Review by Big Bob

Reviewed: 08/28/03

Pretty good...for a guy who doesn't like fighting games.

I normally don't like fighting games; Street Fighter, Bloody Roar, Dead or Alive, Virtua Fighter, Super Smash Bros. (actually, count that one out). The point is, I'm not a fighting game fan. I decided to get Soul Calibur II because it seemed to be popular. That way people wouldn't kick my ass at parties. However, once I dived into the game, I found a surprisingly awesome masterpiece.

Graphics 10/10
When I saw the intro to this game I thought ''Holy **** those graphics ROCK!'' The characters look exactly like people in real life. Every character is very detailed in his, her, or its appearance. The girls aren't bad to look at, either. Each battle arena is great to fight in, and little touches like running water or blowing wind can catch your eye. However, you will be too busy playing to notice the arena.

Sound 8/10
When I first purchased this game, I picked Cassandra, since I was so used to playing as her in the demo. However, once inside the game, I found her American voice...well...BAD. But, the more I played it, I got used to it. The Japanese voices sound better suited to the characters, but it's nice to know what your fighter is actually saying, so it balances out. The music of the game does a good job of setting the mood, though you will, yet again, be too busy playing to notice it.

Gameplay 9/10
Whatever it is that separates this game from other fighters, I like it. First, your character can move in 8 directions at any time. Everybody comes equipped with a weapon, which they can use to vertical slash (Y) or horizontal slash (A). They can also kick, crouch, jump, and grab. Different combinations of these buttons pull off different attacks, ranging from simple to very complicated.
Arcade mode is exactly like other fighting games. You fight one person at a time for many bouts, then you fight a boss. What really makes Soul Calibur II stand out is its Weapon Master mode, which feels more like a Fighting/RPG style game. In it you follow a deep storyline, fighting out battles as you come to them. Lots of missions require you to fight multiple foes, or beat a level in a certain amount of time, or may have booby traps. Winning battles gains you money, which you can use to buy weapons, costumes, or art galleries. It really adds a lot to the game.

Fun Factor 10/10
If you haven't already figured out by the rest of this review, the game is a must-have. Buy it now.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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