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    Trivia FAQ by Sen and Disgustipated

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    By: Sen and Disgustipated
    Copyrighted 2002
    This FAQ may only appear at www.GameFAQs.com and no where else without 
    consent of the authors.
    This FAQ is composed of the Trivia Questions following any game played 
    in NHL Hitz 20-02. All of the questions found are listed in 
    alphabetical order for as easy access possible.
    Contribute: If you have some questions that are not on the list you can 
    send them to the following E-mail address: holsumkornbizkit@yahoo.com.
    Update History
    v1.1 - Several questions added. Not a whole lot because we have not been 
    playing the game as much as we have been.
    v1.0 - The FAQ has has begun. It will be updated on a regular basis 
    with the new number of questions added.
    Q. As of 2000-2001, Dominik Hasek has won the Vezina Trophy (Best 
    Goalie) six times.
    A. True
    Q. As of 2000-2001, three players have entered the hockey hall of fame 
    and resumed playing Guy Lafleur, Gordie Howe, and
    A. Mario Lemieux
    Q. As of 2000-2001, what number does Cliff Ronning wear?
    A. 7
    Q. As of 2000-2001, what number does Mark Recchi wear?
    A. 8
    Q. As of 2000-2001, what number does Patrick Roy wear?
    A. 33
    Q. As of 2000-2001, which American has scored more goals and points 
    than any other American-born player?
    A. Joe Mullen
    Q. As of 2000-2001, which player has played the most playoff games?
    A. Mark Messier
    Q. As of 2000-2001, which team is ranked second in Stanley Cup 
    A. Toronto Mapleleaves
    Q. As of 2000-2001, who holds the record for most assists in a season 
    by a left wing with 70?
    A. Joe Juneau
    Q. Chris Drury was the winning pitcher in the 1989 Little League World 
    Series against Taiwan.
    A. True
    Q. Georges Vezina (Vezina Trophy) played 15 seasons without missing a 
    A. False
    Q. Gordie Howe was 40 years old when he yet again won the NHL scoring 
    A. False
    Q. He led the Nashville Predators in scoring their first season.
    A. Cliff Ronning
    Q. He played a record 1825 games before he finally won the Stanley Cup.
    A. Ray Bourque
    Q. He received the first fighting penalty in Atlanta Thrashers history.
    A. Chris Tamer
    Q. He was the first American-born player to have three consecutive 50-
    goal seasons
    A. John Leclair
    Q. He was the first Atlanta Thrasher in franchise history.
    A. Damian Rhodes
    Q. How many NHL teams are there in Iowa?
    A. None
    Q. How many NHL teams are there in Massachusetts?
    A. One
    Q. How many NHL teams are there in Nebraska?
    A. None
    Q. I was the first captain of the Florida Panthers. I led them to the 
    finals in 1997.
    A. Brain Skrudland
    Q. I was the only third Chicago Blackhawk to score more than 50 goals 
    in one season.
    A. Jeremy Toenick
    Q. I'm just the tenth player in NHL history to play over 1400 games and 
    only the second defenseman to score over 900 assists.
    A. Ray Bourque
    Q. If you live in 'The Tarheel State' you're probably a fan of
    A. The Carolina Hurricanes
    Q. In 1992, I became the first Ranger since 1967 to win the Norris 
    Trophy. (best Defenseman)
    A. Brian Leetch
    Q. In 1992, I posted the San Jose Sharks' first shutout against Los 
    A. Arturs Irbe
    Q. In 1993, The Los Angeles Kings lost the Stanley Cup finals to which 
    A. The Montreal Canadians
    Q. In 1993, The Montreal Canadians defeated which team in the finals to 
    win the Stanley Cup? (Wayne Gretzky played for them.)
    A. The Los Angeles Kings
    Q. In 1997-98, I became the tallest player in NHL history.
    A. Zdeno Chara
    Q. In 1998, 2 other players and I where traded from Pittsburgh to the 
    Rangers. My previous trade was from the Rangers to Pittsburgh in 1995.
    A. Petr Nedved
    Q. In 1999-2000, The Carolina Hurricanes dealt Keith Primeau to 
    Philadelphia for Rod Brind'amour and
    A. Jean-Marc Pelltier
    Q. In 2000-2001, this right wing won the NHL scoring race for the forth 
    year in a row, and the fifth time in his career with 121 points.
    A. Joromir Jarg
    Q. In what NHL city would you find the arena nicknamed "The igloo"?
    A. Pittsburgh
    Q. In hockey what is the "biscuit?"
    A. The puck
    Q. Name the last team to go to the Stanley Cup finals three years in a 
    A. Edmonton Oilers
    Q. NHL rules require all players to tuck their jerseys into their pants 
    A. False
    Q. Patrick Roy was the starting goalie for the team Canada at the 1998 
    Winter Olympics, his backups where Martin Brodeur and
    A. Curtis Joseph
    Q. Peter Forsburg refuses to go on the ice without kissing a Swedish 
    flag he keeps in his stall.
    A. False
    Q. Phil and Tony Esposito are
    A. Brothers
    Q. Spartacat is the mascot for which NHL team?
    A. The Ottawa Senators
    Q. The 2000-2001 New Jersey Devils where the first team since 1971 to 
    be up three games to two and lose the Stanley cup finals.
    A. True
    Q. The back of the net used to be known as Wayne Gretzky's 'office'.
    A. True
    Q. The Columbus Blue Jackets are Ohio's first NHL franchise.
    A. False
    Q. The fastest NHL goal by a player in his first game is also the 
    fastest goal given up by a goalie in his first game.
    A. True
    Q. The Lady Byng Memorial Trophy is awarded for
    A. Gentlemanly play
    Q. The Minnesota Wild play on the Eastern Conference.
    A. False
    Q. The Minnesota Wild surprised the league by winning their first three 
    A. False
    Q. The New York Islanders won their first playoff series against the 
    New York Rangers.
    A. True
    Q. The Phoenix Coyotes play in the Western Conference.
    A. True
    Q. The Prince of Wales trophy is awarded to the playoff team that wins
    A. The Eastern Conference
    Q. The Stanley Cup has been
    A. All of the answers are true
    Q. These two teams celebrated 75 years in the NHL in 2000-2001
    A. Rangers and Red Wings
    Q. They where the first NHL team to finish first 7 seasons in a row.
    A. Detroit Red Wings
    Q. This goalie gave Edmonton its first ever 0-0 tie, he also set a 
    Toronto record for most regular season wins with 35.
    A. Curtis Joseph
    Q. This goalie played a single minutei n his first NHL game for 
    Washington. Who was he? (He was traded twice with Dmitri Khristich.)
    A. Byron Dafoe
    Q. This player was traded to Boston in 1997 with Jim Carey and Jason 
    Alison for Adam Oates, Bill Ranford, and Rick Tocchet.
    A. Anson Carter
    Q. Wayne Gretzky (99) minus Mark Messier (11) equals
    A. Eric Lindros
    Q. What division do the Ottawa Senators play in?
    A. Northeast Division
    Q. What division do the San Jose Sharks play in?
    A. Pacific Division
    Q. What is the club name for Buffalo's NHL team?
    A. Sabres
    Q. What is the club name for San Jose's NHL team?
    A. Sharks
    Q. What is the name of the Buffalo Sabres mascot?
    A. Sabertooth
    Q. What is the name of the mascot for the Carolina Hurricanes?
    A. Stormy the Ice Hog
    Q. What team record did the St. Louis Blues set in 2000-2001?
    A. Longest win streak
    Q. Whatever happened to the Hartford Whalers?
    A. They moved to Carolina.
    Q. When the NHL first expanded in the 1967-68 season, how much did a 
    new franchise cost?
    A. Two million dollars
    Q. Which of these players did not win the Conn Smyth Trophy (playoff 
    MVP) at least twice?
    A. Mike Bossy
    Q. Which of these teams is not an "Original Six" team?
    A. Minnesota Wild
    Q. Which player is nicknamed 'The Cat'?
    A. Felix Potvin
    Q. Which team did Donald Brashear first play with?
    A. Montreal Canadians
    Q. Which team did Mats Sundin first play with?
    A. The Quebec Nordiques
    Q. Which team did Matthew Barnaby first play with?
    A. Buffalo Sabres
    Q. Which team did Sergei Fedorov first play with?
    A. Detroit Redwings
    Q. Which team did Steve Yzerman first play with?
    A. Detroit Redwings
    Q. Which team did Tie Domifirst play with?
    A. Toronto Maple Leaves
    Q. Which team holds the modern-era record for fewest losses in one 
    season with eight?
    A. 1976-77 Canadians
    Q. Who did the Colorado Avalanche beat to win the 2000-2001 Stanley 
    A. New Jersey Devils
    Q. Who scored the first empty net goal in Atlanta Thrashers history? 
    (He's a former Florida Panther and San Jose Shark.)
    A. John Grapenlov
    Q. Who was the first Vancouver Canuk to win a post season award?
    A. Pavel Zure
    Q. Who won the Noris Trophy (Best Defenseman) in 2000-2001?
    A. Nicklas Lidstrom

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