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"Incredible, Absolutely Breathtaking, Well Worth The Wait"

Wow, so its finally here, Soul Calibur II is the next in line for the series. Starting with Soul Edge, then Soul Calibur, and here we are now with Soul Calibur II. A few things before we begin with my review, please remember that this is for the Gamecube version of SCII that I am reviewing. With all that out of the way let us begin.

Graphics - 10
Marvelous, to simply put it, absolutely marvelous. Namco has pushed themselves to the limit with SCII for the Gamecube. Every character looks crisp and clean with exquisite detail, and multiple costumes for all of them. The stages on which you battle look incredible as well as you almost feel like you are fighting in that area. The battle animation is superb whether you are just executing a slash, or using a soul charge, or performing a combo, it all looks clean. I have seen the PS2 and GC versions so far and to tell you the truth, the PS2 gets a little choppy. I have not had any problems with the GC version so far.

Sound - 9.5
If you liked the music in Soul Edge and Soul Calibur, then guess what, you're going to like the music in SCII. With a fully orchestrated soundtrack in every battle as well as browsing through the menus and game options you are going to be wanting the OST for this game for your next birthday or Christmas. The music fits each stage exactly as it should and you will not be disappointed, so plug in the headphones, or just crank up the volume and prepare to be awed.

Gameplay/Controls - 9
This section of the game gets the lowest score. Not because it is bad, but just the fact that out of all three systems, GC has the worst type of controls. The D-Pad on the GC is by far one of the worst D-Pads I have ever seen been put on a system, but that is my opinion. Because of this, you might have some trouble executing combos or special moves in the game, but after a while you should get used to it without much trouble. Now if you use the GC controllers joystick instead, you will probably have a much easier time, however the joystick on the GC controller moves a little fast so you might have to get used to it. If you can afford it, I highly recommend importing a SCII arcade joystick and playing with that instead, it makes a world of difference. I must say besides controls, the GC version beats out every other aspect of the other two systems besides the Xboxs graphics. As far as gameplay goes, it is quite easy to navigate through most of the game as well as what to do next.

Other Modes/Options - 10
This section covers all the other aspects of the game besides original arcade mode and 2 player versus. Namco went overboard this time with lots of more stuff for you to do this time, as well as how Soul Calibur was. The same as before is included, Exhibition Theatre, Movie Theatre, Character Bios, Credits, as well as Story Mode, and a Quest Mode. And of course, secret characters, which I might add Link has to be the best one of the three that were exclusive for their own titles. There is also for each character a new weapons mode where you have to upgrade the characters weapons and unlock newer ones as you go through.

Replay Value - 10
There is just to much to do in this game after you beat all the arcade mode to keep you into this game for hours. Unlock all the secret characters, beat arcade with everyone, unlock all exhibition, museum, and character bios, as well as complete adventure/story mode and weapons mode with all characters. Thats a lot of stuff to do in one game. Keep at it though and you will get there sooner or later.

In closing, If you own Soul Edge or Soul Calibur, then you definitely need to go out and buy Soul Calibur II. If you have not played any of these games before, then I recommend you rent the game first because some people are not used to 3d fighters and fully rotational arenas and the such. After about 80 hours of play or so, you will get it. Well, thats it for the review, I hope you found it helpful.

~The Legend Will Never Die~

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/28/03

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