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"Namco's star fighting game returns, and puts all others to shame"

Its rare that a game like this causes so much excitement in the video game word, and whats even rarer is the boundaries Soul Calibur II crosses. There's two reasons for the above: its the second game of one of the best fighters of its time, and its special console edition characters. Soul Calibur is one of the newer kids on the block, it first came out on the Dreamcast back in '99-2000. Here is my review on the game:

Graphics-10/10: One of the best looking fighting games. Soul Calibur II's graphics is one of the reasons for it's popularity. One of these reasons is the addition of Adult Link to the cast. If you know already, the Link from Soul Calibur II looks quite a bit like the realistic link from the preview demo released for tbe new Zelda at the time back in 2000. The little detail is what counts: the clear water, atmospheric arena's, fast and flawless fighting movement is some of the quality of the game.

Sound and Music-10/10: Its rare that a fighting game has RPG-style music, but Soul Calibur II pulls it off. The grunts of the fighters, the announcer talking about the opponent are some of the qualities of the Sound. The main difference between the other 2 versions is the addition of A link to the past overword theme and Ocarina's finding a item chime as the victory music for Link.

Control-9/10(Based on the Gamecube standard controler): Sadly, one thing I dislike about the control is that some of the opponents are easy button mashing victories, though thats not the reason for the 9. The main reason is the wierd button layout on the Gamecube controler. Some of the buttons that seem like it would be better suited at the top are at a bottom, a problem for some experts, but otherwise, the Control is golden.

Final-10/10: Although the other two games have a different character, I dare say that the Gamecube version is the best version of Soul Calibur II (Xbox being next and the PS2 Version being last.) This is definatly one to pick up, Zelda fan, Fighting game fanboy, and Nintendo fanboy alike. The game balances well in each of the four main areas of the game, which is extremely rare for any game to pull off. Some games you may have to force to like, but I gurantee you will enjoy Soul Calibur II the first moment you pick it up.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/24/03, Updated 06/26/03

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