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"The one game that makes fighting games fun again"

The release of this game is very important to me. I have not played a fighting game that was so much fun since the release of the last game. When my friend received the import version of this game we couldn't be taken away from it, unless the person who tried wanted to suffer dire consequences. Now the game has been released in the good old U.S. with the addition of 3 fighters and text that I can actually read, my schedule is filled. School work, eating, and my love of movies are the only things that will interrupt the time I spend with Soul Calibur II for the next few months. This game is a must own fighting game for anyone.

Graphics: 10
Normally fighting games don't tend to push the graphics of the system (excluding DOA 3), but this game does. The graphics are nearly flawless. Each character has mind blowing amounts of detail and when you are fighting it is simply astounding to look at. The particle effects and backgrounds were made with the utmost precision and care and when you are playing it shows. Everything about the graphics is simply amazing and very well done.

Sound: 10
The air is filled with the sounds of swords, axes, and butterfly nets clashing against each other(and yes I said butterfly net, you can thank Link for that one). The music is grand and perfect for the mood of the game. Each and every noise you hear sounds just like it would in real life.
The sound is great and if you can try and play the game with surround sound. Trust me, it is very cool.

Control: 8
This is the second weakest aspect of the game(next to the story), but it really isn't Namco's fault, it is the Game Cube controller. The Game Cube controller wasn't made for fighting games and it really shows in Soul Calibur II. It isn't impossible to control and with some effort you will be playing just as well as some one with PS2 or X-Box controller. With practice the controls are fine, but it isn't as easy to pick up and play as the PS2 and X-Box versions are.

Story: 5
This is the weakest aspect of the game, but I didn't really expect it to be good considering this is a Namco fighting game. The basic gist of the story is everyone wants the Soul Edge and the fragments of the second Soul blade for their own purposes. Once you beat story mode you usually get a weird ending that doesn't make much sense, much like the Tekken series. This really isn't much of a problem seeing as the game is very fun to play.

Life Span: 10
Any fighting game fan or a person who has a lot of friends will get their money's worth with this game. My friend and I have already clocked over 80 hours with the import version and I look to triple that with the U.S. version. There is so much to do and so many characters to do it with that you won't really ever get bored with this game. Everyone should buy this game, or at least try it. You will love it and loose many hours to it.

I chose the GC version of the game basically because of Link. But I love the game so much I rented the PS2 and X-Box versions just to see how they were different. There really isn't a reason not to get this game, and you should get this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/28/03

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