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    Kaori Speech Translations by Wolf Feather

    Version: Final | Updated: 02/21/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Jamie Stafford/Wolf Feather
    Initial Version Completed: August 15, 2002
    FINAL-2 VERSION Completed: February 21, 2002
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    Spacing and Length
    Being Passed
    Big Air
    Character Select
    Land Trick
    Passing Others
    Contact Information
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    After spending more than a month playing SSX Tricky, I
    realized that while I understand most of what JP is saying,
    many players probably have no idea what comes from his mouth.
    Having spent eleven years studying French language, culture,
    and literature (including considerable time living in both
    southern [French-speaking] Belgium and Paris, France) I was
    able to provide translations of JP's sayings (SSX Tricky:
    Qu'est-ce qu'il dit? Guide), and began looking for something
    similar for Kaori, my absolute favorite character in SSX
    Tricky (and also in the original SSX).
    Unfortunately, I have not been able to find such a
    translation guide for Kaori.  Kevin Roberts did provide a
    start in his SSX Game Guide (available at GameFAQs -
    http://www.GameFAQs.com/) with some translations for both
    Kaori and Hiro (another Japanese character from the original
    SSX), but that is based upon the original game in the SSX
    series, and most characters returning in SSX Tricky have
    different one-liners in their 'arsenal.'
    I do not actually speak Japanese, and only understand a very
    little bit of the language thanks to seven years of avidly
    watching anime (Japanese animation).  Over the years of
    watching (and owning) so much anime and my linguistic skills
    from eleven years of studying French language and culture and
    literature, I am able to 'pick out' sounds and link them
    together to form words so that I can work with my romanized
    Japanese-English/English-Japanese dictionary.
    Those phrases indicated with asterisks are provided by
    others.  They are credited in the Arigatou!!! section at the
    end of this guide.
    Please keep in mind that even in the best of circumstances,
    translation is FAR from a precise science.  For example,
    consider the controversy over the U.S. Government's official
    translation of the Osama Bin Laden videotape found in early
    December 2001 in a home in Afghanistan (the videotape
    advanced by the government as the ultimate proof of Bin
    Laden's involvement in the terrorist attacks on the United
    States on September 11, 2001) and the more specific
    translations offered by CNN and other news organizations in
    the days after the videotape's official release.  There are
    certainly many more potential translations which could be
    made for each phrase beyond what I have provided here; the
    translations given below are simply meant to give a general
    Note that this FINAL-2 VERSION of the guide has purposely
    been a long time in the making.  This is because after the
    Final Version was issued, I started receiving e-mails from
    readers with better and more translations.  I had purposely
    waited a LONG time to deal with creating the Final-2 Version
    to see just how many would come in.
    Bye bye!                       Bye bye!
    Chotto!                        Just a moment!
    Hayaku nai?                    You are so fast!****
    Choo deshii!                   <<Unsure>>
    Excellentoo!                   Excellent!
    Extreme!                       Extreme!
    Go go pebble!                  Go go pebble!+
    Gorgeous!                      Gorgeous!
    Hai!  Hai!  Hai!               Yes!  Yes!  Yes!
    Ii kanji!                      What a great
    Ikuzo!!!                       Here I go!*****
    Kanpeki!                       Perfect!*
    Kaori ichimasu!                Kaori flies/is the highest!
    Kaori senshu shuuten!          Kaori, the palyer with the
                                      best marks!****
    Koo de nakuchan!               <<Translation not provided,
                                      but is used when things go
                                      as planned>>****
    Kureizii!                      Crazy!
    Nice!                          Nice!
    Oh no!                         Oh no!
    Omigoton!                      Great!****
    Oya!                           Oh my!
    Saikou!                        The best!*
    Shoo kan deki!                 This fine work deserves a
    So good!                       So good!
    Super excellent!               Super excellent!
    Super jumpu!                   Super jump!
    Tanoshii!                      Delightful!
    Sugoo sugi!                    Very excellent!****
    Tsukoi!                        Cool!/Neat!**
    Yahoo!                         Yahoo!
    Yatta!                         I did it!*
    Yay!                           Yay!
    Yoosha!                        Right!*****
    +  Kaori has very close ties with anime (Japanese animation),
       so 'Go go pebble!' could very well be a personal anime-
       like catchphrase that she uses.
    Konnichi wa!                   Hello!
    Super excellent!               Super excellent!
    You are ichiban!               You are number one!
    Baka!                          Idiot!/Stupid!
    Chodasan!                      A miscalculation!
    Hidoi!                         That was terrible!
    I so embarrassed!              I [am] so embarrassed!
    Itai!                          That was painful!
    Itai no mo!                    That was also painful!
    Kiboen! <<otomatopedic>>       Ka-boing!
    Kurashu!                       Crash!/I crashed!
    Kuso!                          <<Vulgar term>>***
    Maa no!  Maa no!               Oh dear!  Oh dear!
    Motto!                         I need to do/practice more!
    Motto no!                      I need more practice!
    Mootto gambare no ku choo!     I must do my best to ease this
    Mou dame...                    Still no good...*
    Mou kushin mou kutou!          I keep struggling!
    Mou nando no yoo?              How many times must I fail?
    Ooshin de <<unclear>>!         I'll see the doctor soon!
    Oozei!                         How uncomfortable!****
    Shoo ku...                     Pain is my reward...
    Uso!                           Oh no!
    Uso deshoo...                  I'm no good...
    Whoa!                          Whoa!
    Yudan!                         (I'm being) careless!
    Bigu jumpu!                    Big jump!
    Champion!                      (I am the) champion!
    Doo na!                        Enshrine my name!
    Honjoo!                        What a great feeling!
    Ichiban!                       Number one!
    Kami-sama, arigatou!           Thank you God!+
    Kanpeki!                       Perfect!*
    Kaori senshu!                  Kaori is the champion!
    Oya!                           Oh my!
    Renshu shita mon ne...         I've been practicing...*
    Super cool!                    Super cool!
    Wai kono mashi!                This increases my score!
    Wai!  Watashi tsugoi ga mo!    Yay!  I did it in spite of
    Yatta!                         I did it!*
    + Given that the Buddhist and Shinto religions are highly
      prevalent in Japan, it is likely that the translation of
      'Thank you God!' is very inadequate.  On advice from Eric
      Teall, 'Kami-sama' is more likely to refer to the spirit(s)
      protecting Kaori and her family.
    Kondo gambaru...               Next time, I'll do better...
    Gambare!  Gambare!             Do your best!  Do your best!
    Jamais!  <<French>>            Never!
    Koo!                           (Do it) this way!
    How childish!                  How childish!
    You are bad!!!                 You are bad!!!
    Nan de no <<unclear>> no       How the stands are full!
    Please, go away!               Please, go away!
    Psymon!  You need a bath!      Psymon!  You need a bath!
    Sei!  Arigatou!                <<Unsure>>  Thank you!
    Number one!                    Number one!
    Those phrases indicated with asterisks are provided by
    others.  They are credited here:
    * These are taken from Kevin Roberts' SSX Game Guide v1.9.
    The author himself credits translations for Kaori and Hiro
    (the two Japanese characters from the original SSX) as the
    work of Cassiel.
    ** This is from a University of Texas student who prefers to
    remain anonymous.
    *** This is initially from Tina, who notes that "Kuso!" is a
    vulgar term (which I assumed since it was not in my romanized
    dictionary) but does not give an exact translation... which
    may be just as well!!!  A follow-up message from another user
    (no username or handle provided) confirms that this is indeed
    the S-word.
    **** This comes from Sagiyama.
    ***** This is from Alan MacDougal.
    For questions, rants, raves, comments of appreciation, etc.,
    or to be added to my e-mail list for updates to this driving
    guide, please contact me at: FEATHER7@IX.NETCOM.COM; also, if
    you have enjoyed this guide and feel that it has been helpful
    to you, I would certainly appreciate a small donation via
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