• NBA Street Codes

    basketball, basketball, turntable, shoeABA Ball
    shoe, shoe, shoe, shoeABA Socks
    turntable, turntable, turntable, shoeAthletic Joe ''The Show''
    basketball,shoe, turntable, turntableAuthentic Unforms
    basketball, basketball, turntable, turntableBeach Ball
    shoe, shoe, shoe, backboardBig Heads
    shoe, turntable, backboard, basketballCaptain Quicks
    basketball, shoe, megaphone, megaphoneCasual Uniforms
    basketball, basketball, megaphone, turntableEA BIG Ball
    basketball, backboard, backboard, basketballEasy Distance Shots
    turntable, turntable, turntable, megaphoneExplosive Rims
    basketball, turntable, turntable, basketballHarder Distance Shots
    basketball, turntable, shoe, basketballLess Blocks
    shoe, turntable, turntable, basketballLess Gamebreakers
    basketball, shoe, backboard, basketballLess Steals
    shoe, backboard, turntable, basketballMad Hands
    basketball, basketball, shoe, shoeMedicine Ball
    basketball, megaphone, megaphone, basketballMega Dunking
    shoe, backboard, backboard, basketballMore Gamebreakers
    basketball, turntable, backboard, basketballNo 2-Pointers
    basketball, backboard, turntable, basketballNo Alley-Oops
    turntable, turntable, turntable, turntableNo Auto Replays
    basketball, shoe, basketball, shoeNo Cheats
    turntable, backboard, shoe, basketballNo Dunks
    shoe, megaphone, megaphone, basketballNo Gamebreakers
    turntable, turntable, shoe, turntableNo HUD Display
    turntable, backboard, backboard, basketballNo Juice
    turntable, turntable, backboard, turntableNo Player Indicators
    shoe, shoe, shoe, basketballNo Shot Clock
    turntable, turntable, turntable, backboardNo Shot Indicator
    basketball, basketball, back board, megaphoneNuFX Ball
    turntable, turntable, basketball, turntablePlayer Names
    basketball, basketball, megaphone, megaphoneSoccer Ball
    turntable, turntable, turntable, basketballSpringtime Joe ''The Show''
    backboard, shoe, turntable, basketballSticky Fingers
    turntable,turntable,megaphone, thurntableSummertime Joe ''The Show''
    backboard, turntable, shoe, basketballSuper Swats
    shoe, shoe, shoe, megaphoneTiny Heads
    shoe, shoe, shoe, turntableTiny Players
    turntable, shoe, backboard, basketballUltimate Power
    turntable, shoe, shoe, basketballUnlimited Turbo
    basketball, basketball, backboard, backboardVolleyball
    basketball, basketball, shoe, backboardWNBA Ball

    Contributed By: Lucas.


  • Unlockables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Create-a-Player ItemsTo get created player items you have to break diffrent records in Hold the court mode.
    Unlock All Secret CharactersTo unlock Biggs, Bonafide, Drake, DJ, Takashi, and Stretch you must first beat them in City Circuit. You must first beat all the teams in the region, and them you will face the players in their respective order in a game.
    Unlock EA Big Pacific Boulevard CourtComplete all the training sessions in the Street School mode to unlock the EA Big ''Pacific Boulevard'' court.
    Unlock team 3LWWin 20 games to unlock team 3LW
    Unlock Team DreamTo unlock Team Dream, which includes the Yeti Snowman, Graylien Alien, and Magma Man, you must complete Hold the Court mode on any difficulty.
    Unlock Team EA BigWin 10 Games to unlock team EA Big
    Unlock Team NYC LegendsWin 30 games in any mode to unlock Team NYC Legends. This team is made up of three real-life New York City street greats.
    Unlock Team Street LegendsBeat the City Circuit Mode to Unlock team Street Legends. This team has all the street legends won from the street challenges.

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