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    Link by NeOak

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 09/05/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    "Trascending History and the World, 
                              A Tale of Souls and Swords Eternally Retold"
    Soul Calibur II - Gamecube Version
    Character FAQ for - Link
    Version 1.2
    by: NeOak
    Table of Contents
    1. Version Updates
    2. Introduction
    3. Link's Profile
    4. Weapons & Costumes
    5. Control Types & Legend
    6. Move list
        6.1. Horizontal (A)
        6.2. Vertical (B)
        6.3. Kick (K)
        6.4. Throws (Th)
        6.5. Miscelaneus (Misc)
        6.6. Signature Moves (Sign)
        6.7. Quick Attacks (Qk)
        6.8. Power Attacks (Pow)
    7. FAQs
    8. Legal Stuff
    1. Version Updates
    Version 1.2 - September 5 2003 (WM-Lv.66)
    Added in the FAQs section how to open SUBchapter 2 and where are
    EXTRA chapter 1&2.
    Version 1.1 - September 1 2003 (WM-Lv. 59)
    Added where to get the Bug Catching Net. (Credits at section 8). And
    added one FAQ question. I'm going to try and make the moves list more
    easy to understand (instead of U, Up, instead of D, Down, etc.)
    Version 1.0 - August 30 2003
    Started this thing. I am Lv. 57 in Weapon Master and i have almost
    all things belonging to Link. And, because there is no FAQ about him,
    i decided to write one about the best of the console exclusive
    characters in Soul Calibur 2.
    2. Introduction
    Welcome to my FAQ about Link. Here i will provide you with complete
    about Link, the exclusive character of the Gamecube version of
    Soul Calibur 2.
    3. Link's Profile
    Name: Link
    Bithplace: Hyrule
    Weapon: Sword & Shield
    Weapon Name: Master Sword & Hylian Shield (default)
    Stage: Ostrheinsburg Chapel
    Once upon a time, Hyrule's tranquility was shattered by the arrival
    of several disasters. The calamities brought dark, ominous clouds
    which shut out the sun. Suprisingly, it came to light that a magician
    was to blame for the disasters.
    Just as the people were about to lose all hope, the sun miraculosly
    returned. Link, who was summoned by Zelda to find the cause of the
    disasters, succesfully defeated the magician. The people of Hyrule
    rejoiced in the belief that eternal peace would rule.
    Unfortunately, this was not to be.
    It became clear that the magician responsible for the disasters was
    in fact, controlled by an evil sword called Soul Edge, which existed
    in another world.
    Futhermore. the fragments of Soul Edge were gathering together in this
    other world.
    Knowing that the resurrection of the evil blade must be prevented at
    all costs, Link chose to travel to the other world and destroy 
    Soul Edge.
    Link gathered his trusted Master Sword, Hylian Shield, and Ocarina,and
    set off on a secret journey.
    4. Weapons & Costumes
    1. Master Sword & Hylian Shield
    Description: Link's most familiar and well-balanced weapon.
    History: A magic sword and shield that have accompanied Link on many 
             adventures and helped him repeatedly save the land of Hyrule. 
             This journey is no less dire, and Link once again goes into 
             battle equipped with these items, this time in another world. 
             These are well-balanced arms for Link.
    Where to get: N/A - default weapon
    2. Razor Sword
    Description: Goof offense offset by a short reach and a penetrable
    History: A sword forged by the blacksmith from the mountain village 
             on Snowhead. The blacksmith is famous for his perfectionism
             --this sword is yet another excellent example of his 
             craftsmanship and boasts an amazingly sharp cutting edge. 
             Unfortunately, the metal used to forge this blade is prone 
             to chipping, so there remains some concern about its 
             defensive capabilities.
    Where to get: WM Chapter 1.
    3. Armos Series
    Description: Offense increases with SC but lacks defense.
    History: A sword and shield from one of the living Armos statues that
             dot the land of Hyrule. The origins of these items are
             shrouded in mystery. mcuh like the Armos themselves.
             Concentrating one's will increases the weapons' power, but
             they are a bit too heavy for Link and he cannot use them
             effectively for guarding.
    Where to get: WM Chapter 2.
    4. Megaton Hammer
    Description: Good offense, strong single strikes, but a short reach.
    History: An extremely heavy hammer. learning to use it effectively
             could take some time. as its reach is somewaht short for a
             weapon. Its power and toughness, however, exceed that of any
             normal sword. It's guaranteed to inspire awe.
    Where to get: WM Chapter 3 & 5.
    5. Cane of Byrna
    Description: Recovers health and increases defense with SC.
    History: An ancient magic staff that grants protection to heroes.
             It can be used even by those who are not sorcerers as long
             as their hearts are pure. It is said that praying with all
             one's heart will shroud the user in light and fill him with
             vitality. Because it is not a true weapon, it usually does
             not fare well when it clashes against an opponent's weapon.
    Where to get: WM Chapter 3, 4 & 5.
    6. Mirror Shield
    Description: Reflects attacks, but may cause Link to lose balance.
    History: A mirror-like shield found in the Spirit Temple. It is an
             amazing work of art, and there are few who world argue that
             is not one of the finest shields in Hyrule. It is said that
             its surface not only reflects not only light but hostile
             intent as well.
    Where to get: WM Chapter 6 & 7.
    7. Magic Sword & Magic Shield
    Description: Good at penetrating defenses, but weak against impact.
    History: Ancient arms hidden deep in an undergorund tomb. This 
             powerful sword holds an enchantment that counters the forces
             of darkness, and its holy aura allows it to deliver damage
             to the enemy even without making physical contact. The shield
             is enchanted with a spell that protects its user from enemy
             magic, but the actual shield itself is quite old and is weak
             against physical impact.
    Where to get: WM Chapter 6, 8 & 9.
    8. Biggoron's Sword
    Description: Long reach and has a good offense but requires energy to
    History: A mastefully crafted long swrod forged by the best blacksmith
             in Hyrule, Biggoron, who lives on Death Mountain. Designed
             specifically for Link, it is made to be wielded with one 
             hand. Even so, swinging it with full force gets tiring after
             a while.
    Where to get: Chapter 8 & 10.
    9. Soul Edge (Complete)
    Description: Fearsome demonic weapon said to excel in offense and
    History: An evil blade with a reputation for devouring souls. This
             weapon is also known to be a shape-shifter-- which form it
             takes depends on its current owner. The forms it has taken
             are legendary, as are the souls of the renowned warriors
             it has consumed. Only those with great mental discipline
             can retain their will while wielding this weapon. It consumes
             the souls of those who fall before the blade, and also the
             soul of its wielder.
    Where to get: WM Extra Chapter 1.
    10. Great Fairy Sword
    Description: The ultimate sword! Wield it to discover its true power!
    History: A sword blessed by the Great Fairy, rumored to be able to
             reflect any and all dark magic. Merely holding it fills the
             wielder with strenght, but unfortunately, its protective
             power did not survive intact in this world, and it is no
             longer able to resist enemy attacks.
    Where to get: WM Extra Chapter 2.
    11. Bug Catching Net (Joke Weapon)
    Description: ??
    History: ??
    Where to get: WM Subchapter 2 (Check the FAQs in how to open it)
    1. Kokiri Clothes (default--Green)
    2. Goron Tunic (Red)
    3. Zora Tunic (Blue, must be bought in WM Extra Chapter 1 Shop)
    4. Original Tunic (From the first NES TLoZelda. Must be bought also
                       in the WM Extra Chapter 1 Shop. You must have
                       bought the Zora Tonic for this one to appear as
                       "New Costume 2")
    5. Control Types & Legend
    U -> Up                  UR -> Diagonal Up+Right
    D -> Down                UL -> Diagonal Up+Left
    F -> Foward              DF -> Diagonal Down+Foward
    B -> Backward            DB -> Diagonal Down+Backward
    N -> Any Direction 
    --Hold Moves
    U* -> Hold Up            UR* -> Hold Diagonal Up+Right
    D* -> Hold Down          UL* -> Hold Diagonal Up+Left
    F* -> Hold Foward        DF* -> Hold Diagonal Down+Foward
    B* -> Hold Backward      DB* -> Hold Diagonal Down+Backward
    N* -> Hold Any Direction
    H -> Horizontal Slash
    V -> Vertical Slash
    K -> Kick
    G -> Guard
    = -> Press Repeatedly
    --Hold Attacks
    A* -> Hold Horizontal Slash
    B* -> Hold Vertical Slash
    K* -> Hold Kick
    G* -> Hold Guard
    (!)-> Guard Break/Unblockable
    6. Moves list
    6.1 - Horizontal Attacks
    U(or UB or UF) H
    U(or UB or UF) H*
    DF*(or UF*)H
    D*(or U*)H
    DB(or UB)H
    DB(or UB)H*
    DB(or UB)H,V
    6.2 - Vertical Attacks
    U(or UB or UF)V
    F*(or DF* or UF*) V
    D*(or U*)H
    D*(or U*)H*
    DB* (or UB*) V
    6.3 - Kicks
    D*(or U*)K
    D*(or U*)K*
    D*(or U*)K,F
    D*(or U*)K,B
    6.4 - Throws
    6.5 - Miscelaneus
    FFK (+ H,V or K,DV)
    BBK (+ H,V or K)
    6.7 - Signature Moves
    H+V,V(or V*)
    V+K,K(or K*)
    H+K,H(or H*)
    6.8 - Quick Moves
    6.9 - Power Moves
    D,DB,B,H* (!)
    7. FAQs
    Q. How much "X sword" cost? Why don't you say it in here?
    A: Because, if you didn't notice, the higher the Level in your Weapon
       Master Quest, the cheaper Weapons, Costumes and Extras become.
       For Example. The Soul Edge costs 9800 G when you open Extra Chapter
       1, but, if you advance several levels, it can become 7800 G or less
       than that.
    Q. Are EXTRA and SUB Chapters the same?
    A. No. Extra Chapters are more difficult and are more of side quests.
    Q. Where are the EXTRA Chapters?
    A: The Extra Chapter 1 is ABOVE Chapter 9. Extra Chapter 2 is BELOW
       Subchapter 4, which is BELOW of Chapter 8.
    Q. I opened the EXTRA Chapter 1 & 2, but the Soul Edge and the Great
       Fairy Sword aren't in the shop!
    A: I bought the weapons AFTER defeating Inferno in Chapter 10, Stage 3
       so, defeat him and then try to get the weapons. Also, is "EXTRA 
       chapter" not "SUBChapter".
    Q. How can i open SUBChapter 2?
    A: You need to be in Level 72 (Edge Master). Then, go to Chapter 4 and
       beat again the Mission 3. You should be able to go in SUBchapter 2.
    8. Legal Issues
    ©2003 NeOak
    You can't copy anything from here, UNLESS you ask me first.
    Credits to "dudewhatsmyname7@aol.com" for the info where to get
    the Bug Net. I knew it from the Board, but, he took the time to tell
    me about it, and besides, he is the one how told me how to open the
    Subchapter 2.
    The Only places allowed to host this are GameFAQS.com and Faqs.ign.com
    You can, however, if you ask me.
    The Legend of Zelda and "Link" belongs to Nintendo.
    The Soul Calibur history, art, etc... belongs to Namco.
    And you can't use this FAQ for commercial purporses!

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