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"Trancending history, and the world, a tale of souls and swords eternally retold..."

Superstarluigi here with another review, this time it's soul calibur for the game cube.

Story: Ever since the epic battle between soul calibur(good sword) and soul edge(evil sword), many great warriors from across the world have been questing to find these swords. The evil characters wish to possess soul edge, even if it means the loss of control of their soul, thus leaving them under the control of the demonic blade... The good characters, however, wish to wield soul calibur and vanquish the foul blade soul edge, in fact, soul edge's destruction is so imperative, that even Link from the Legend of Zelda has come to vanquish soul edge as well. The ultimate struggle between good and evil has begun once again!

Controls: okay I'm not giving every last detailed control for the game, because anybody whose played a fighting game knows there are many intricate button combinations for each and every character, so I'll just go over the simple controls. To attack, use the A button, the Y button can also be used for more powerful strikes use the X button to kick, press the A and B button together to grab hold of someone. Use either B or L to guard, press the Z button to use your soul charge, this can be used for stronger attacks. To move use the control stick, this can also be coupled with the L button to duck or hop out of the way of an attack.

Game play: This game plays like other fighting games, the only distinction is that Soul Calibur was the first fighting game to use 3-D. There are also a few different modes of play, like arcade mode where you battle against a bunch of characters and eventually come face to face with soul edge, each character has a different ending. There's weapon master mode where you can fight to earn money and buy new weapons for characters, and don't be mislead, this is not the story mode. There's a practice mode where you just hone your skills, a survival mode where you just fight as long as you can until you get defeated. Finally, there's a VS. mode where you fight with freinds.

Graphics: the graphics for this game are fantastic and very realistic, the details to every character is just amazing.

Music/Sound: the music for this game is very good, it gives sort of a meidevil feel to the game. The voices were cool too.

History: this game made it's start when the prototype, Soul Blade was released in the arcades, but the franchise really got it's start when Soul Calibur was released for the play station. Finally, in 2004, Soul Calibur 2 was made for the game cube, as well as other systems.

Bad: The bad thing about this game is that it curses, the level of sexuality is intense as well, I was absolutely appaulled by this. Why can't people get it through their thick heads that putting that putting that kind of stuff in a game doesn't make it good, it ruins it.

Good: This is a very fun game to play, trust me, you will become addicted to it in a matter of time.

Conclusion: Profanity aside, this game has many more pros than cons and I'm happy to give it an 8/10, see you next time.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/21/09

Game Release: SoulCalibur II (US, 08/27/03)

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