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    Link by Mechalon

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           @MMMM@MM@MMMMX;           MM7 :MMMMMMMMr       8WMW0MMMMMMMMMM       
        :MMM; 7;, ,,XMS ;07  @ MM  SMX rMW    Sr    @M       WM0.:, 28;rMMZ     
             SMiM  8ZiZZ BMM M Ma Ma MMM  MZM MX rM 8M 0  ZM MMM 2M  XM         
            SS ,M MM@M M MMM M MB M  MM iM MM M8 7M BM BMZ.M MMMiWM M:Mr        
           Mr M@XS.   MM     M a .B .M  M8M M :,i M ZM S Z WM    ;M MMrB7       
         MZMMX              :@    :M  MS  .i2Sa::MaMM            SXMM .MMXM     
        M@Mi                       BM  MMi   ;MrSMaM@               ;   .M8M    
       MM@i                         WMM  7MMMW;:aW@i                     :WMM,  
      .M0                            X0MMM8WZS,7Ma                         SMX  
      a;                                 ;   r27M                           X;  
    Soul Calibur 2: Link Guide (GCN ONLY)
    Use Ctrl+F to search.  Everything in the contents is listed the same way.
    1.  Version History
    2.  Character Description and Story
    3.  History of Link
    4.  How To Read Move List
    5.  Move List
         A. Stance Moves
           1. Forward Roll
           2. Side Roll
           3. Bow
           4. Bomb
           5. Boomerang
           6. Back Summersault
         B. Non-Stance Moves
           1. Regular
           2. While Crouching
           3. While Rising
           4. While Crouching, Back Facing Enemy
           5. Back Facing Enemy
           6. 8-Way Run
           7. Jump
           8. Jump Delay
           9. Wall Jump
           10. Throws
    6.  Weapons and Other Things
         A. Weapons (Swords and Shields)
         B. Weapons (Bow and Arrows, Boomerang, and Bombs)
         C. Costumes and Demo Video
    7.  FAQs
    8.  Thanks
    9.  How to Contact Me
    10. Future Updates
    11. Legal Stuff
    1. Version History
    Vr. 1: Started the guide, with no FAQs or Weapon Master Mode or regular
    strategies, but just about everything else.
    Vr. 1.1: New sites, and some WMM guides.
    Vr. 2: OK, I'm not going to do the Wepon Master Mode guide.  Why?  Because, 
    this is a fighting game, it just requires a little thinking and quick reflexes.
    But  I will give tips on how to beat stages or how to get to them, just ask.
    2. Character Description and Story
    Name: Link
    Gender: Male
    Weapons (Based off of OoT):
           Sword: Master Sword
           Shield: Hylian Shield
           Bombs: Regular bombs
           Bow: Fairy Bow
           Arrows: Fire Arrows and regular arrows
           Boomerang: Fairy Bow
    Style (Based off of OoT): Kokiri Swordplay
    Age (Based off of OoT): 17
    Birthplace: Hyrule
    Height: Unknown
    Weight: Unknown
    Birth date: Unknown
    Blood Type: Unknown
           LoZ: Unknown
           Zelda II: Unknown
           LttP: Uncle
           LA: Unknown
           OoT: Father killed during war, mother died after giving Link to the
                Great Deku Tree
           OoS/OoA: Unknown
           WW: Grandma and sister, Aryll
    	Once upon a time, Hyrule's tranquility was shattered by the arrival of
    several disasters.  The calamities brought dark, ominous clouds which shut out
    sun.  Surprisingly, it came to light that a magician was to blame for the
    	Just as the people were about to lose all hope, the sun miraculously
    returned.  Link, who was summoned by Zelda to find the cause of the disasters,
    successfully defeated the magician.  The people of Hyrule rejoiced in the
    belief that eternal peace would rule.
    	Unfortunately, this was not to be.
    	It became clear that the magician responsible for the disasters was in
    fact controlled by an evil sword called Soul Edge, which existed in another
    	Furthermore, the fragments of Soul Edge were gathering together in
    this other world.
    	Knowing that the resurrection of the evil blade must be prevented at
    all cost, Link chose to travel to the other world and destroy Soul Edge.
    	Link gathered his trusted Master Sword, Hylian Shield, and Ocarina,
    and set off on a secret journey.
    3. History of Link
    Link has appeared in more games the other SC2 characters (most only been in
    2-3, counting this one, some this is there first game.  The runner up is 
    Yoshimitsu, being from Tekken), namely for him being a Nintendo character.  
    This is a list of other games and the US release, their system, and a overview 
    on the game.
    True Zelda Games:
    Name: The Legend of Zelda
    System: NES
    Release: 7.87
    Overview: This is the game that started it all.  Link journied to find the
    pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom to strike down the King of Evil Gannon.
    Name: The Legend of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
    System: NES
    Release: 12.88
    Overview: Zelda has been put under a sleeping curse and it's up to Link to
    get the Triforce of Courage to wake her, avoiding Gannon's minions hungry
    for his blood to revive their evil leader.
    Name: The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past
    System: SNES
    Release: 4.92
    Overview: This is one of THE BEST games of the 16-bit era.  This had more 
    dungeons then any other Zelda game, a compelling story, and alot of weapons,
    this pushed Zelda further.  Link must travel through two different worlds to
    stop an evil Wizard from releasing his master Gannon.
    Name: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awaking/The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awaking
    System: GB/GBC
    Release: 8.93/12.98
    Overview: The first Game Boy Zelda, it was suprisingly true to Zelda.  Link 
    has been shiprecked on an Island where a gigantic egg lays.  He must journy
    to awaken the Wind Fish inside the egg so he may return home.
    Name: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Master Quest
    System: N64/GCN
    Release: 11.98/2.03
    Overview: Conidsidered the best game in the series, Link must travel through 
    time to a stop the King of Theifs, Gannondorf, from entering the golden land
    and claiming the Triforce.  A rerelease, Master Quest featured a harder
    version of the game.
    Name: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
    System: N64
    Release: 10.00
    Overview: A direct sequal to OoT, Link was taken to another land in danger.
    The moon was falling and was going to rip the planet into shreads in 3 days.
    Going back and forth through time to repeat the three days, Link must stop
    the Skull kid possessed by the Majora's Mask.
    Name: The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons/Oracle of Ages
    System: GBC
    Release: 5.14.01
    Overview: Link has been called apon the Triforce to go to a new land.  In
    order to save the Oracles Din and Nyru, Link must travel between these world,
    to ultimatly defeate Gannon.
    Name: The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past/Four Swords
    System: GBA
    Release: 12.02.02
    Overview: A rerelease of Link to the Past from the SNES also featured the
    first multiplayer Zelda.  The Four Sword has released an evil Wind Mage,
    Veti, and Link must use the power of the Four Sword to create four Links
    to save Zelda.
    Name: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
    System: GCN
    Release: 3.24.03
    Overview: The land of Hyrule has dissapeared, all to become a legend.  But
    to one child of the Great Sea, it would become destiny to become part of
    the legend.  Travling on a talking boat, Link must journy the great Sea to
    rescue his sister, or so he thinks.
    Other Games:
    Name: Super Smash Bros.
    System: N64
    Release: 99
    Overview: Could Mario beat up Link?  Well, this game decided that.  A
    fighting game featuring many different Nintendo charaters as they duke
    it out to see who is the best.
    Name: Super Smash Bros. Melee
    System: GCN
    Release: 12.02.01
    Overview: The sequal to Super Smash Bros. featured more charaters and
    stages, and brought Zelda, Gannondorf and Young Link into the fray.
    Name: Soul Calibur 2
    System: GCN (the only one with Link)
    Release: 8.27.03
    Overview: What do you think you're playing now!  A CD-I game?  The
    overview for this game is in front of you.  The best weapon fighter
    game ever, at least in my opinion.
    4. How To Read Move List
    Directional movement:
    7  8  9
    4     6
    1  2  3
    1 is down and left.
    2 is down.
    3 is down and right.
    4 is left.
    6 is right.
    7 is up and left.
    8 is up.
    9 is up and right.
    If any button has a 5, after it, it means hold.  For example:
    15 means to hold down and left.
    A5 means hold down A button.
    If A, B, K, or G has a 0 before it, it must be done in the same frame
    (1/60 of a second).  For Example:
    0BA means hit B the A in the same frame
    0BA5 means to hit B and hold A in the same frame.
    A is horizontal attack, and on default, the button is A.
    B is vertical attack, and on default, the button is Y.
    K is kick, and on default, the button is X.
    G is guard, and on default, the button is B, R, or L.
    Not listed in any moves, but a Soul Charge is ABK (AYX) or Z or Up on C Stick.
    In ATK LVL:
    H is high
    M is middle
    L is low
    SM is special middle
    For example:
    M H H H H is middle, high, high, high, high
    This is how to read a move:
    Command; Move Name; ATK LVL; Damage; Notes
    5. Move List
    A. Stance Moves
    1. Forward Roll
    66K; Forward Roll; N/A; N/A; Special Movement.  Shift to Forward Roll.
    A; Force Counter Slash; M; 30; N/A
    B; Rocket Stap; M; 38; N/A
    K2B; Leaping Split Combo; M M; 26, 22; Aditional hits (Mid) possible with B
    during second hit.
    2. Side Roll
    66K8 or 2; Side Roll; N/A; N/A; Special Movement.  Shift to Side Roll.
    A; Spinning Leap Strike; H; 36/ N/A
    B; Rocket Stab; M; 38; N/A
    K2B; Leaping Split Combo; M M; 26, 22; Aditional hits (Mid) possible with B
    during second hit.
    3. Bow
    A+B; Bow Stance; N/A; N/A; Special Stance.  Shift to Bow Stance.  Directional
    Input to move.
    A; Boomerang Stance; Special Stance.  Shift to Boomerang Stance.
    B; Bow; H; 40; B5 (Max) for Unblockable
    9B; Bow (High); H; 31; N/A
    3B; Bow (Low); L; 29; N/A
    K; Bomb Stance; N/A; N/A; Special Stance.  Shift to Bomb Stance.
    4. Bomb
    B+K; Bomb Stance; N/A; N/A; Special Stance.  Shift to Bomb Stance.  Directional
    Input to move.  Explosion after a set time will inflict damage to self.
    A; Boomerang Stance; N/A; N/A; Special Stance.  Shift to Boomerang Stance.
    B; Bow Stance; N/A; N/A; Special Stance.  Shift to Bow Stance.
    K; Bomb; M; 34; Max Delay for Unblockable.
    5. Boomerang
    A+K; Boomerang Stance; N/A; N/A; Special Stance.  Shift to Boomerang Stance.
    Directional Input to move.
    A; Boomerang; H H; 25, 15; 8 or 2 A to change direction.
    B; Bow Stance; N/A; N/A; Special Stance.  Shift to Bow Stance.
    K; Bomb Stance; N/A; N/A; Special Stance.  Shift to Bomb Stance.
    6. Back Somersault
    44K; Back Somersault; N/A; N/A; Special Movement.  Shift to Back Somersault.
    During Back Somersault A; Force Counter Slash; M; 30; N/A
    During Back Somersault B; Leap Strike; M; 45; N/A
    During Back Somersault K; Knee Thrust; M; 27; N/A
    B. Non-Stance Moves
    1. Regular
    A; Horizontal Slash; H; 13; G to cancel
    A5; Horizontal Slash-Spin Attack; H H H H H; 13, 18, 10, 10, 21; Number of Spin
    Attacks hit increases with hold.  Max A5 for Unblockable Spin Attack.
    AA; Double Sword Slash (Horizontal); H H; 13,13; AA5 to shift to Boomerang
    AB; Cross Slash; H M; 13, 17; ABB+K to shift to Bomb Stance
    ABK; Cross Slash Combo; H M H; 13, 17, 22; ABK5 to shift to Bomb Stance.
    Possible to delay third hit.
    6AA; Step-in Attack Combo; H L; 24, 25; Possible to delay second hit.
    6AAB; Step-in Attack Combo Upper Combo; H M. 24, 38; Cancels second hit.
    66A; Bat Swing; M; 38; N/A
    3A; Shoelace Slash; L; 25; N/A
    4A; Counter Slash; H; 27; 4A5 to shift to Boomerang Stance
    1A; Sword Trip; L; 29; N/A
    2A Crouching Slash; SM; 18; N/A
    7 or 8 or 9 A Cyclone Attack; M; 40; Additional hits possible.  7 or 8 or 9 A
    412A; Spin Attack; H H; 18, 22; Increases number of hold attacks. 421A5 (Max)
    for Unblockable.
    B; Vertical Slash; M; 16; G to cancel.  B5 to shift to Bow Stance.
    BB: Double Sword Slash (Vertical); M M; 16, 21; N/A
    BK Slash Kick Combo; M M; 16, 16; N/A
    0BA; Sword Sweep; M, 30; Guard Impact properties (vs. Horizontal)
    0BA5: Sword Sweep-Spin Attack; M H H H H; 30, 18, 10, 10, 22; Guard Impact
    properties (vs. Horizontal).  Number of Spin Attack hits increase with hold.
    Unblockable Spin Attack with 0BA5 (Max.)
    6B; Stab; M; 23; N/A
    6B Repeatedly; Illusion Stab Combo; M, H, M, SM, H, SM, M; 23, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5,
    23; N/A
    66B Running Hack; M; 42; N/A
    3B; Half-Moon Swipe; M; 27; 3B5 to shift to Bow Stance
    4BA; Double Spin Slash; M H; 23, 31-46; Possible to hold second hit.
    44B; Power Thrust; M; 30; 44B5 to shift to Bow Stance
    1B; Down Slash; M; 17; N/A
    2B; Sword Plant; M; 40; Additional hits (Mid) possible with B during second hit.
    660BA; Running Spin Slash; H; 48; Possible to hold.
    7 or 8 or 9B; Rocket Stab; M; 28; N/A
    K; Kick; H; 12; G to cancel; K5 to shift to Bomb Stance.
    6K; Front Kick; H; 25; 6K5 to shift to Bomb Stance.
    3K; Mid Kick; M; 20; N/A
    2K; Low Kick; L; 11; N/A
    1KK; Double Kick; L H, 16, 28; N/A
    4K; Kick Out; M; 20; N/A
    44B+K; Hyper Dash Attack; M M; 65-90; G to cancel.  44B+K (Max) for Unblockable
    and additional hits.  G during Hold to cancel.
    2. While Crouching
    A; Crouch Slash; SM; 13; N/A
    B; Crouch Upper Slash; M; 18; N/A
    K; Low Kick; L; 11; N/A
    3. While Rising
    A; Risin Horizontal Slash; M; 32; A5 to shift to Boomerang Stance.
    B; Rising High Slash; M; 20; N/A
    K2B: Leating Split Combo; M M; 26, 22; Additional hits (Mid) possible with B.
    4. While Crouching, Back Facing Enemy
    A; Crouch Turn Slash; M; 16; N/A
    B; Crouch Turn Vertical Slash; M; 28; N/A
    K; Crouch Turn Kick; M; 12; N/A
    5. Back Facing Enemy
    A; Turning Horizontal Slash; M; 23; N/A
    B; Turning Vertical Slash; M; 23; N/A
    K; Turning Kick; M; 19; N/A
    6. 8-Way Run
    65A; Bat Swing; M; 38; N/A
    65B; Running Hack; M; 42; N/A
    65K; Sliding; L; 25; Sliding
    65 or 95 or 35 0BA; Running Spin Slash; H: 48-58; Possible to hold.
    Any Directional Input A+B; Bow Stance; N/A; N/A; Special Stance.  Shift to Bow
    Any Directional Input B+K; Bomb Stance; N/A; N/A; Special Stance.  Shift to
    Bomb Stance.
    Any Directional Input A+K; Boomerang Stance; N/A; N/A; Special Stance.  Shift
    to Boomerang Stance.
    65B+G; Swing Under Throw; N/A; 25; Possible to escape with B.
    95 or 35 A; Force Counter Slash; M; 30; N/A
    95 or 35 B; Running Hack; M; 42; N/A
    95 or 35 K; Knee Thrust; M; 27; N/A
    85 or 25 A; Spinning Leap Strike; H; 36; N/A
    85 or 25 B; High Launcher; M; 32; 85B5 to shift to Bow Stance
    85 or 25 K; Propeller Kick; H; 24; 85K5 to shift to Bomb Stance.  85K6 to shift
    to Forward Roll.  85K4 to shift to Back Somersault.
    75 or 15 A; Grass Cutter; L; 40; Possible to hold.
    75 or 15 AB; Grass Cutter High Feint; M; 38; Cancels first hit.
    75 or 15 B; Sword Chop; M; 30; N/A
    75 or 15 K; Knee Thrust; M; 27; N/A
    45A; Counter Slash; H; 27; 45A5 to shift to Boomerang Stance.
    45B; Power Thrust; M; 30-40; 45B5 to shift to Bow Stance.
    45K; Back Somersault; N/A; N/A; Special Movement.  Shift to Back Somersault.
    7. Jump (3 Moves)
    G5 Jump A; Jump Slash; H; 35; N/A
    G5 Jump B; Leap Strike; M; 45; N/A
    G5 Jump K; Jump Kick; H; 22; N/A
    8. Jump Delay
    A; Landing Crouch Slash; L; 24; N/A
    B; Landing Upper; M; 34; N/A
    KK; Landing Kick Combo; L H; 18, 28; N/A
    9. Wall Jump
    A; Landing Crouch Slash; L; 25; N/A
    B; Landing Upper; M; 36; N/A
    KK; Landing Kick Combo; L H; 19, 28; N/A
    10. Throws
    A+G; Arm Twist; N/A; 50; Possible to escape with A
    B+G; Running Slash; N/A; 55; Possible to escape with B
    Left Throw; Piggyback Throw; N/A; 58; Same button as throw (A or B) to escape
    Right Throw; Power Roll; N/A; 65; Same button as throw (A or B) to escape
    Back Throw; Sheild Shove; N/A; 48; Impossible to escape throw (except as Voldo
    and Astaroth).
    66B+G; Swing Under; N/A; 25; Bossible to escape with B
    6. Weapons and Other Things
    A. Weapons (Swords and Shields)
    Master Sword & Hylian Shield
    Overview: Link's most familiar and well-balanced weapon.
    Offence: 100%
    Defense: 100%
    Side Effects: None
    Description: A magic sword and shield that have accompanied on many
    adventures and helped him repeatedly save the land of Hyrule.  This journey is
    no less dire, and Link once again goes into battle equipped with these items,
    this time in another world.  These are well-balanced arms for Link.
    Fact: In reality, this is usually his second best sword, and there is always a
    stronger one in the games.  Same with the shield, but who asked me.  Making
    this more interesting, this sword has only appeared in 4 out of his 9 games.
    In 5 games, this weapon wasn't present.  Many adventures my foot.
    Price: Have at start
    Razor Sword (with Hylian Shield)
    Overview: Good offense offset by a short reach and a penetrable guard.
    Offence: 125%
    Defense: 100%
    Side Effects: Razor Sword allows through 15% of damage from blocked attacks.
    Description: A sword forged by the blacksmith from the Mountain Village on
    Snowhead.  The blacksmith is famous for his perfectionism-this sword is
    yet another excellent example of his craftsmanship and boast an amazingly
    sharp cutting edge.  Unfortunately, the metal used to forge this blade is
    prone to chipping, so there remains some concern about its defensive
    Fact: This sword is from Majora's Mask, an evolution of the Kokiri Sword,
    explaining the small reach.  This sword in MM, when used to hit 100 times,
    before it becomes the Kokiri Sword again (talk about cheep).  Now one thing bugs
    "Unfortunately, the metal used to forge this blade is prone to chipping, so
    there remains some concern about its defensive capabilities."  So the shield is
    decoration huh.  That's messed up really.  Oh well, I didn't make the game this
    way, so it isn't my fault.
    Price: 600 Gold
    Armos Series
    Overview: Offence increases with Soul Charge
    Offence: 100%
    Defense: 70%
    Side Effects: Soul Charge effect decreases gradually.
    Description: A sword and shield from one of the living Armos statues that dot
    the land of Hyrule.  The origins of these items are shrouded in mystery, much
    like the Armos themselves.  Concentrating one's will increases the weapon's
    power, but they are a bit too heavy for Link and he cannot use them
    Fact: Someone ripped an Armos arms off, and made them real weapons.  The Armos,
    who've been in Zelda since the start, never used them anyway, so it doesn't
    matter too much.  The rock must be heavy it effects guarding, but the Armos
    never had much stamina anyway (a bomb  does them in).  Nice weapon, but your
    better of with the Master Sword then this hunk of stone.
    Price: 900 Gold
    Megaton Hammer (with Hylian Shield)
    Overview: Good offense, strong single strikes, but a short reach.
    Offence: 135%
    Defense: 100%
    Side Effects: None
    Description: An extremely heavy hammer.  Learning to use it effectively could
    take some time, as its reach is somewhat short of a weapon.  Its power and
    toughness, however, for exceed that of any normal sword.  It's guaranteed to
    inspire awe.
    Fact: Well.  Not much info on its true origins.  Well, anyway, this is what it
    is.  The Megaton Hammer was used by BOOM, a legendary Goron who defeated the
     Goron eating fire serpent, Voligana.  This hammer was rested in the Fire
    Temple, where Link had to find it to defeat the evil Voligana who was
    resurrected by Gannondorf.  Obviously, he kept it.
    Price: 1200 Gold
    Cane of Byrna (with Hylian Shield)
    Overview: Recovers health and increases defense with Soul Charge.
    Offence: 100%
    Defense: 100%
    Side Effects: The Soul Charge effect increases over time until effect ends
    in a few seconds, and it restores health.
    Description: An ancient magic staff that grants protection to heroes.  It can
    be used even by those who are not sorcerers as long as their hearts are pure.
    It is said that praying to the staff with all of one's heart will shroud the
    user light and fill him with vitality.  Because it is not a true weapon, it
    usually doses not fare well when it clashes against another weapon.
    Fact: In LttP, this was used by Link to make him invincible, but drained your
    magic faster then you could kill the mini-boss, then your in a bad spot, and a
    super bad one if you suck.
    Price: 1600 Gold
    Mirror Shield (with Master Sword)
    Overview: Reflects attacks, but may cause Link to lose balance.
    Offence: 100%
    Defense: 100%
    Side Effects: Any hit you take, your oppenent takes a percentage of it
    Description: A mirror-like shield found in the Spirit Temple.  It is an amazing
    work of art, and there are few who would argue that it is not one of the finest
    shields in Hyrule.  It is said that its surface reflects not only light, but
    hostile intent as well.
    Fact: This sword first appeared in LttP as a defense against lasers.  As I found
    out, if you get hit, they take damage.  Very nice.
    Price: 2200 Gold
    Magic Sword & Magic Shield
    Overview: Good at penetrating defense, but weak against impact.
    Offence: 100%
    Defense: 100%
    Side Effects: Opponents who block from Magic Sword & Magic Shield still receive
    40% damage from blow.
    Description: Ancient arms hidden deep in an underground tomb.  This powerful
    sword holds an enchantment that counters the forces of darkness, and its holy
    aura allows it to
    deliver damage to the enemy even without making physical contact.  The shield
    is enchanted with a spell that protects its user from enemy magic, but the
    actual shield itself is quite old and is weak against physical impact.
    Fact: Holy moley.  Haven't seen this sword in 16 YEARS.  This was the best
    weapon in the original Legend of Zelda.  The Sword was found in a tomb (or
    under a rock, depending on what quest) and the shield was found, uh, in a shop.
    What a lame way to get the best shield.
    Price: 3000 Gold
    Biggoron's Sword (with Hylian Shield)
    Overview: Long reach and has good offense but requires energy to wield.
    Offence: 130%
    Defense: 100%
    Side Effects: Each strike, successful or not, drains health.  Throws do not
    drain health.
    Description: A masterfully crafted long sword forged by the best blacksmith in
    Hyrule, Biggoron, who lives on Death Mountain.  Designed specifically for Link,
    it is made to be wielded with one hand.  Even so, swinging it with full force
    gets tiring after a while.
    Fact: This version is actually from OoS/OoA, where it was wielded with one
    hand, while the OoT one was used with two hands.  It is easier to use that one
    in this game, or they would have to reanimate everything.
    Price: 4000 Gold
    Soul Edge (Complete)
    Overview: Fearsome demonic weapon said to excel in offense and defense...
    Offence: 140%
    Defense: 135%
    Side Effects: Drains health over time.
    Description: An evil blade with a reputation for devouring souls.  This weapon
    is also known to be a shape-shifter-which form it takes depends on its current
    owner.  The forms it has taken are legendary, as are the souls of the renowned
    warriors it has consumed.  Only those with great mental discipline can retain
    their will while wielding this weapon.  It consumes the souls of those who fall
    before the blade, and also the soul of the wielder.
    Fact: The only weapon that was and never will be in a Zelda game.  Soul Edge
    takes the form of the Master Sword and Hylian Shield.  The only disappointment,
    it doesn't have a big eye on the shield.  That would be so cool.
    Price: 7800 Gold
    Great Fairy's Sword (with Hylian Shield)
    Overview: The ultimate sword!  Wield it to discover its true power!
    Offence: 120%
    Defense: 100%
    Side Effects: Great Fairy Sword allows through 20% of damage from blocked
    attacks, and restores health over time.
    Description: A sword blessed by the Great Fairy, rumored to be able to reflect
    any and all dark magic.  Merely holding it fills the wielder with strength, but
    unfortunately, its protective power did not survive intact in this world, and
    its no longer able to resist enemy attacks.
    Fact: This sword is from Majora's Mask, and is a C button item...oddly.  It
    is a powerful weapon in MM, but rather useless, except when you want to have
    fun and make it invisible.  That was always fun.  I'd rather it be Omni Link's
    Double Helix Sword right here, and not what we got.
    Price: 9800 Gold
    Bug-Catching Net (with Hylian Shield)
    Overview: Looks like there are no fairies in this world
    Offence: 80%
    Defense: 80%
    Side Effects: None, except for a big THONK!
    Description: A long-handled net use for catching bugs.  This item is an old
    companion of Link's and has appeared in many of his adventures-it accompanies
    him on this adventure as well.  Obviously, it is not a weapon, but perhaps it
    will cause opponents to let down their guard.
    Fact: This weapon has only been in ONE game, LttP.  Now this thing caught
    fairies and bugs, but it also blocked magic balls.  I personally thing it
    should make when its used "Hey!  Look!  Listen!" to really annoy the
    opponents, and to laugh your head off while fighting.
    Price: 12500 Gold
    B. Weapons (Bow and Arrows, Boomerang, and Bombs)
    Fairy Bow
    Fact: This is Link's trademark bow.  It has been with him forever, and Link
    would never be complete without it.  In this game, he has two types of arrows:
         Arrow: It's the regular arrow.
         Fire Arrow: All unblockable moves have a fire flare, but with the Bow, it
         makes since thanks to the fire arrows, introduced in OoT.
    Fairy Boomerang
    Fact: This style was in OoT, even though the boomerang has been in almost
    every Zelda game.
    Fact: Been in Zelda forever, but in OoT (where the style came from), they were
    called the Goron Special Crop.
    C. Costumes and Demo Video
    Costume 1: Kokiri Tunic
    Fact: This tunic has been in every game, and Wind Waker kind of explains the
    reasoning for every Link wearing one.  On Onset Island, it was a tradition to
    give a boy on his 12th birthday a green tunic.  This was set in stone
    apparently, and was kept after the land dried up and revealed Hyrule once
    again.  The WW Link began the family tradition of naming the first boy Link.
    The OoT Link existed in a alternant reality after Zelda sending him back to his
    own time, so he couldn't start it (Majora's Mask is in the Pre-Gaannondorf
    time, while WW is connected to the Post-Gannondorf reign of OoT and LttP.)  Its
    name comes from OoT, when this Tunic was given its official name.  The Kokiri
    eventually evolved into the Korok's in WW, and then became thieves in the Lost
    Woods in LttP.
    Price: Have at start
    Costume 2: Goron Tunic
    Fact: This is a tunic from OoT.  The Goron's are an extinct race in Hyrule
    after a time in WW (and the soon to be sequel, I just hope the sequel isn't
    Treata Trackers).  But before Hyrule filled up with water from the Gods, the
    were prosperous Bomb makers.  This tunic was made out of a Dorgono scales so it
    is resistant to heat, and will let a Hylian live in the insides of the Death
    Mountain Crater.
    Price: Have at start
    Costume 3: Zora Tunic
    Fact: This is another tunic from OoT.  The Zora's are an evolved race of
    fish that also evolved to Birds (Rito), and back to evil fishmen ticked off at
    the world for a reason only known to them.  The tunic is made of Zora gills,
    allowing a Hylian to breath in the depths of Lake Hylia, but I don't think it
    would be allowed in swimming or breath holding contest.
    Price: Next Update
    Costume 4: Blue Ring Tunic
    Fact: OK, quit buggin me about it.  When you got the blue ring in LoZ, your
    tunic changed into a purpleish color.  This would appear later on as the other
    trademark costume in SSB, SSBM and Four Swords.
    Price: Next Update
    Weapon Demo Video
    Really short, but it's a Link thing, so get it anyway.
    Price: 5000
    7. FAQs
    None right now.  Come back later, you foo.
    8. Thanks
    Thanks to Namco for making the game.  Thanks to Nintendo for allowing Link to
    be in it.  Thanks to CJayC for putting the guide up on GameFAQs.
    9. How to Contact Me
    AIM: Mecha Sonicjsg
    MSN: sonicjsg@aol.com
    E-Mail: sonicjsg@aol.com
    I will accept:
    Constructive Criticism
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    I will NOT accept:
    Hate Mail
    10. Future Updates
    Vr. 2: Strategies, Weapon Master Mode guide, overview for games, prices for
    buyable stuff.
    Vr. 1.01 (if I get any before I get the guides done) FAQs and new site list.
    11. Legal Stuff
    The Legend of Zelda: Copyrighted 1986-2003 Nintendo.
    The character name "Necrid" is created and designed by Namco as the derivative
    work of the illustration drawn by Todd McFarlane Productions, Inc.,
    The character: Copyrighted 2003 by Namco Limited. All rights reserved.
    Illustration: Copyrighted 2003 by Todd McFarlane Productions, Inc. All rights
    Copyrighted Justin "Mecha SonicJSG" Green 2003
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