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    Showoff Guide by Wolf Feather

    Version: Final | Updated: 07/10/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Jamie Stafford/Wolf Feather
    Initial Version Completed: June 18, 2002
    FINAL VERSION Completed:   July 10, 2002
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    SHAMELESS PLUG: For those wondering what JP (the French
    character) is saying, please see my SSX Tricky: Qu'est-ce
    qu'il dit? Guide.  On GameFAQs (http://www.GameFAQs.com/),
    this particular guide is listed as 'JP Speech Translations.'
    Spacing and Length
    Circuit Descriptions
    Elysium Alps
    Merqury City Meltdown (MCM)
    Tokyo Megaplex
    Aloha Ice Jam
    Subjective Section
    Contact Information
    For optimum readability, this driving guide should be
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    Check for font setting by making sure the numbers and letters
    below line up:
    This guide is 35 pages in length in 12-pont single-spaced
    Courier font in the Macintosh version of Word98.  Therefore,
    printing this guide is likely not a good idea.  Besides, if
    it is printed, the only realistic way to use this guide while
    playing the game is to have a rally-style 'navigator' reading
    off the directions as you play.
    Permission is hereby granted for a user to download and/or
    print out a copy of this driving guide for personal use.
    However, due to the extreme length, printing this driving
    guide may not be such a good idea.
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    Should anyone wish to translate this driving guide into other
    languages, please contact me for permission(s) and provide me
    with a copy when complete.
    Remember:  Plagiarism in ANY form is NOT tolerated!!!!!
    My intention in offering this guide is to give newcomers an
    idea of how to obtain Gold Medals on the various Showoff Mode
    courses of SSX Tricky.  This guide presents the path I take
    with virtually ALL characters in the game, although my
    character of specialty is definitely the Japanese trick
    specialist Kaori :-)
    Note that for Showoff Mode, Freestyle and BX boards are best.
    If a character's default board (the first of the two
    initially-available boards listed for a character) is one of
    these types, then that character will also have access to
    Character Ubertricks (such as Kaori's Pirouette Grind).  This
    does not mean that Alpine boards are impossible to use in
    Showoff Mode or that those characters' Character Ubertricks
    are worthless; Alpine boards are simply harder to use to
    perform tricks and Ubertricks.  Freestyle boards are easiest
    for performing tricks, but BX boards are usually also quite
    good at performing tricks.
    This guide is simply intended as a reference.  It is
    definitely not law, and almost certainly not the best way to
    gain maximum points in Showoff Mode at each venue.  However,
    this guide will hopefully be useful to those new to the game;
    it may even reveal a few shortcuts or non-obvious trick areas
    which had previously been unnoticed - if so, then this guide
    has served its purpose :-)
    For success at certain venues, it is important to know how to
    grind (ride) the rails, fences, wires, and other extremely
    narrow objects.  Once on a rail or similar object, quickly
    use the D-pad to turn the rider so that the board is
    perpendicular to the direction of travel; in other words, the
    rider is either facing forward or backward in relation to the
    direction of travel.  Then, use the left analog stick (L3
    stick) to balance left and right while in motion.  Those who
    are REALLY good at this can benefit tremendously from the
    high and lengthy overhead rails at Tokyo Megaplex!!!
    Grinding the many rails at Alaska in Showoff Mode is
    particularly important to obtaining a Gold Medal score.  In
    general, many rails lead either to good shortcuts or to 3x
    and 5x multipliers in Showoff Mode (sometimes both).
    Whenever possible, try to hit the floating bonus stars.
    Yellow stars are 2x multipliers, orange stars are 3x
    multipliers, and red stars are 5x multipliers.  If you hit
    several stars at once during a jump, you will be credited
    with the highest-value star, even if you jump first through a
    red star and then through an orange or yellow star.  However,
    the stars only multiply the trick/Ubertrick value upon a
    successful landing; to that end, you can often use the size
    of your character's shadow upon the ground to determine when
    to back out of a trick and begin preparing to land.  If
    necessary, use the L3 stick (the left analog stick) to fine-
    tune the character's position in relation to the slope of the
    ground in the landing zone; this is especially important
    after exiting the long icy fan-assisted tunnel at the end of
    Alaska (Showoff Mode and Race Mode).
    No matter where you are on the circuit when a trick begins,
    you do not receive any points for ending tricks and
    Ubertricks beyond the Finish Line.  Therefore, if you attempt
    tricks close to the Finish Line, make sure you can land them
    'legally' in order to receive the appropriate points.  The
    main place where this might be a problem for Ubertricks is at
    Merqury City Meltdown (MCM), as those who can crash in
    through the dome with enough speed may find themselves
    landing beyond the Finish Line before they finish any
    Ubertricks (or standard tricks).
    At Tokyo Megaplex, there are A LOT of small air vents all
    over the circuit, plus the massive air vent just before the
    Finish Line.  A tip to gain a few more points is to flip
    forward just before an air vent, beginning a trick or
    Ubertrick while in the air.  If performed correctly, the flip
    will place the character over the air vent high enough for
    the air vent to blow the character upward before any
    collision with the ground.  This takes plenty of practice and
    is not very easy to accomplish unless a character has full
    Trick and Stability stats.
    There are penalties for repeating tricks and Ubertricks;
    specifically, each repetition cuts the total points for the
    trick or Ubertrick by half of what was awarded when it was
    previously performed.  Therefore, while I may continually say
    'SHORT Ubertrick' or 'Character Ubertrick' in this guide, it
    is important to keep 'alternating' tricks by pressing various
    buttons on the D-pad as the trick is performed, to vary the
    direction and thus avoid repetition.  Another good tactic is
    to complete the trick or Ubertrick and, if enough airtime
    remains, add a spin or flip.
    This section is designed to give readers an overview of each
    circuit at a glance, and is lifted almost verbatim from my
    SSX Tricky: Non-Snowboarders' Guide.  This is not a section-
    by-section detailed description of what to expect; this is
    rendered somewhat difficult due to the alternate routes
    available at almost all venues.  Note that the descriptions
    here are primarily for Race Mode; Showoff Mode will also have
    plenty of manmade jumps, rails, and other things added for
    bonus and trick purposes.
    Garibaldi: Now the first venue on the SSX circuit, this
       brand-new circuit presents plenty of trick and Ubertrick
       opportunities with its many jumps.  The alternate route
       bypasses almost all of the main circuit, and itself has a
       number of jumps over nasty gorges and fast-flowing icy
       rivers.  As a Showoff venue, Garibaldi's many jumps and
       grinds make it FAR too easy to score a Gold Medal here
       (only 55,000 points are required for the Gold Medal), even
       if playing SSX Tricky for the first time.  As a Race
       venue, the many jumps allow you to quickly perform six
       Ubertricks to gain Infinite Boost, which will allow you to
       easily win a race so long as you can keep from falling
    Snowdream: The first venue in the original SSX is now the
       second in SSX Tricky.  Located in Japan, this incarnation
       is a bit different from the original game.  The first
       part of the circuit provides the most opportunities for
       tricks, but generally not enough airtime for the really
       spectacular Ubertricks.  While the initial jumps are
       really small, they can still provide an enterprising
       player to pull off tricks to boost ahead of the pack, or
       catch up if necessary.  Trick specialists such as Kaori
       can still perform enough Ubertricks early in a race to
       quickly gain Infinite Boost, which can then be used to
       essentially coast to victory.
    Elysium Alps: One of the longer runs of the game, many
       players will find it difficult to complete Elysium Alps in
       under five minutes.  There are plenty of opportunities for
       tricks in the initial and final thirds of the circuit,
       while the middle section depends on your route and just
       how much forward momentum can be generated; the middle
       stage's "high road" has gaping jumps over the twisty, icy
       "low road."  The alternate route on the first stage of the
       circuit is really only for advanced players, although a
       well-placed "fall" can provide a good opportunity to
       perform multiple Ubertricks before landing back on the
       main course.
    Mesablanca: Snowboarding in the desert!?!?!?!?!?!  Overall,
       Mesablanca has fewer trick opportunities than the
       preceding venues, so speed is generally a better option
       here.  However, trick specialists can perform enough
       Ubertricks to gain Infinite Boost by the time they reach
       the wooden bridge.  If you do not have enough forward
       momentum for the final jump, you will definitely lose if
       in a close race.
    Merqury City Meltdown: From the very beginning, this urban
       setting features split paths which continually cross each
       other throughout the first half of the circuit, so beware
       of cross-traffic.  Being a city site, there are also
       plenty of fire hydrants, traffic signal poles, downed
       lights, buildings, bus shelters, light poles, etc., which
       will all slow you down - if they do not knock you to the
       ground.  Jumping across the highway is much easier in SSX
       Tricky than in the original SSX.  Because of the tight
       twists and turns and the many obstacles, it is very easy
       to find yourself both in the lead and bringing up the rear
       several times in a race here; use knockouts and shortcuts
       to your advantage!!!
    Tokyo Megaplex: This Japanese venue feels very much like
       being the ball in a pinball machine.  The configuration
       has changed since the original SSX, but is still rather
       similar.  The most impressive additions are the sections
       of updraft vents; riding one or two of these will thrust
       you far up into the air, and can give you plenty of time
       to pull off amazing tricks, and possibly even TWO
       Ubertricks (including a "signature move").  Even those
       characters which are not trick specialists can rack up
       rather high point totals in Showoff, so long as each
       Checkpoint is reached before time expires.  For races, the
       many suspended twisting grinds and halfpipes can give a
       tremendous advantage, but require expert usage of the
       left analog stick.
    Aloha Ice Jam: If snowboarding in the American Southwest is
       odd, snowboarding in Hawaii is even stranger.  Still, this
       is a unique circuit, and one of the most difficult on the
       SSX circuit.  The circuit begins with a tight, long, left
       hand turn with a bone-breaking drop-off to the outside.
       Once clear of the initial corner, the main section of
       Aloha Ice Jam features a number of gaps to jump and tight
       high-speed corners.  After another gap, the ice cave
       section at the end of the circuit has even tighter twists
       and turns with a few jumps in low-ceiling areas.  Once out
       of the ice cave, icebergs line the path to the Finish
       Line.  Even trick specialists will have a hard time in
       Showoff here, as the point totals needed for each medal
       can be rather difficult to achieve due to all the tight
       twists and turns and the low ceilings.
    Alaska: This second new venue is by far the most difficult in
       SSX Tricky.  This is due partly to the general lack of
       trick opportunities, and partly due to the fast, mostly-
       ice surfaces.  Especially hard to master are the ice
       tunnels at the end of the Alaska venue; if you are not
       careful, you could very quickly find yourself on the
       ceiling... and quickly succumbing to gravity if you do not
       have enough forward momentum.  The circuit is generally
       narrow, tight, and twisty, so the best way to make a pass
       is probably by using a well-placed stiff-arm; Zoe and
       Psymon seem especially adept at Knockdowns, although even
       little Kaori can bring an opponent down to her size.
    Pipedream: Pipedream is a trick specialist's orgy!!!  There
       are more than enough opportunities to perform tricks here,
       especially in the various bowls scooped out of the ground.
       However, the Pipedream Showoff event has a VERY high medal
       threshold, so always keep an eye on the time.  Most
       importantly, keep track of which direction is downhill; if
       you spend a lot of time doing tricks in one of the many
       bowls, you can easily lose your sense of direction, which
       will be key when you need to reach the next Checkpoint
       before time expires.  The best place to score massive
       points to attain a Gold Medal is in the two halfpipes;
       the first is on the leftmost side of the middle section,
       while the best one is in the center of the circuit just
       before the Finish Line.
    Gold Medal: 55,000 points
    This initial plateau is a prime place to perform several
    mistys and rodeos.  To do this, gain momentum, then suddenly
    turn uphill and perform the trick.  Generally, three of these
    are required to completely fill the Trick Meter, thus
    enabling Ubertricks.  Once the Trick Meter is full, boost
    your way toward the initial cliff jump.  At the last possible
    millisecond, boost-jump off the cliff and perform TWO
    Character Ubertricks; if able to gain enough air on the
    actual jump itself, there may even be enough time for a quick
    grab or a few spins before landing.  The Gold Medal threshold
    for Garibaldi is only 55,000 points; it is definitely
    possible for a character at or near Master Status to gain
    more than enough points for a Gold Medal upon landing.
    Continue downhill and turn right along the main course.
    There is a small rise after the corner, and the rise is good
    for a boost-jump into a spin or flip.  With enough air on the
    jump, flips and spins can be added.
    Continue around the icy corners, perhaps taking a few jump-
    spins, until the course straightens out and takes a strong
    downhill descent.  The next section includes multiple natural
    jumps with ramps at the top, each leading to floating stars.
    The easiest of the stars to hit are those on the right side;
    those on the left require early and perfectly-timed jumps,
    which is why I prefer those on the right.  Boost-jumping off
    these ramps usually yields enough time to perform two QUICK
    Ubertricks, or one Character Ubertrick and a QUICK Ubertrick.
    By the time this section is cleared (indicated with the red
    glass SSX Tricky panel on the right side while the main
    course continues downhill), TRICKY should have been spelled,
    meaning that you will now have Infinite Boost and permanent
    Ubertrick ability.
    Unless landing in too poor a position to cross over, take the
    aforementioned red SSX Tricky panel on the right side.
    Immediately behind that panel is the beginning of a rail; hop
    on and ride.  Initially, it will appear that the rail
    disappears/ends after the end of the cliff, but it actually
    dips steeply downward and then rises back up again; by
    jumping off the (true) end of the rail, you should be able to
    hit a floating red star (while performing a grab - there is
    not enough airtime here for any Ubertricks or truly
    complicated standard tricks), and then land on a very snowy
    area beyond the main course (which passes underneath the
    rail).  Turn right, boost-jump off the ramp, perform an
    Ubertrick, and - if your placement is good - you may be able
    to hit another floating red star before landing.  Depending
    on where you land from the initial ramp, you may also be able
    to jump off a second ramp before rejoining the main course.
    Continue along the main course until the two paths rejoin
    after a small ice-covered ledge in the center.  You will now
    be in an area with a tall fence on the left and the sheer
    mountainside on the right.  There is enough of a slope here
    along both sides of the main course to perform a few jump-
    spins or jump-flips; with enough air, you can even perform
    grabs and tweaks for a few more points.  Do not spend too
    much time here, as bigger points are ahead!!!
    Come around the corner and you will see ahead that the course
    diverges to the right, a rail moves to the right with a
    floating red star at the top, and a nice ramp heads straight
    ahead with a floating orange star in the air.  I prefer to
    use the ramp here, and can routinely gain enough air (by
    boost-jumping) to perform two Character Ubertricks (with
    Kaori), and STILL have time for a misty or rodeo before
    On landing, continue along the main course.  There will be
    two natural jumps (some distance apart) over plateaus here,
    each with yellow and orange floating stars.  Hitting the
    yellow star should be easy; boost-jumping is often enough to
    hit the orange star.  In either case, there should be enough
    time to perform an Ubertrick in each area.
    After the second of these jumps, the course becomes icy once
    more.  At the next ramp, perform a short Ubertrick.  Then,
    depending on whether you can land on the raised rail, either
    grind the rail to the floating orange star, or use one of the
    natural jumps to the side to boost-jump through a yellow star
    while performing a SHORT Ubertrick.
    Upon landing, edge to the left side of the next natural icy
    jump; a boost-jump will allow a SHORT Ubertrick here; if you
    manage to land on the short fencing, grind it for a few more
    points :-)   Then edge to the left along the icy area and
    boost-jump the natural jump on the left side of the two tall
    cliffs, performing one or perhaps even two SHORT Ubertricks;
    if possible, land on the rail and grind to the end.
    By now, the Gold Medal should be well in hand.  In this case,
    follow the main course to the left, then back to the right
    and over the short icy ledge, then back to the left.  Ahead
    you will see another ramp; a boost-jump off this ramp will
    allow for perhaps two SHORT Ubertricks, with proper placement
    allowing the character to hit another floating star.  Land on
    the icy area below.  Note that this shortcut (minus the ramp
    and the floating star) is also great for Race Mode events
    here, completely bypassing a tricky (no pun intended) part of
    the course.
    Continue along the icy course; if possible, edge to the right
    and grind one or both of the brief rails rising out of the
    ice.  Boost-jump at the natural rise in the course and
    perform a SHORT Ubertrick.  Land on or just beyond the
    plateau and edge to the right, doing another boost-jump to
    perform a Character Ubertrick as the main course falls away;
    be careful with character placement before the jump, however,
    as the raised cliffs do have a nasty overhang.
    Nearly finished!!!!!  The course takes a final turn to the
    right below, but the banks on both sides of this area are
    fairly steep.  Boost-jumping here can allow for a few more
    tricks to be performed - possibly important if chasing after
    a personal record score for Garibaldi.
    Finally, take the final turn; I prefer to come in high off
    the left-side banking to gain more speed for the final
    natural jump in the course.  If you can line things up
    PERFECTLY and get EXCELLENT speed, you can boost-jump high
    enough to hit the orange and/or red floating stars while
    performing a Character Ubertrick and perhaps a few mistys or
    rodeos before landing just before the Finish Line.  If there
    is enough room and time, do a few more jump-spins and jump-
    flips here before ending.
    Gold Medal: 95,000 points
    Out of the starting gate, edge right, and grind the rail
    here; at the end, perform a jump-flip through the floating
    star, and the Trick Meter should be full upon landing.
    Ahead, make use of one of the ramps to perform a Character
    Ubertrick to really start amassing points.  Follow along the
    icy turns until the course straightens out, then boost-jump
    off the ramp and perform a Character Ubertrick through the
    floating orange star.  Far ahead, boost-jump off the ramp and
    perform a Character Ubertrick through yet another floating
    orange star, and land in the deep snow just off the main
    course.  Get back on the main course as quickly as possible.
    There are two ramps ahead; take the wider ramp on the left,
    and boost-jump with a Character Ubertrick through the
    floating snowman.  On landing, prepare to boost-jump off the
    next ramp and perform another Character Ubertrick through the
    yellow and/or orange floating stars.
    After the main course turns to the right, there are two
    natural jumps leading to plateaus; on the right and left side
    of each plateau are rails leading up to floating stars.
    Either ride the rails to the stars to perform Ubertricks, or
    boost-jump off the natural jumps and perform Ubertricks,
    hopefully launching far enough to hit the floating stars.
    After this section, the course splits into two main paths
    (left and right) with a blue SSX Tricky glass panel in the
    center.  Break the blue SSX Tricky glass panel, ride the pipe
    coming out of the ground, and boost-jump off its end while
    performing a Character Ubertrick.  Unless you jump too far
    (which is certainly possible here), you should hit a floating
    red star and may even land on and grind the center fence.
    Back on the snow, follow the course to the right and boost-
    jump off the natural jump, performing an Ubertrick.  Ahead,
    boost-jump with a Character Ubetrick off the ramp and land on
    an icy area.  Follow the icy area and boost-jump off yet
    another ramp (hitting a floating yellow star) with a
    Character Ubertrick.  Continue down the icy ramp and boost-
    jump off its end with a SHORT Ubertrick, jumping the main
    course and landing on the raised area on the other side.
    Keep following this raised area, boost-jumping off ramps with
    Ubertricks (often hitting floating yellow stars) and jumping
    the gaps that mark the main course below.
    Eventually, the 'high road' and 'low road' will join together
    again with a big jump and several floating stars ahead.
    Boost-jump here with a Character Ubertrick through the stars
    (the floating red star can be attained with enough altitude)
    and land on the main course below.  Follow it along as it
    turns left, then boost-jump with an Ubertrick off the final
    (very narrow) ramp through another floating yellow star,
    landing just before the Finish Line.
    Gold Medal: 225,000 points
    A perhaps unconventional way to begin this course is to
    immediately curve to the right so the character is pointing
    uphill (toward the big metal poles), then performing a misty;
    characters can bounce off these poles without losing any
    points, and can potentially be bounced slightly higher in the
    air to gain even more points.  Upon landing, head back toward
    the right-side ramp, but approach from the right, jumping off
    the ramp at an angle and performing a trick (perhaps a misty
    while holding all four shoulder buttons - at least on the
    PlayStation2 version of the game) through the floating orange
    Upon landing, you should have a full Trick Meter.  Continue
    onward toward the three moving ramps.  To gain maximum
    altitude off this tall cliff jump, try to arrive at a ramp
    just as it reaches its maximum height, then boost-jump off
    the ramp through one of the floating yellow stars, performing
    up to TWO Character Ubertricks in the long fall back to the
    ground.  On landing, follow the main course to the right, and
    boost-jump off the center of the next natural jump over a
    plateau with a SHORT Ubertrick, hopefully coming down early
    enough to fall through a floating yellow star.
    Continue on along the main course, AVOIDING the next ramp.
    If you take this ramp, you will need FLAWLESS timing to keep
    from colliding with the billboard opposite the ramp.
    Therefore, keep following along the main course to the first
    Checkpoint, and boost-jump off the left side of the natural
    jump there, hopefully passing through the floating yellow
    star there.
    Continue along the main course until you come to the red SSX
    Tricky glass panel.  Smash through the panel with a boost-
    jump and perform up to TWO Character Ubertricks before
    landing (this is also a great shortcut in Race Mode).
    Continue along the main course to the blue SSX Tricky glass
    panel, and smash through with a boost-jump to perform a SHORT
    Ubertrick.  Upon landing, there should be a significant
    natural jump (a high ledge) should you continue straight
    ahead; a Character Ubertrick can be performed here with
    enough forward momentum.
    Once you land, follow the main course a long distance until
    you come to the area with the two ramps in front of what
    seems to be a 'bridge' with grindable rails on either side
    and floating stars at the top.  Bypass the ramps, passing
    between them, and boost-jump off the lower of the natural
    sides in the 'bridge,' performing a Character Ubertrick
    through one of the floating stars and landing just beyond the
    crest.  Perform a flip or spin off the ledge.
    Now look ahead on the left side for the red SSX Tricky glass
    panel; slow, then break through it.  This leads to the 'old
    course' from the original SSX, and is much more trick-
    friendly than the 'new course' which passes through the ice
    cave.  If you can land on the fallen tree after smashing
    through the glass panel, grind it, perhaps with a flip or
    spin off the end.  Follow the course to the first of two
    plateaus, and boost-jump off each with a Character Ubertrick.
    IMMEDIATELY upon landing after the second plateau, edge hard
    left and jump over the minor rock outcropping.  If you
    continue onward, you will rejoin the 'new course' as it
    becomes the 'low road;' landing on top of the rock
    outcropping leads to the 'high road,' where the points can
    really accumulate.  The 'high road' is also an excellent
    shortcut for Race Mode, as the fewer twists and hairpins
    makes it a faster route overall.
    The 'high road' has a total of four gaps.  The first three
    have floating yellow stars, and boost-jumping should make it
    possible to perform a SHORT Ubertrick at each gap.  The
    fourth gap has a pair of fallen trees overlaying it; grind
    one of the trees, and jump off the end with a trick,
    hopefully launching far enough to make use of the floating
    orange stars on the descent back to the icy main course
    Once the main course has been rejoined, boost-jump off the
    following ramp with a Character Ubertrick through the
    floating yellow and/or orange stars; you should land on the
    raised platform, which means you can perform a spin or flip
    coming off it to rejoin the main course below.
    The main course turns to the left here, but to have a chance
    at a floating red star later, you must go straight ahead
    through the red SSX Tricky glass panel.  Follow along that
    route, and ahead you will see an opportunity to boost-jump
    over the main course and over the opposite trees through the
    floating red star; a successful landing will score BIG points
    here and will place you in an ice cave.  Follow the ice cave
    along, and at its end, suddenly slow and cut to the right,
    performing a flip or spin as you come back down to the icy
    main course.  (This is also a prime time-saving shortcut in
    Race Mode.)
    Fortunately, the many glass barriers of Race Mode are removed
    for Showoff Mode, leaving a series of rails running down the
    center of the icy halfpipe.  If possible, grind the rails and
    hit their floating stars, making sure to jump appropriately
    for the various gaps.  Should you ever miss a rail, make use
    of the halfpipe and the floating stars along each side to
    score more points.
    At the end of the halfpipe section, the main course turns
    sharply to the left.  If you keep hard to the left, you can
    use the ramp there to clear the fallen trees (which here are
    an impediment and NOT grindable objects) and land on another
    set of rails, which can be followed all the way down to the
    next hairpin turn.  If you miss the ramp, jump the fallen
    trees (again, these are obstacles and NOT grindable objects)
    and speed along through the distant hairpin turn.
    Ahead, the path splits into two icy 360-degree turns with
    blue grindable barriers on either side.  I prefer to take the
    left path, and get onto the left-side blue barrier.  This is
    a difficult trick, but if you can grind it long enough, your
    character's head will pass through a floating red star.
    Once this area has been cleared, boost along the run up to
    the final plateau, and boost-jump - hopefully through a
    floating yellow star - with a Character Ubertrick.  Once on
    the ground far below, prepare for and make use of one of the
    three ramps, performing another Ubertrick.  If you can land
    on a rail, grind it; otherwise, boost along the snow toward
    the opening door, and boost-jump with a jump point still in
    the snow (just before the silver doorslide area) to perform a
    final SHORT Ubertrick.
    Continue on to the Finish Line.  Welcome to another Gold
    Medal :-)
    Gold Medal: 225,000 points
    Immediately out of the Starting Gate, prepare for a misty,
    but DO NOT perform it on the first (blue-pained) rise; hold
    it and use it on the red-painted rise, passing through the
    floating yellow star.  On landing, follow the main course
    along and grind the rail that appears out of the ground.
    However, as soon as you hit the floating yellow star, get off
    to the left, through the trees to another path.  Follow this
    path along to one of the hardest stars to get - at the jump,
    boost-jump over the Eddie Billboard and you should HOPEFULLY
    hit the floating red star (it is easy to overshoot this
    star... or crash into the top of the billboard).
    Once back on the ground, there will be a series of plateaus
    which form good natural jumps.  Boost-jump each of these,
    performing a SHORT Ubertrick each time and hopefully hitting
    the floating stars (not all the plateaus have floating
    stars).  However, take care about character placement to
    avoid the rock faces along the main course here.
    Once past the plateau with the rock ceiling (due to a secret
    path above - just a hint for Race Mode events), continue
    along the main course as it turns to the right.  Look on the
    left for the blue SSX Tricky glass panel, but DO NOT break
    through it; just ahead on the left, grind a rail that comes
    out of the ground.  This rail will lead to a mine cart track,
    which will take you through a hole in the mountain into the
    mountain itself.  Follow the mine cart rails through a series
    of drops and keep to the left rail.  Eventually, you will be
    deposited high in the air passing through a floating red
    star, landing just before a gap.  Boost-jump across this gap
    through a floating yellow star with a SHORT Ubertrick.
    Follow the main course to the left, then edge right and ride
    the rail through a floating yellow star.  Immediately upon
    landing, prepare a SHORT Ubertrick, and when the course turns
    left, keep going straight ahead and use the banking to launch
    into that SHORT Ubertrick, passing through yet another
    floating yellow star.  On landing, follow the main course
    around to the next gap, then boost-jump with a SHORT
    Ubertrick to pass through another floating star before
    landing on the other side of the gap.  TRICKY should not be
    spelled at the top of the Boost Meter.
    Follow the course through some S-curves to a section between
    tall cliffs with two plateaus and a floating yellow star over
    each.  With proper alignment, boost-jump each plateau with a
    SHORT Ubertrick to hit each star.  After the second plateau,
    follow the course along to a narrow ramp, and perform a SHORT
    Ubertrick through a yellow floating star.  Follow the course
    around between the tall bankings to the final Checkpoint.
    The path splits into two here, with a grindable railing
    coming out of the ground on each side of each path.  I prefer
    the left-side path's left-side railing.  Grind this all the
    way along, passing through floating stars.  (Grinding the
    rails here is a great way to extend a lead or catch the
    leaders from behind in Race Mode.)
    Once you come off the long railing, simply follow the course
    along the rest of the way, but do not forget the gap just
    before the Finish Line!!!
    Gold Medal: 275,000 points
    Immediately out of the Starting Gates, loop back to the right
    pointing uphill, and perform a misty; with enough air on the
    jump, a grab can also be performed.  Once landed, loop back
    around to the left and do it again.  From here, head down the
    main path split to the left, using the various bankings along
    the way to perform spins and flips until the Trick Meter is
    full; if you can hop up onto one of the fences, this will
    award even more points.  At the first natural jump (the first
    crossing of the paths of the main course), boost-jump with a
    SHORT Ubertrick through a floating yellow star, with just
    enough time to land successfully if enough air was gained on
    the boost-jump.  Then boost forward to the next natural jump
    (where the paths cross again) and boost-jump again, this time
    performing a Character Ubertrick for maximum points; do not
    worry about hitting any neon signs, as they will fall away
    harmlessly without hurting the character.  Once landed, look
    ahead for a rail coming out of the ground, and grind that
    rail over the fencing and back onto the main course.
    This will drop you off just before a natural jump with a
    floating orange star.  Ubertricks are virtually impossible
    here, and launching forward too much will result in a
    collision with the traffic lights or the post upon which they
    are mounted, so perhaps a quick backflip - just high enough
    to attain the floating orange star - is good enough here,
    with a quick grab depending on the air attained in the jump.
    Shortly afterward, just before the paths converge, is another
    rail coming out of the ground.  Grind it; it will be joined
    by a rail from the other path split.  At the end of the rail,
    perform a trick with one or two grabs as you jump off the
    rail, sailing through a floating red star.  Once landed,
    continue straight ahead and instead of following the main
    course as it turns left, continue toward the fence and launch
    into a Character Ubertrick as you boost-jump over the
    fencing; the angle of the banking may send you backward and
    somewhat to the left, but there is plenty of room for landing
    here (and the character can bounce of the walls of the
    buildings without worry).  Once safely on the ground, flip or
    spin through one of the floating yellow stars, then take the
    next path split to the left.
    Shortly, there will be a rail coming out of the ground and
    leading to a floating orange star; grind the rail, and break
    through the star with a SHORT Ubertrick.  Land, continue on,
    and - just past the first Checkpoint - jump-boost off the
    natural jump and perform a SHORT Ubertrick (ONLY if using a
    small and light character, such as Kaori or Mac; bigger,
    heavier characters will not be able to attain enough air to
    safely perform any Ubertricks here).  Follow the course
    around to the next jump, but instead of jumping directly from
    the snow, grind the short pipe coming out of the snow, and
    then boost-jump with a SHORT Ubertrick through the floating
    orange star; if possible, land on the next pipe and continue
    The paths cross here, and this is a natural place to boost-
    jump with a few spins or flips (this is key in Race Mode to
    avoid collisions with opponents on the other path).
    Momentarily, the paths cross again, and this is also a
    natural place to boost-jump with a few spins or flips.
    Momentarily, the paths cross again, but this time, there are
    rails to grind; grind the rail coming out of the ground and
    follow it around to the side of a building; jump and land on
    the next rail, which will take you to the front of the
    Once landed, look for the next rail coming out of the ground
    and grind it.  This will momentarily take you off the main
    course and between some tall buildings.  If you can position
    the character just right (especially important with smaller
    characters), you should be able to hit the floating orange
    star with the character's head; note that the floating orange
    star is not exactly above the rail.  The rail will soon
    deposit you back on the main course; a quick jump and spin
    off the rail will grant a few extra points.
    SLOW GREATLY before going over the next descent in the
    hillside.  This will help a lot in finding and grinding the
    next rail.  When you see it, grind it; it is short, and there
    is a gap to the next rail, but if you can hit the next rail,
    grind it as it follows high above the main course, and boost-
    jump off its end with a Character Ubertrick as you speed
    through a floating red star; there may even be time for
    another trick or a SHORT Ubertrick before landing.  By this
    time, TRICKY should have been spelled, providing Infinite
    Boost and permanent Ubertrick possibilities.
    Once landed, the course turns to the right; before it turns
    again to the left, take the short rail on the left to go
    through a floating orange star.  Once back on the main
    course, take one of the next rails to again pass through a
    floating orange star.  Continue onward through the tunnel.
    (Following the tunnel, the main course splits to the right
    and left, with a pipe going directly ahead.  For maximum
    points, DO NOT use the pipe in Showoff Mode; however, it is a
    great shortcut - which some of the other characters also use
    - in Race Mode.)
    Coming out of the tunnel, follow either path; I prefer the
    left path.  Each has a floating yellow star atop a plateau;
    boost-jump with a Character Ubertrick to reach it, then
    continue on to where the paths rejoin below.
    The next section presents two halfpipes which join into a
    larger halfpipe, with the outer edges lined with floating
    stars of various colors.  Stay in this area doing Ubertricks
    and Character Ubertricks to hit as many of the floating stars
    as possible, until about 25 seconds remains on the timer
    (lower-left corner of the screen), then hurry on toward the
    next Checkpoint.  With precision, it actually IS possible to
    hit all the floating stars in the area, but this is a
    difficult feat to accomplish due to the dual-halfpipe section
    at the beginning of this area of the venue.
    Hurry on; if you can grind the pipe in the center, it will
    save time and grant more points.  Shortly after the pipe goes
    into the ground is a bridge, with a slight rise; boost-jump
    off the rise with a misty or rodeo, landing on the opposite
    side of the bridge.  Then grind one of the rails around the
    statue and pass through the floating yellow star.
    Eventually, you should be deposited just in front of the next
    After the Checkpoint, the course turns hard to the right and
    narrows.  Ahead, use the ramp, but boost-jump a little early
    with a Character Ubertrick to try to hit the floating red
    star just right.  Make your way back down the hillside to the
    main course below, and move on to the suspension bridge
    There are two large natural jumps on the suspension bridges,
    and two paths (left and right).  Taking either path, boost-
    jump with an Ubertrick or Character Ubertrick off each jump.
    The second such jump - on both paths - has both orange and
    red floating stars; obviously, try to hit the red floating
    Once landed, look ahead to the next jump.  Opposite the jump
    is the 'high road' and an elevated sewer pipe; avoid the
    sewer pipe to land on the 'high road' (the 'low road' has
    many fewer opportunities to gain points).  Once on the 'high
    road,' there will be two gaps to jump; the first gap does not
    have stars, but the second gap DOES have a floating red star.
    Both gaps can be safely cleared with a boost-jump and an
    The landing zone is where the 'low road' and the 'high road'
    rejoin.  Next is another natural jump, this time with a
    floating red star high overhead; a boost-jump and a Character
    Ubertrick should be sufficient to attain this star.  If you
    land on any of the following pipes, grind them as they turn
    with the main course to the right; if not, follow the main
    course to the right, and at the next plateau, boost-jump with
    an Ubertrick through the floating yellow star.
    Continue on, following the course to the left as it turns.
    Ahead is the final halfpipe area on the left (with its
    barriers, forcing you to pass through maze-style); DO NOT
    take the icy subway tunnel to the right (except in Race
    Mode), as there are no points opportunities in the subway
    tunnel.  In the halfpipe area, try to hit all the floating
    yellow stars with boost-jumps and SHORT Ubertricks.
    Once clear of the final halfpipe area, speed down the final
    hill to the first plateau, and boost-jump with a Character
    Ubertrick through a floating yellow star.  Continue on with
    flips and spins until you cross the Finish Line :-)
    Gold Medal: 350,000 points
    Tokyo Megaplex is different from the other venues, in that
    the main part of the course is seen three times in a 'single'
    run.  For that reason, the high rails in the main part of the
    course should only be used once.  I will not detail them
    here, except to say that they are attained by getting on top
    of the ledge at the top of the massive air vent, and that
    there are often floating stars of various colors at the
    breaks between the high rails.  In Race Mode, using these
    high rails is a tremendous time advantage; in Showoff Mode,
    however, the majority of opportunities for big points are on
    the ground.
    Also, there are so many possibilities for attaining big
    points at Tokyo Megaplex that I am not even going to attempt
    trying to list all the ways to attain the many floating
    stars.  Attaining 1,000,000 points here is relatively easy
    (with a character at Master status) due to all the floating
    stars strewn all over the Tokyo Megaplex venue; many of the
    floating red stars (the 5x multipliers) can be attained by
    using the many small air vents.
    From the beginning, do as at Merqury City Meltdown (MCM) and
    perform several mistys or rodeos while pointing uphill.
    After these initial tricks, continue onward with spins and
    perhaps flips to fill up the Trick Meter.  At the initial
    jump onto the lowest area of the main course, perform a SHORT
    Ubertrick.  If possible, try to position the character to
    fall over one of the two air vents, raising the character
    higher into the air to potentially hit floating stars and
    extending the time in which tricks and Ubertricks can be
    performed.  Once landed, if you have not yet passed the
    second air vent, try to get over it, and perform a Character
    Ubertrick and hope to be blown through a floating star.
    Once landed, hurry down to the massive air vent.  On the
    small platform leading to the massive air vent, boost-jump
    while performing a Character Ubertrick; IMMEDIATELY upon
    completion, since you will only be 1/2 or 2/3 up the massive
    air vent, perform a SHORT Ubertrick, then prepare to land on
    the metal slides.  Flip up onto the top ledge.  ONE TIME
    among the three iterations of the main part of the course,
    make use of one of the rails leading off the ledge;
    otherwise, perform an Ubertrick off the ledge and prepare to
    land below.
    In the obstacle-laden section below, it is imperative to hit
    the green lights to lower the next line of obstacles.  Also,
    look for the floating yellow stars just beyond the bankings
    (usually located over the fencing), and try to hit them with
    Once clear of the obstacles, there will be a line of green
    lights which activate a ramp.  ONE TIME through, make use of
    the ramp to perform a Character Ubertrick and pass through a
    floating red star in the large hole in the ground.  Once in
    the hole, select a path (left or right), move on to the air
    vent at the end of the selected path, and perform a Character
    Ubertrick while being blown upward.  If aligned correctly,
    you will land on one of the high rails; otherwise, you will
    land just before the lone air vent detailed at the end of the
    next paragraph.
       If you did not follow the paragraph above, simply go
       around the ramp and the hole in the ground past the
       Checkpoint.  Use the air vents to again perform Ubertricks
       and Character Ubertricks and hopefully be blown through
       more floating stars.  Once past this section, there is
       another area of green lights which lower obstacles; just
       beyond this is the landing area just before the lone air
    Move over the lone air vent (just before the path splits into
    three) and rise into the air with Ubertricks, hopefully
    passing through floating stars.  Upon landing, move ahead to
    the green lights, and pass through the door that opens.
    Inside, boost-jump correctly with a Character Ubertrick to
    pass through a floating red star.  On landing, activate the
    green lights and pass through the opening door to the next
    Here, more green lights can be activated to set up a ramp to
    ride the overhead glass ahead, or you can pass by on either
    side of the ramp; pass by the ramp for the best point
    opportunities.  Get past the circulating obstacles and make
    use of the various air vents - approaching from the side or
    from slightly past (doubling back) - to blow yourself upward
    and hopefully through more floating stars while performing
    more Ubertricks (often two or three Ubertricks per air vent).
    Once past the flippers at the end, continue on to the next
    jump, but SLOW GREATLY before the jump and perform a flip
    with a few grabs.  Once on the ground below (where you were
    before), use the two air vents there to perform more
    Ubertricks and Character Ubertricks and try to get blown
    through more floating stars.
    After the third iteration of the course has been completed,
    the massive air vent will be turned off.  Pass through the
    massive air vent and cross the Finish Line.
    Gold Medal: 175,000 points
    Shortly after the Starting Gate, there are two pipes coming
    out of the ground; take the pipe to the right.  Grind this
    pipe, passing through floating yellow stars, and perform a
    spin as you are deposited back to the ground in the right
    half of the snow tunnel.  At the end of the tunnel, look on
    the right side for an elevated pipe to grind over the deep
    gap (note that there is no such similar pipe from the left
    path through the tunnel) and jump off its end through a
    floating orange star while performing flips or spins with
    grabs.  Back on the ground, look ahead for the two pipes
    coming out of the ground and jump off the banking by the
    right-side pipe, passing through a yellow floating star while
    performing a SHORT Ubertrick.  Ahead, look for the wires
    heading off to the right, which leads to a shortcut which is
    easier than the main path.
    When deposited from the shortcut, try to perform a quick flip
    or spin off the nearby ramp.  Then, look for the moving
    obstacle blocking the entrance to a glass-covered mini-
    tunnel.  Once inside the mini-tunnel, a ramp will activate
    ahead; perform a Character Ubertrick up over a billboard and
    through a floating red star and land in the running water
    below entering an ice cave.
    Inside the ice cave, keep looping back and pointing uphill to
    do mistys and rodeos; or, use the sides of the cave to do
    flips and spins.  Eventually, move on to the end, but SLOW
    GREATLY before the end to avoid being bounced off the next
    wires.  Grind the wires across the gap into the tunnel with
    fans, then SLOW GREATLY AGAIN for the same reason, then use
    the next wires.  Boost-jump off the end and pass through
    floating stars with a SHORT Ubertrick (avoid hitting the top
    of the billboard here).  With luck, you should also clear the
    following gap before landing.
    If you have not cleared the next gap, make sure to jump the
    gap and land on the icy section.  DO NOT go for the pipe to
    grind on the far left, or the raised tunnel or rails on the
    right, as these provide precious few possibilities for big
    points (but they are all good shortcuts to consider for Race
    In this icy section, keep trying to move side-to-side,
    AGAINST the direction of the course, performing tricks and
    Ubertricks to hit the various floating yellow and orange
    stars.  If you can do this with regularity, you should have
    attained the Gold Medal by the end of this section where the
    final Checkpoint is located across a gap.
    Once past the Checkpoint, continue ahead; DO NOT go hard left
    through/past the red SSX Tricky glass panel except in Race
    Mode.  Ahead, there are two rails coming out of the ground;
    use the rail on the left and grind it as it twists through
    the cave, passing through several floating yellow stars.
    Just beyond the point where you are deposited from the rail,
    look for the red SSX Tricky glass panel on the left and break
    through; continue on to grind the wires and billboard to pass
    through a floating yellow star and reach a high tunnel.
    When deposited from the tunnel, look for the center rail and
    grind it.  Once through the floating yellow star, get off the
    rail and land on the ground, then boost to the final jump and
    boost-jump with an Ubertrick out onto the floating icebergs.
    If you are still a bit short of the required 175,000 points
    for the Gold Medal, use the icebergs to perform spins, flips,
    mistys, and rodeos.  If you are short on points, it should
    not be by much, and there should be plenty of time left to
    gain enough points with standard tricks to win the Gold
    Medal.  Cross the Finish Line before time runs out.
    One note of caution: DO NOT be 'cute' and try jumping into
    the pots of fire across the Finish Line.  Doing so will trap
    the character in the flames (although the character will not
    burn, which is such a shame...), but since the character is
    not touching the ground and cannot bounce out of these pots,
    the only way out is to restart the console and the game, as
    the Select button will not work in this situation :-(
    Gold Medal: 500,000 points
    Immediately after the starting timer ends, perform a misty
    with a grab while falling through the initial floating yellow
    star.  Once on the ice below (with at least 8,000 points),
    head for the center rail (I find it best to approach it from
    the left side).  Grind the rail and pass through a yellow
    floating star; you will need to jump to the next rail, and
    then to another rail, hitting another floating yellow star.
    Come off the final rail and when the main course makes a
    quick right-left flick, boost-jump and perform a misty or
    rodeo off the icy banking of the right-hand flick.  Continue
    on to the next rail, and grind it as long as possible,
    jumping to a second rail.
    Back on the ground, when the course turns to the right,
    continue on straight ahead up the high banking, and boost-
    jump with a Character Ubertrick; the large semi-transparent
    ice blocks will bounce you higher, allowing more time for
    grabs and spins before landing.
    Once back on the ground, continue along the main path until
    there is an icy jump on the inside of the main course as it
    turns to the right.  Boost-jump off the ice and perform a
    SHORT Ubertrick, landing back on the main course.
    Continue on until there is a rail coming out of the ground.
    Grind this rail through a floating red star, and jump to
    another rail.  Get back on the ground afterward.  Try to
    follow the next rail and boost-jump to a floating red star
    high above a gap; if this is not possible, boost-jump over
    the gap while performing a SHORT Ubertrick and try to hit the
    floating yellow star.
    Once across the gap, follow the icy path, and jump the small
    gap ahead.  Then boost-jump the larger gap with a SHORT
    Ubertrick.  Once you land at the base of the billboards, turn
    right and look for the narrow ramp; boost-jump off the ramp
    with a Character Ubertrick, hitting a floating orange star.
    When you land, try to grind one of the two rails coming out
    of the ground.  At the end of the chosen rail, boost-jump
    with an Ubertrick through a floating red star; land on the
    next rail if possible and boost-jump with another Ubertrick
    to the next set of floating stars - otherwise, stay on the
    ground and follow the moguls.
    At the base of the moguls is an icy path.  Follow this path
    to the left and it turns to snow; boost-jump with a standard
    trick and hit a yellow floating star.  Now, you should be on
    an iced-over river; make use of the frozen waves to perform
    brief spins and flips, and try to hit the low floating yellow
    Enter the ice cave and pass through, using the icy walls to
    perform flips and spins.  At the end of the ice cave, perform
    a boost-jump and hopefully pass through one of the floating
    stars on the end of the rails.  Then edge to the right and
    ride the various rails (with have some gaps between them and
    variously-colored floating stars above them) until you pass
    the next Checkpoint and huge gap and arrive at the double-
    Spend a lot of time here in the double-halfpipe, performing
    Ubertricks and Character Ubertricks.  TRICKY should be
    spelled rather quickly, but keep performing Ubertricks and
    Character Ubertricks until only about thirty seconds remain.
    Continue on along either path and boost-jump off the top of
    the vertical hairpin turn, launching upward through the
    orange and (hopefully) red floating stars with a Character
    Ubertrick to gain maximum points.  (Note that until these
    vertical hairpins are mastered, it is quite possible that you
    will end up going back the way you came and heading back
    toward the double-halfpipe; this is why it is important to
    initially leave the halfpipe area with around thirty seconds
    remaining, but this time will certainly be reduced once the
    vertical hairpins have been mastered.  Also, to the extent
    possible, try to always use the same hairpin - either the one
    to the right or the one to the left - in any event at Alaska;
    the continuity will help greatly.)
    Upon landing, continue onward with boost, and boost-jump
    EXACTLY at the center of the next natural jump (located
    exactly at the Checkpoint signs) while performing another
    Character Ubertrick; if done correctly, you should land a
    long distance away on a raised ledge after passing through a
    floating red star (barely floating above the ledge).
    Continue on through the brief ice tunnel; do not worry about
    the stalactites as they break off easily and will not cause
    any harm.
    Continue onward straight down the center.  Do not try to jump
    off the ice-covered hills along the way to reach more stars,
    as this will likely lead you off-line for the floating red
    star at the end of this area.  At the final jump before the
    big gap, boost-jump with a Character Ubertrick to hit the
    floating orange and/or red stars just before landing at the
    top of the opposite cliff.  By this time, you should have
    attained the Gold Medal if all has gone well.  (Note that
    this is a prime shortcut in Race Mode.)
    Move down the cliff and take the ice tunnel on the left; from
    this position, it will be difficult to get to the right-side
    ice tunnel anyhow (the right-side tunnel is also more
    difficult to follow).  After the descent, boost-jump about
    halfway up the following incline with a Character Ubertrick
    and pass through a floating yellow star; if you jump much
    later, you will almost certainly overshoot the star and quite
    possibly bang your head on the icy ceiling.
    Continue on, and the two paths will rejoin.  Continue ahead
    over two sets of eight bumps each before reaching an icy jump
    again; boost-jump with a SHORT Ubertrick through the floating
    yellow star.  Power downhill and look for the rails ahead;
    grind the rails, jumping rails as necessary.  On the final
    rail of this set, jump up just enough to hit the floating red
    star, then land back on the rail again.
    Once off the rail and back on the ice, boost and prepare for
    THE BIG JUMP.  Shortly before the top of this long icy fan-
    assisted climb, boost-jump and IMMEDIATELY perform a series
    of two Character Ubertricks as you float through at least one
    of the three floating stars.  Upon successful landing, boost-
    jump again between the two rails coming out of the ground,
    and perform one final Character Ubertrick, hopefully passing
    through the orange floating star far below.  Once you land,
    hurry down the steep slope to the Finish Line.
    Gold Medal: 800,000 points
    Pipedream, located in Single Event, is only available once a
    character has achieved Master Status in World Circuit.  There
    are trick and Ubertrick possibilities all over this three-
    tiered venue; however, I use a very particular path (center,
    left, center) at Pipedream which will be detailed here.
    Tier One
       After descending the initial semi-steep slope, begin
       prewinding the first trick and keep heading straight ahead
       (not turning or using the rails coming out of the ground).
       At the very top of the natural jump straight ahead, jump
       and perform a triple misty or triple rodeo while gliding
       through the floating orange star, thus amassing a full
       Trick Meter.  Upon landing, veer slightly to the left to
       get around the hump ahead, and enter the snowy halfpipe.
       Once in this halfpipe, begin performing Ubertricks (NOT
       Character Ubertricks - save those for Tiers Two and
       Three).  However, be sure to jump before reaching the top
       of the halfpipe (the yellow area), or else you will land
       ON the yellow area and disrupt any rhythm you had created.
       Continue doing this at least six times - until TRICKY has
       been spelled - thus gaining Infinite Boost and perpetual
       Ubertrick possibilities.
       Here, make your way to the front of Tier One and cross
       over to the very far left side; DO NOT go past the first
       Checkpoint yet.  Once on the far left side, there should
       be plenty of time to perform one or two more Uberticks in
       that much wider halfpipe before thundering toward the
       first Checkpoint.
    Tier Two
       This section is marked by a larger halfpipe on the far
       left side (where you should be now).  After crossing the
       first Checkpoint, look for the rail coming out of the
       ground leading down into the halfpipe and grind it; make
       sure to jump with a flip or a spin to catch the floating
       yellow star above the rail.  The rail will deposit you in
       the halfpipe.  From here, continually boost-jump and
       perform Character Ubertricks combined with standard
       Ubertricks and try to hit the floating orange and red
       stars high above the edges (near the center) of this
       With about twenty seconds remaining, go to the far left
       and grind the rail heading toward Tier Three.  You will
       need to edge off to the left as this rail turns, then
       continue on toward the leftmost Checkpoint sign until you
       see a rail curving to the right as it comes out of the
       ground.  Grind this rail and pass the second Checkpoint.
    Tier Three
       This is the very bottom of the course.  Continue grinding
       the rail, hopefully with the character's head passing
       through a floating orange star (this may be difficult with
       a smaller character such as Kaori).  The rail will deposit
       you just before a ramp; boost-jump off the ramp with a
       Character Ubertrick, and - with correct placement on the
       ramp - through a floating red star.
       As soon as you land, cross over to the right and look for
       the rail along the ground which passes through Luther's
       legs.  Grind that long, winding rail through 720 degrees
       of rotation before it straightens out; once the rail
       straightens, boost-jump with a Character Ubertrick to pass
       through a floating red star as you land inside the largest
       of the halfpipes, just before the end of the Pipedream
       venue.  By this time, you should have attained the Gold
       Medal for Pipedream; if not, you will certainly attain it
       inside this massive halfpipe.
       Here in this halfpipe, continue boost-jumping with
       Ubertricks and Character Ubertricks, trying to hit the
       many floating stars hidden between the various horizontal
       glass panels.  Keep doing this until there are about ten
       seconds remaining, then land your current trick or
       Ubertrick (if necessary) to place the character just
       outside the massive halfpipe.  Boost toward the Finish
       Line to end :-)
    Favorite venues (Showoff):
       Elysium Alps
       Merqury City Meltdown
       Pipedream (available in Freeride and Single Event only)
       Tokyo Megaplex
    Favorite characters (play):
    Favorite characters (chatter):
    Favorite characters (personalities):
    Favorite characters (Ubertricks):
    Favorite outfits (by character, by order unlocked):
       Brodi: Yin Yang
       Elise: Lady Law
       JP: MC Maitre D
       Kaori: Super Excellent
       Marisol: Vintage Rioja
       Moby: Jones' Tones, Master
       Psymon: Nightmare, Master
       Zoe: Rawk On, Naughty Girl, Royale Trinity, Master
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