Review by TornadoKirby

"An awesome addition to the greatest fighting game ever!"

This game is absolutely perfect in every way! Soul Calibur for the Dreamcast is one of my favorite games, the fighting style was very unique, it was cool that it was weapon-based instead of the everyday punching and kicking. When I heard about the new Soul Calibur II, I was jumping for joy! When I saw the screenshots, it was remarkable! The characters were the same, with some brand new characters! The stages are as cool and detailed as ever! The graphics were a lot better than Soul Calibur, and the video clips I saw for it was astounding! But the coolest thing is that it is on three systems, with an exclusive character for each! Link was in the Gamecube, Heihachi is in the PS2, and Spawn is in the XBox. Soul Calibur II is an awesome game in every way!

Graphics- 10/10
Could the graphics be any better! They are so detailed, in every character, every stage, everything! Even the weapons and clothes are detailed! A couple of the stages are modeled to look like real-life places! The graphics are perfect in every way!

Gameplay- 10/10
The gameplay is very detailed. There are a lot of stages and characters to make the game fun. Even in Weapon Master mode, you can raise your weapon and rank for each. There are so different types of modes to choose from, you'll never get bored of this game!

Sound/Music- 10/10
The music is astounding! The orchestra sounds great with catchy tunes to hum while you play. The music does not fail in any of the songs. It can most likely compete with music in the Final Fantasy series.

Replayability- 10/10
This is one of those games where you'll never get bored. There is tons to do, like play with your friends on Vs. Mode, or playing along the story in Story Mode, and raise your rank and weapon in Weapon Master Mode. You'll be playing it over and over again!

Overall- 10/10
This deserves to be one of the top video games ever made! It is really a unique fighting game with a lot of capability to be a perfect game! It has probably the most detailed storyline, it just makes the game even better with a great storyline that captures someone's attention! I want to thank Namco for making this game, and I have one more thing to say. Get this game right when it comes out, and I hope you enjoy Soul Calibur II.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/28/03, Updated 07/28/03

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