stop me!
    Sublime!                       Sublime!  <<<cognate>>>
    Super!                         Super!  <<<cognate>>>
    Superbe!                       Superb!  <<<cognate>>>
    T'as vu ca!?!                  Did you see that!?!
    Tres joli(e)!                  Very beautiful!/How beautiful!
    Trop cool pour l'ecole!        Too cool for school!
    Trop cool!                     Too cool!
    Un artiste!                    (I am) an artist (with the
    Vous ne pouvez pas             You cannot stop me!
    Mais je ne sache pas           (In an unbelieving tone:) But
       perdre moi!                    I don't know how to lose!
    C'est juste craigne,           Seriously, this sucks!****
    L'eleve depasse le maitre!     The student passes the master!
    Regarde!  Ca va te servir!     Look!  This will help you!
    Tu ne vas pas t'en tirer       You won't get ahead like that!
       comme ca!
    Euh... no comprendo!           Uh... I don't understand!
    La prochaine fois, t'es        The next time, you're
       embouilli(e)!!!                screwed!!!****
    On se calme, okay!?!           Settle down, okay!?!
    Ce garcon est comme chez       This guy is at home on the
       lui!                           slopes!
    Ce snow pack est a moi!        This snow pack is mine!
    Ici, c'est le reve!            This is a dream!
    Je domine a fonce le           I dominate this American
       parcours americain!            course!
    Je vais craver mes initiales   I'm going to carve my initials
       sur ces superbes pentes!       in these superb slopes!
    Le champion est de retour!     The champion has returned!
    Le retour de la jungle!        The return of the jungle!
                                      <<<slang meaning???>>>
    Les Japonais adorent ce        The Japanese love this prince!
    Merci, mes amis!               Thank you, my friends!
    <<<In English>>>
    Pourquoi mes postes ont        Why do my posts (heats) always
       toujours des adversaires       have such talentless
       aussi nuls?                    competitors?
    <<<In English>>>
    Le champion est la!             The champion is here!
    Le rock star domine la          The rock star dominates the
       course!                         course!
    Vous allez m'aimer encore       You're going to love me even
       plus!                           more!
    Vous m'aimez tellement!         You love me so much!
    A big merci beaucoup to David-Alexandre Tremblay for his help
    in translating those phrases indicated with a single
    asterisk, to TheWorld for his/her translations and
    corrections indicated by two asterisks, to Philippe Mercure
    for items with three asterisks, and to Mitch Gelinas for
    those items designated with four asterisks.
    For questions, rants, raves, comments of appreciation, etc.,
    or to be added to my e-mail list for updates to this driving
    guide, please contact me at: FEATHER7@IX.NETCOM.COM; also, if
    you have enjoyed this guide and feel that it has been helpful
    to you, I would certainly appreciate a small donation via
    PayPal (http://www.paypal.com/) using the above e-mail
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    game guides, please visit FeatherGuides
    (http://www.angelcities.com/members/feathersites/).  The
    latest version will always be immediately available at
    FeatherGuides, while other Web sites may lag behind by
    several days in their regularly-scheduled posting updates.

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