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    Luther Quote Guide by FishEye

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 09/13/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    by FishEye (fishilens@yahoo.com)
    First version (v1.0) finished on:  June 4, 2002
    Updated to v1.5 on:  September 12th, 2002
         - added more quotes
    This Quote Guide was created using the North American version of SSX 
    Tricky.  I don't think the information presented here differs from the 
    other versions.  If you notice anything that *is* different, please let 
    me know and I will credit you for the info in future versions of the 
    **Table of Contents**
    A.  Introduction
    1.  Character Select
    2.  Big Air
    3.  Land Trick
    4.  Crash/Fall
    5.  Passes
    6.  Gets Passed
    7.  Pre-Event Showoff Chatter
    8.  Pre-Event Race Chatter
    9.  Post-Event Taunts/Comebacks
    10.  Wins
    11.  Loses
    12.  Unknown
    B.  Outro
         While interest in SSX Tricky has waned from it's initial release, 
    there are still some of us out there who continue to play the game 
    regularly and still haven't tired of it.  Looking for something else to 
    do for the game, a few of us from the SSX Tricky message board at 
    GameFAQ decided to make quote guides for the characters.  The characters 
    in the game say so many things (most of them hilarious) that it just 
    seemed like a good idea to collect them all into mini-guides.  I 
    volunteered to do Luther, Eddie, Elise, and Moby.  This is the Luther 
    guide.  Others are currently making (or have already made) guides for 
    the rest of the characters, be on the lookout for your favorites!
         This guide is a work in progress.  I will be updating it 
    periodically with new quotes as I'm sure there are many more I haven't 
    heard yet.  
         (?) = Not sure if this is exactly what the character said
         (CB) = Comeback (response to a Taunt)
         (T) = Taunt (followed by another character's Comeback)
         (F) = Happened while fighting (not sure if that's required)
         (KD) = Happened when Luther knocked down an opponent (not sure if 
                a knockdown is required)
         (LKD) = Happened when Luther was knocked down (again, not sure if
                 that's a requirement)
    I would also like to note that I've taken some liberties regarding the 
    spelling of words.  I've tried to represent the character's dialect and 
    in doing so may have intentionally misspelled words.
    And finally - At this point I've listened to and watched countless 
    replays of the game (that's where some of the best quotes can be heard 
    the most frequently).  In regards to the Passing/Being Passed sections - 
    it's very difficult to tell which condition the quote was triggered from 
    when you are racing that close.  So, it should be noted that the quotes 
    in those two sections are somewhat interchangeable.  I tried to place 
    them in the section I felt the quote was most appropriate in.
         - Luther is in the house!
         - You look like you need protection you namby-pamby, sissy-freak,
           chumpy-boots... wimp.
         - Come on chumpy, let's butt-kick somethin'!
         - No wimps allowed.
    2.  BIG AIR
         - Swamp buggy boogie!
         - Line up the ladies, Luther in the hoooouse!
         - Boodaboodabing!
         - Oh yeeeeeeah!
         - I am flyiiiiin'!
         - Better than breakfast, mama!
         - Hoooo doggggggy!
         - Touchdown!
         - Grrravy time!
         - Cleeear the runwaaay!
         - YabbadabbaLuther!
         - High-flyin' train!
         - I got wings!  I got wings!
         - Wave to ya momma!
         - Waaaahoooo!
         - Aiiiirrr Luuutherrr!
         - The looooong bomb!
         - Mama loves Luther!
         - Ya gotta love it baby!
    3.  LAND TRICK
         - Bringin' home the bacon, baby!  Bringin' home the baaacooon!
         - Fire in the hole, baby, fire in the hole!
         - That's one for the gipper, baby, that's one for the gipper!
         - Clear the track, baby!
         - Bring on the dolls, baby, bring on the dolls.
         - I like it!  I like it!  Yeah!
         - King Luther!  Call me King Luther.  I'm the King, call me King
         - That's for all you lovely ladies out there, from Luther!
         - Oh you betcha!
         - Yeah  baby that's better than real butta!
         - Gimme my prize!  Gimme my prize!  Where's my priiiize!
         - Who loves Luther?  Who loves Lutherrr!
         - Yeah!
         - Oooh dogggyyy!
         - Right oooon!
         - Yahoo, baby!
    3.  CRASH/FALL (many of these can be preceeded by incoherent grunts)
         - Abungaboonga!
         - Rawwr!
         - Wrap me up, I'm done.
         - Fix me up coach, I'm goin' back in.
         - I think I need a little snack.
         - I did that on purpose, I aaa did that on purpose.
         - Ooooh.  I felt that one.
         - Woulda, shoulda, coulda.
         - Who put that there?
         - I'm weak with hunger, baby.
         - That'll leave a dent.
         - Here comes lunch.
         - Good thing I got all this paddin'.
         - Technicolor purp... blah. (?)
         - Who moved the darn mountain?
         - I'm black, blue, and mad.
         - Black, blue, and mad, mama.
         - Oh just five more minutes mama, five more minutes.
         - Oh man... oh man.
         - Woah, pain is my bread. (?)
         - Now I'm gettin' mad!
         - Now you've made me mad.
         - I'm hit, I'm hit.
         - Restart!  Restart!  Restart!
         - Who left all this junk on the track, huh?!
         - I didn't like that board anyway.
         - Eww.  That'll leave a dent.
         - Sheeeeoot.
         - Yellow flag!  Yellow flag!  Yellow flag!
         - Bent my frame... I'm gonna need body work.
         [incoherent grunts and groans]
    5.  PASSES (many of these can be preceeded by "Hey!" and/or a 
                character's name)
         - Put your butt into it!
         - Comin' through!
         - You must be usin' unleaded!
         - Shootin' the gap, baby.  Luther's shootin' the gap!
         - See ya sucker!
         - Stay on (off?) my tail baby!
         - I'm gone, chump!
         - Y'all pickin' up the tab!
         - Adios, lunchbucket!
         - Here comes the Pain Express, baby!  Here it comes!  Comin'
         - Hope you got a good medical plan!
         - The Luther Express is comin' through, baby!
         - Don't worry, it's not too difficult learnin' how to eat through
           a straw!
         - You're better off behind me, sissy-boots!
         - Move it, or I'll bulldog ya!
         - Oh goody, now I can drive.  Luther gets to drive!  Luther gets
           to drive!
         - Blip, blip, blip, baby!
         - Pleased to meetcha. (F)
         - Whoops! (KD)
         - I'm comin' for ya!
         - Yeeeah, I'm comin' for yaaa! 
         - Last one standin' wins.
         - Bye, bye, baby!
         - No wimps allowed.
         - Prepare for a world of hurt!
         - You're lucky I already ate breakfast!
         - I'm gonna run you over, and you're gonna learn to like it!
         - I break for nothing, chump.  
         - Not your day is it, sista?
         - Dive for cover, chump! 
         - Outta the way, slowcoach!
         - Hope you don't like those teeth too much!
         - When the goin' gets tough, Luther gets rough!
         - This'll be easier than fishin' with a stick o' dynamite.
         - Let's wreck the house!
         - Don't get in my way and I won't hurt ya!
         - I am the bowling ball, you are the pin!
         - I hit anything that stands still, baby.
         - I'll hit ya with so many lumps you'll beg for a ride! (?)
    6.  GETS PASSED (many of these can be preceeded by "Hey!" and/or a 
                     character's name)
         - Bad plan!
         - Dang, I had pole position too.  Dang.
         - Come on back here, let's talk about this.  Come on!
         - I'll find you!
         - I'll find you, I'll hunt you down!
         - You don't wanna tick me off now, you don't wanna tick me off.
         - Gonna make you my practice dummy next time!
         - I see pain in your future!
         - I'm takin' down your number!
         - You wanna be listed MIA?  Huh?  Huh?  Do ya?
         - Traitor!
         - Come on, cross the line of scrimmage!  I dares ya.  I do.  I 
           dares ya.
         - You're gonna regret that!
         - You want this to be your last race?  Do ya?
         - Wiiide open from here on out, baby!
         - Let me introduce ya to five of my closest friends!
         - Where's my flyswatta?
         - I ain't just whistlin' dixie here, darnit.
         - I'm bigger and meaner than all of ya put together.
         - Let's go break some bones that ain't my own!
         - I'll hit you so hard your mother'll feel it, sissy!
         - This is demolition dirty, freeky-boots.
         - Straight up the gut, ya namby-pamby freek.
         Garibaldi - In the summer, I'm comin' back here with my truck, 
         Snowdream - Not bad for a T-bar course. (?)
         Elysium Alps - I like the French, 'cause they invented french
                        fries, baby.
         Mesablanca - Say my name!  Say it!
         Merqury City - Not bad for a cityslicker course.
         Tokyo Megaplex - I haven't heard this much cheerin' since my mom
                          was on that talk show!
         Aloha Ice Jam - Lotta red flags on this course.  I like red.
         Alaska - Them polar bears are good eatin'.
         Garibaldi - Mac, I'm gonna hafta hurt ya now boy.(to Mac)
                     You smell like the seat of my swamp buggy, wimp. (to
                     I see paaain in your future! (response to Brodi)
                     Is that you Seeiah?  Sorry, the glare is blindin'!
                     (response to Seeiah)
         Snowdream - We dogpile 'em at the bottom, right? (to JP)
                     You betcha buddy, yee ha! (response to JP)
         Elysium Alps - I haven't heard this much cheerin' since my mom was 
                        on that talk show!
         Mesablanca - A four-wheel drive track.  Yeah, baby.  
         Merqury City - Say my name!  Say it!
         Tokyo Megaplex - This course is perfect for landin' on somebody.
         Aloha Ice Jam - Just tell me who ya want smoked, boss! (to JP)
                         Full octane.  Locked, cocked, and loaded baby.
                         (response to JP)
         Alaska - You gonna wish you was in figure skatin' after this,
                  freak! (to Mac)
                  Shut yer cake-hole! (response to Eddie)
                  Brodi, shut it or I'll bully ya around the block.
                  (response to Brodi)
                  Yeah, well the same to you! (response to Seeiah)
         - This isn't over by a long shot. (CB)
         - You are the mud in my tires. (CB)
         - You want rough?  I'll give you rough. (CB)
         - Take a picture while you're still pretty! (CB)
         - Now... the gloves are off, chump. (T)
         - I'm gonna smeeear you next time. (T)
         - That rough stuff is gonna bring you pain, chumpy-boots! (T)
    10.  WINS
         - I'm going ta get my name on a baseball cap.
         - I am the big dog, baby.
         - Ha ha.  Tailgate parties, baby!
    11.  LOSES
         - Nobody... talk ta me.
         - My boots were too tight.  I need a size 16.
    12.  UNKNOWN 
         This category is for quotes that I heard but am not sure at what 
         point they were said.  They are here until I find out where to 
         place them.
         - It's the size of the dog and that's all that matters.  
         - I'm bigger an' meaner than all ya put togetha!
    Any questions/comments/submissions/corrections can be sent to me at
    Thanks to - 
         EA Sports for making such an entertaining game.
         Usanagi for working some of us into a quote making guide 
         WFeather for providing a guide template to work off of.  
    Legal Stuff - 
         Copyright 2002, FishEye.  
         Authorized for use on:  www.gamefaqs.com
    If you'd like to use this guide anywhere else, please write me at the
    e-mail address (listed directly above) and ask.  Please do not alter or 
    redistribute this FAQ in any way other than it's original form.  

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