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    Taki by JBurke

    Version: 1.11 | Updated: 11/19/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    [ game title ] Soul Calibur 2 Taki FAQ 
    [ revision # ] 1.11 Updated 11/19/02 
    [ system ] American Arcade
    [ author ] Jonathan Burke [ e-mail: Jeb91084@optonline.net]
    [ updates at ] www.gamefaqs.com 
    Unpublished work Copyright 2002 Jonathan Burke. This document is protected by
    US Copyright Law, and the Berne Copyright Convention of 1976. It is for private
    and personal use only--it cannot be reprinted in part or in whole, or 
    reproduced in any way or in any form (written or otherwise). It is a free
    document that cannot be used in any sort of commercial transaction, including
    selling it or giving it away as a gift. This FAQ cannot be referenced,
    altered, or used by anybody (including webmasters, publishers, and
    magazine staff) without my express written permission. This FAQ was 
    created and is owned by me, Jonathan Burke . It can be found exclusively 
    at (www.GameFAQs.com). All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged and 
    respected that are not specifically mentioned herein. I expressly forbid 
    any/all publishers/publications from taking anything from this FAQ without 
    my express written consent.  All characters are (c) Namco Inc.
    2. Table of Contents-
    1. Legal jargon
    2. Table of contents
    3. Introduction
    4. Legend
    5. Movelist
    6. Invaluable Moves
    7. Ok, now how do I win?
    8. Juggles
    9. Big nono's
    10. Thanks
    3. Introduction (About the author):
    Well you're all probably wondering just who I am at the moment.  Well, 
    simply put, I'm a taki addict, ever since they took my Seung Mina out.  
    I've been playing arcade games since I could reach the joysticks, and always 
    have been striving to get better.  This is also the first time in a long time 
    I've had some free time to write anything.  I live about an hour North of
    New York City's Chinatown, and frequent Chinatown Fair, every few weekends.  
    If anyone has suggestions/comments, feel free to e-mail me at 
    Jeb91084@optonline.net, or i'm on aim as XiaoyuDeath (yes, a tekken player 
    I'm not only writing this to tell people how great of a character 
    Taki really is, but also because Regionals are in a week, and well, quite 
    frankly I need a refresher course as well.  Playing people in my own arcade 
    has become monotonous work, and I've been straying away from Taki, just 
    because it's too simple a victory ^_^.  
    Ok, enough with the chit chat, it's time to start this FAQ up.
    4. Legend
    For al of you people who've never seen the conventions for SC, go 
    find the sharpest object within your reach, and hit your head on it.  LoL, 
    but seriously, directions are represented by numbers, as they appear on your 
    numpad.  1 is down-back, 2 is down, 3 is down-forward, etc.  A, B, K, and G 
    are your buttons.  Some of the more complex conventions are:
    [x] : Hold the button or direction represented by x.
    *   :  This move can be delayed before being inputted
    xY : Also represented by ~ in other legends.  This means immediately 
    following the first press.  Try to think of it as "rolling" from button 
    to button.
    x_y  : This means either x or y can be inputted, giving the same effect 
    in most cases (exception: roll/jump directions)
    From now on, I will be referring to possession stance (214) as PO.  
    Wherever you see 214 in the movelist will generally mean that Taki will go 
    into posession after the input.  I will also be referring to stalker 
    stance (A+B) as STK, and wind roll stance (B+K) as WRS.
    5. Movelist
    Throws :
    A+G Front    
    B+G Front 
    A+G or B+G Left 
    A+G or B+G Right
    A+G or B+G Back 
    66B+G Front     
    PO A+G or B+G Front     
    Standard Attacks :  
    A,B,B,214 or A,B,1B  
    B*A,A,214 or B,A,1 
    During Soul Charge B2      
    During Soul Charge B[2]    
    During Soul Charge B2,A      
    During Soul Charge B[2],A    
    During Soul Charge 7K      
    During Soul Charge 7K,B      
    FC A      
    FC B      
    FC K      
    FC A+K         
    FC A+K,K    
    FC 1A+B         
    WS A,A,A        
    WS A,A,214     
    WS B,B         
    WS B,2_6_8A+B     
    WS K    
    BT A         
    BT B,A        
    BT B,A,214     
    BT K       
    BT K,6 WR    
    BT B+K      
    BT 2A+K     
    BT FC A      
    BT FC B      
    BT FC B,214  
    BT FC K   
    Jump A        
    Jump B        
    Jump K,K      
    Jump K,K,214 
    Jump K,K,K              
    WL A         
    WL B,B  
    WL B,2_6_8A+B          
    WL K,K,K      
    WL K,K,B+K             
    WL K,K,2_8B+K
    Possession Stance (PO) :  (214)
    PO 6     
    PO 6,4        
    PO A         
    PO 2_8A          
    PO 4A          
    PO 4A,214
    PO B                           
    PO K          
    PO 8K      
    PO 8K,214  
    PO 8K,A   
    PO 2K        
    PO A+B      
    PO A+K        
    PO A+G or B+G 
    PO 2[2] or 8[8]-    
    PO Wall Dash A     
    PO Wall Dash B      
    PO Wall Dash K      
    Stalker Stance (STK) : (A+B)
    STK A  
    STK B   
    STK K     
    STK K,A    
    WindRoll Stance (WR) : (B+K)
    WR A     
    WR A,214 
    WR 2_8A    
    WR 4A 
    WR B,B,B    
    WR B,K,(B)     
    WR K    
    WR 6K,K    
    WR 6K,K,214 
    WR 6K,K,K     
    WindRoll-Side Stance (WRS) : (2_8+B+K)
    WRS A   
    WRS 4A
    WRS K     
    WRS K,A   
    WRS A+B 
    8-Way-Run Attacks : Number Indicates 8WR Direction 
    Any direction A+K   
    3_9A,214 PO  
    1_7B,K,214 PO    
    Wall Attacks : (A wall jump is performed by inputting 4,4,7 when you back
    is to a wall)
    WJ A         
    WJ B,B      
    WJ B,2_6_8B+K        
    WJ K     
    (Many thanks to www.guardimpact.com for their movelist. YOU GUYS OWN!) 
    6.  Invaluable Moves
    If you skipped down here, shame on you.  You should get to know your 
    character before you use her.  For the rest of you, I'm proud.  You took the
    time to learn everything Taki has to offer.
    B,A,(A) -  If B,A is just inputted, it is one of the fastest moves taki has.
    Two quick slashes which are a natural combo on a counter-hit.  If the third 
    hit in inputted, Taki will recover crouching, but the recovery time of this 
    move is great.  ONLY throw this out when you know you can catch your opponent
    with a WR+K, or WR+A,A,A (CH), or else you'll be toast.
    A,B,4+B+K (~G)-  One of the best ways Taki can fake someone out.  I put the 
    (~G) in there, only because this move is guard cancellable, and quite
    effective when it is done.  Taki takes a horizontal, then a vertical slash
    and then rears back, making a ball of energy, and smacks the ground while 
    screaming "Evil.. be gone!"  This hit is LOW! Many people tend to think that
    this move is unblockable, and won't guard it.  If it does connect, however,
    it's air juggle time.  Your opponnet will be hurled into the air helplessly,
    leaving him or her wide open for punishment.  This move also recovers 
    crouching.  While Taki has her energy ball held, this move can be guard
    cancelled, or it may also be attacked out of (see 4+B+K attacks in her normal
    attacks section of the movelist.)  My personal preference on what to do will 
    be discussed later in the tactics section.
    8WR+K,A - Don't we all just love guaranteed moves?  When this kick connects
    cleanly with the opponent, s/he is stunned while falling.  Taki then comes
    out of the flip, and pounces back at her opponent with a slash.  Use this
    often when you get in 8WR fights... It's got great range, priority, and does
    a lot of damage when it connects.
    8WR+A,A,A -  The 3rd hit of this move is often never guarded.  Taki takes two
    swings with her dagger, and then crouches.  Most people let go of their guards
    here.  She then swings forward again, knocking her opponent down.  Again, 
    another "surprise" tactic employed by Taki.
    4+B+K -  As discussed in the above tactics, this launcher must be used when
    playing Taki.  This move has range not only forward, but it has about a 180
    degree span around her.  You DO NOT have to be facing your opponent directly
    for this launcher to connect.  Again, how to get this move working well and
    to your advantage will be discussed in a bit.
    4+B- If you happen to get into a parry fight, this is the move for you. Taki
    delays a stab towards her opponent.  If it connects on a CH, it becomes a 
    crumple stun on the opponent.  Follow this up with either a 4+B+K, or a 2+K.
    66+K-  Taki does a chun-li-like helicopter kick on the ground.  Since she is
    upside down, only a rising mid, or low attack will connect to stop her.  This 
    move also works in ending a juggle, because she can hit someone with her legs
    from all 360 degrees.  Also use this if your opponent rolls to the side when
    s/he gets up.  It will track toward the opponent slightly, and the last part
    of the kick will generally hit, causing your opponent to immediately guard
    when getting up.
    B+K, 4+A, A+B-  Taki will go into her WRS, and slice low at the shins.  Now
    the magic begins.  Most people will get a "Deer in the Headlights" feeling 
    when all of a sudden Taki just stands there in PO.  Use that time wisely, 
    throw out an unblockable.  The nice thing about this one is that Taki half
    crouches, which leaves her open to only mid and low attacks.  
    7. OK, I've learned the basics, now what do I actually do to beat people?
    Taki will take time to master, please keep this in mind.  When I play, I try
    to focus on confusion, more than anything.  Remember, Taki can go airborn,
    roll, and just plain dance circles around anyone.  Use this to your 
    advantage at ALL TIMES.  When I play, I try and keep these general focuses in
    1: Always be moving, and if you're not, make sure you're close on your 
    If Taki's sitting around, she's a dead duck.  She has little reach, and needs
    to be moving at all times.  As I said before, 8WR+K, A is an incredible move,
    especially when trying to cover ground.  Her hopping swipe goes towards the
    opponent.  The only time I endorse few movements is when fighting in close.
    Taki's running moves were not made for close-quarters-combat.  In this 
    situation, stick to poking (I'll discuss that next), and quick launchers (such
    as 4+B+K).  
    2: Poke, poke, poke.
    When you have to get in close, always think speed over power.  Taki's got so
    many useful moves.  My personal favorite is her launcher fake (4+B+K ~ G),
    which will get the opponent to usually duck.  This ducking leaves them 
    vulnerable to a 6+K, or any overhead attack (2+A_B, 4+B will also work).  Fear
    tactics are incredibally useful.  Always make your opponent react to what you
    do, and never let them take charge.  Remember, a running Taki is a good Taki,
    only on the offensive.
    3: Keep away players can be beaten.
    They gave her airborn moves for a reason.  Use your stalker stance and wind
    rolls to move around Nightmare or Ivy players that are playing keep-away.  
    There's always a way around or above something.  My personal favorite, for 
    fighting off Nightmare players that need room is to either play close fighting
    (poke, poke, poke), or to take to the air.  A+B,B, or A+B,A,K are very useful.
    If the moves tend to be stationary, use A+B,B, but if they're sidestepping or
    moving, try and use STK, A, K.  This move will come from overhead, though you
    may sacrifice a little jump distance overall, the range that this move covers
    from side to side is worth the distance.
    4: If all else fails, what to do?
    Ok, so he's stopped my air attacks, I can get in close for a millisecond, and
    he's blocking and parrying all my poking.  What do I do?  
    Take your time! Relax and think! Whenever I get into this situation, it's 
    usually from my opponent just going on a blitzkrieg offensive.  I'll generally
    go to moves in which I have priority coming out of, such as 2+A (recovers
    crouching), into a (wr)K.  Because the frames needed to guard the 2+A are so 
    many, I will in most every case, connect with the kick, causing a crumple
    stun (as 99% of the time, they'll be attacking, so I'll get a counter-hit).
    Follow this up with a 2+K, and then when they go to stand back up, see if you
    can't take the offensive again.  This is more about breaking the rythm of an
    all-out attack.  When you can do that, and go back on the offensive, you 
    control your opponent, and control is, indeed, a good thing.
    8. Air Juggly Goodness
    Taki's got launchers.. USE THEM!
    From 4+B+K:
    B,[K], 6, B, B, B
    Her most damaging combo.  If you use the A, B into the launcher, you opponent
    will end up with half a lifebar.  Make sure though that you tap forward, not
    only to square her to the opponent, but to stay tight onto him/her as well.
    B, [K], B, 6,6+K
    Easier version of the previous.  Won't do as much damage, but it's pretty
    much idiot-proof.
    PO, A, 2+K
    This just looks plain cool.  Your opponent's up in the air, and lil' ole'
    Taki goes into posession, and then jumps up to meet the opponent.  Follow
    it up with a low kick while they're on the ground.
    From 8WR+B:
    B, K, 6,6+B
    The only difference in the timing with these combos from her 8WR launcher
    is that the B,K isn't held.  Your opponent is not hit high enough into
    the air for Taki's [K] to work properly.  The stab isn't guaranteed
    if your opponent begins to move around in the air from an un-square hit.
    B, K, K, 4+B+K
    If the second kick whiffs, you've got another launching opportunity coming
    to you.  If the kick connects, then some ground damage occurs.  Either way
    you keep the offensive ^_^.
    9. Big Nono's
    Common errors that Taki players tend to have:
    1. Taki can outspeed everyone.
    Remember, people have moves that track anything, and sweeping moves as well.
    Always be cautious when you're moving... You never know when Astaroth's axe
    or Nightmare's souledge will be sweeping at you.
    2. I'm invulnerable when in WRS or STK.
    It's always nice to see the look on someone's face when Ivy uses her 9+B+K
    and snatches Taki out of the air.  It's also nice to see someone try and roll
    into swords and attacks.  It just won't go through.  Don't roll at someone, 
    please!  Do it if your opponent's on the ground, but not when he can attack
    you in broad daylight...
    3. This worked for me, maybe I should just stick to doing what I'm winning
    NO, NO, and NO!..... Patternsome players will eventually be cracked, no matter
    how good their skills are.  The true player will change his/her playing 
    style every few rounds.  Even the slightest change in patterns (especially
    high moves becoming low moves) will keep your opponent off-guard.  Diversity,
    not sheer skill alone, wins games.
    10. Props
    I'd like to thank everyone at my local Time Out for being so helpful in 
    making me the player I am.  Without people like Sage, Omega, BioHazard, 
    Flambeau, and Reverend, I wouldn't have dropped my newbie Raphael so quickly.
    A good whipping always kept me humble, and I thank you for delivering them
    so promptly when I got pompous.  Also many props to GuardImpact.com for their 
    movelists and SoulCalibur.com for reminding me about Regionals.
    Again, any Q's or comments can be submitted to Jeb91084@optonline.net
    or talk to me on AIM about it.  XiaoyuDeath.  Thanks for your time
    and I hope that you can now own your arcade crowd with Taki.
    Updates to Come:
    As I find things wrong with this FAQ, or find more things, I will
    add them in later revisions.

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