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"Transcending History and the World, A Tale of Souls and Swords Eternally Retold.....This is your Tale of Soul and Swords"

Soul Calibur 2 is one of the best fighting genre games in library of the Gamecube, or any console that has this masterpiece.

Graphics-9\10 One word, Wow. When I first saw the graphics on this game I was in great awe. The graphics are clear and crisp and the character models are so well made. The amazing special effects and plentiful polygons runs so well without the frame rate being slowed down is quite amazing and it makes you think. The weapons are detailed very greatly. Even the backgrounds are detailed quite nicely. When you hit you opponent onto the stonewall you can actually see the dust falling off. On thing that I don't like is that some of the girls are very bouncy like jello and it looks very unnatural and it diminishes the realism of the game. The graphics are truly from a next generation console.

Story-8/10 The story of this game is pretty good. It is like reading an interesting adventure. There is this mode called weapon master mode that you have in the game. As you progress through the levels you get to read these paragraphs about your journey to get the Soul Edge. If you are not much of a reader, you can just play it for the fights.

Sound 9/10 I really like the sound in this game. The game has this nice feature that you can change languages that the characters speak. You can only change it to Japanese or English. You can change the sound to mono or stereo. The sound is very clear and the music is very good. The music really fit the arena perfectly.

Gameplay-10/10 This game is huge. The game consists of weapons master mode, time attack, original arcade and much more! You can also unlock matches. There is also a new character called Necrid and Todd McFarlane creates him. The Gamecube has Link from the Legend of Zelda series. There are over 200 weapons for you to collect. Some of the weapons have advantages and disadvantages. For example, a weapon has good defense but lack offense, or a weapon that heals you while you fight but the moves are every weak. There is also this new exhibition theater that you can purchase in Weapon master. The exhibition theatre is a showcase of characters strutting their fancy moves. If you have a demo disk you would understand. You get gold in weapon master mode to buy costumes and weapons and also other stuff. There is also a traditional practice. You can try to master your moves here by look at you command list (press start and go to command list) and become a Soul Calibur 2 master.

Controls-8/10 The controls are pretty good but something troubles me though. People say that the Gamecube controller is the best controller for this game. There are two grab buttons. (A+B and B+Y). The B+Y is not comfortable to do and it is not in the reach like A+B. Don't get me wrong, the other styles are very good that just bothers me. If that bothers you I think you should still buy the game. You could use the control stick and the control pad; I recommend the control stick though.

Replay-10/10 The replay value is very high for this game because there are like over 200 weapons to collect, costumes, and don't mention the exhibition theatre for over 15 characters. This game is going to take a long long time to complete. After you play it you will still want to play it again and glance at the beautiful graphics.

Rent or buy? I say if you love fighting games it is a definitely buy. If you want to try something new, rent first.

In conclusion, this game is a must have for hardcore gamers. This game is close to being perfect in every aspect. If you don't buy this game you will regret it. Well, so long, and game on.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/28/03

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